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A Cowboy Losing His Dog (2019)

by Dan Frechette

Demons In The Dark I don't care much for your soul I'm surprised that I still care After all this spite and bull and we're still left standing there. (chorus) Playing with the demons in the dark Playing with the demons takes the pain out of the cold and down to the spark cutting through this guessing game again. You don't know now where you're going but you'll miss me when I'm gone in his sunshine you were glowing and all your lies played out so long. (chorus) You think I'm crazy staying lonesome with my standards flying high. I gotta find someone more wholesome for that last piece of shepherds pie. You've got to tell me who you're fooling I don't believe these worlds you paint. I'll be watching what you're doing you've lied before you'll lie again. (chorus)
The New Oasis There's a road that has been worn down where an old road has been lost down by the steel mill train line and the wheels have paid the cost thousands on their full tanks rolling to the seeds of a new wheatfield in a new nowhere rolling where the new wind leads. (chorus) Unknown eyes and unknown faces unknown town and worn down places who are they who the wind replaces? when the bossman burns down the new oasis. Memory serves no culprit well as he leans on down the road sees the vagrants who he hired one time with busted backs and heavy loads some may wonder if he sleeps when the wind brings storms they prayed to drown his fortress filled with new recruits the rain for years keeps bleeding down. (chorus)
A Cowboy Losing His Dog - written by Dan Frechette Where ever you've been He’s been by your side He’ll fetch you new songs bring a tear to your eyes But when you don’t hear his wolf howl no more or hear his bark across the fog Whether he’s off into the wind or dead on the road (Chorus) There’s no sadder chord There's no sadder chord There's no sadder chord than a cowboy losing his dog He’s your friend for life no matter where she’ll be Where she’s gone for the ages is a mystery But that food bowl is full and you don’t know what for there’s no bark through the fog Because she’s off into the wind or dead on the road (Chorus) There’s no sadder chord There's no sadder chord There's no sadder chord than a cowboy losing his dog (Bridge) It’s a minor chord across all the keys the only chords that give your heart a squeeze And you know the sound of an epilogue when there’s no sadder chord than a cowboy losing his dog She’s gone but you know there’s another to love now that she’s gone to dog heaven above and a sad song can always be turned around by changing the chords so a new pup wolf howl a new friend for life to go for a walk (Chorus) there’s no happier chord There's no happier chord there's no happier chord than a cowboy’s new puppy dog  
Glad Hellos And Sad Goodbyes There's a storm cast in the sea and there's no end to circumstances watch the waves go wild and free and see the storm clouds as she dances and know that you were meant to be as free as waves that cover oceans and know that memory serves well memories that touch our emotions (Chorus) When you fly to a new dream anytime your old dream dies when your life is genuine there's glad hellos and sad goodbyes When you call me I will come to the edge of the rippling waters with the storm clouds moving in with my fellow sons and daughters just remember I am here my nest is always here to hold you and if you should fly away just know that's what the winds of change had told you. (Chorus)
Down To The Dimes I've made my heart up I won't be playing with fire anymore this dangerous passion has always been coming in and out of my door. I can't wait to tell her there's so many dreamers I've told she's mine. Since she got your back up and she was the one who held me to the crime. (chorus) Sunday is sanctuary Monday's too poor Tuesday I'm working nights and Wednesday's at the store Thursday she's making dinner Friday she's mine Saturday just might be open but down to the dimes. I've made my heart up there'll be no games with her heart anymore. It's down to the wire her love's my desire no more revolving doors. I can't be around you you're cramping our style this dream's history. Quit calling my number or soon I'll be changing my message machine. (chorus)
Deprived (When There’s Nothing Really Wrong) They say to appreciate everything you got Even when circumstances ain’t going so hot you’re rarely on her mind how can you be so unkind when there’s nothing really wrong with the mystery you caught she’s a little hesitant to give it away sometimes you say you hold on for many a day show a little thunder in your heart tomorrow might be a brand new start though there’s nothing really wrong with this game she does play Someday she’s gonna see you don’t mean any harm you just want to live - and you’re tired of kicking it on the farm someday she’ll look back far in time and see the life she lost because she couldn’t spare a dime day after day of the same old chore there was no war in the dungeon of the poor there was nothing really wrong with wasting all your prime
What I Share 02:35
What I Share You say you want a piece of me take what you can from being with me but you don't understand what can't be sold it's the coldness inside it comes out when it's trying to hide you can't get far inside my soul (Chorus) Being free is what I share let me go I'm pretty fair Trying to suffer to slow you down and with my ever changing sound behind the scenes I'm quite ideal I can't know you if I'm real (Chorus x2)
Prison Rose 03:22
Prison Rose I’m never fond of leaving little things just make me go like the way you say my name I’m certain I’m right There’s better ways to love a man whose words won’t stop your pain (Chorus) You have faith in your world that I’ll find another girl and your world will be happy when I go But you cheated and you schemed I forgave you but it seemed the anger bloomed like a lonesome prison rose Now that we’re soon to part you make me feel I’ve made no mark I never mattered to your life anyway but those tears deep in your eyes are the ones you’ll never cry because a flood once washed your wishing well away. (Chorus)
Rambling Shoes Saving up my money getting away snow in my eyes and my window panes. There ain't no cure it seems here for these blues. I gave my heart to you and your rambling shoes. There's people you can't see calling you down. There's voices you can't hear around this town. There's a tear in every eye you can't refuse. I gave my heart to you and your rambling shoes. There ain't no way to believe things anymore. I wonder who is sleeping at your door. I been looking through your snowdrifts for the clues. I gave my heart to you and your rambling shoes. You have a way to make me doubt your lies. Seems every word is leading to goodbyes. Sometimes I wonder who I stand to lose. I gave my heart to you and your rambling shoes. Goodbye to the blue angel turned to dust. Seems hearts just ain't the things that I should trust. I'll give up on this past I didn't choose. I gave my heart to you and your rambling shoes.
Shakedown Blues I love living for a shakedown walking a mile or more just to see my little honey girl pick her right up off the floor have her as my bittersweet companion take my hot rod for a ride and drop her back around midnight with a good feeling inside. She got stoned around Shreveport by a man without a name now she's my bittersweet companion we're gonna ride 'til the morning breaks pick up on a country station ride it for a country mile and we'll swear on our mothers graves everything is gonna be all right. (chorus) Just a little more whiskey and women can write me up a little song Just a little more whiskey and women can get me to do no wrong. My hot rod can't hold nothing to this candlestick one night stand she's my bittersweet companion and she knows that I've got it bad I'm gonna pluck her like a flower play her like this song and if she's feeling mighty we gonna rock and roll all night long. (chorus)


released January 4, 2019

All songs written by Dan Frechette. All songs Copyright 2018 and registered with SOCAN.

Recorded and mixed at The Shed in Bonny Doon, CA.

Dan Frechette - vocals, acoustic six and 12 string guitar, harmonica, drums, percussion, electric guitar and bass, lap slide guitar, dobro, mandolin, banjo, and xylophone.

Album cover by Michelle Magdalena Maddox, March 2013.

Thanks to Randall Lamb, Cisco Jim, my friends and my many ex-girlfriends for the inspiration.


all rights reserved



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