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A Tragedy Of Innocence (1994)

by Dan Frechette

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U8NC 03:20
U8NC I don't need no haunted house in my backyard You are all I need to keep me afraid (Chorus) Dreaming about the things we'll do together together forever dreaming about the walls we'll build forever You wait and see you wait and see I don't need to let bygones be bygones you are all I need to keep me ashamed (Chorus) I don't need no haunted house in my backyard You are all I need to keep me afraid (Chorus x2)
25th Blind Date On The High Road I tried hard to write another letter the words I thought that she might want to hear cause you see it's tough 'cause I haven't even met her she might not want to if I don't make myself perfectly clear (Chorus) 'cause in 25 days I'll be running away to meet my 25th blind date on the high road and if I don't make myself a fool you can bet I'll be holding more than just my cool Someone's gonna take me home I don't need her number just her picture and her address typed clearly on the back if I would type would that offend her? because my handwriting might put her right off track (chorus) maybe I shouldn't write her at all and call my 25th blind date on the high road but I can't stand them bloody phones she might wind up telling me where to go (Bridge) the letter she wrote sounds really nice she mentioned she couldn't wait or my reply I've got to think of something good soon and I think I know exactly what to do I have a friend who's a fancy renaissance poet he digs my news he agreed to help me out but she'll find out sooner or later I'm no poet I'll just pray she understands what I'm all about (Chorus)
Won't You Come And Play With Me? I dress up in skinny little clothes got a head on my shoulder that's too big and I know it and I like to have my fun like to put you in the middle and dance all around you (Chorus) Well it's alright I'm crazy well it's alright won't you come and play with me? won't you come and play with me? I have friends and I treat them like crap I spill all their secrets and I stab them in the back and when they all come crying back to me we go and raise hell and everybody hates me (Chorus) (Bridge) Won't you come and play with me? I will bring you cake and tea I'll let you shine my knives for me to back stab ancient hearts that bleed I dress up in skinny little clothes got a head on my shoulder that's too big and I know it and I like to have my fun like to put you in the middle and dance all around you (Chorus)
Beautiful Summer Morning When you run out on the trail see the action at your heels It's a beautiful summer morning music plays while the feeling stays when the temperature strikes 100 farenheit out on the road you've got to find somebody to kiss to make you feel just right at home. And the waves of the summertime will come out from your heart and you'll run like a shadow decaying while the night falls gently apart and you're afraid of being too simple but you know there's nowhere else to go. And the breeze plays with your hair and its fingers fly through your silk it's a beautiful summer morning watch the way the day is built mysterious gardens haunt you lazy strangers faces shine afternoon is coming to greet you take a ride let it slide.
Blinded Eyes 02:07
Blinded Eyes You look strange from the outside but looking dark and deep's what's right You've got money You have looks all the things you learned from the books (Chorus) But if you can't find love you can't find happiness or something goes wrong when you try You don't need someone looking down on your with blinded eyes. Don't cry if your girl is gone there are many more where she came from She broke her bonds drove her fire passed the night and they were getting higher you don't need someone looking down on you with blinded eyes All the ends that were tough to make meet are now shrouded in mystery are you sick of all the money you spent? all the patience and time that you spent? (Chorus)
Celestial Island Mystery Sometimes I like to belong sometimes I like to tag along but when I breathe sometimes I just want to close my eyes wilt like a rose and die away (chorus) And dream so so silent never never land is much too old for me I'd like to take you to my island Celestial Island Mystery. Stranded far away and I feel high watch the visions fill my eyes watch the seas split into two sunrise paints the sky so rouge watch the spiders as they make small webs all over my face and I've been here an awful long time I still remember why I hide. Broke my temper in a brawl I was beaten up because I was small. I waited half a day I put band-aids on my face and turned the page and tried to pretend. (chorus)
East Hastings Come over to my window come to where I knock I got a lot on my mind but I got barely time to talk I gotta tell you a story I heard on the six o'clock news A story about some guy I know who was once in your shoes Here's a song about East Hastings the very place he used to prowl all around East Hastings just like you he did it all. He'd meet up with the pawn shop clerk and say "what's hot today?" pawn his stolen merchandise for enough to relieve him for days then he'd put his phone voice on call his regular man he'd tell me "the deal is on here's the secret plan" I'll meet you in East Hastings when no one else is around i'll meet you in East Hastings when the sun is coming down and where death is a common sound and I may never see you again. It's been about 3 hours since remains anonymous died I can't pretend to laugh but I sure can pretend to cry I'm coming to tell you I ain't in business anymore and I pray that your neck number owns a face that finds the door. I'll see you in East Hastings sneaking something around I'll see you in East Hastings when the sun is coming down and where death is a common sound and I may never see you again.
I Don't Care 03:04
I Don't Care Moonshine valentine oh my darling clementine I don't care Lovesick maverick has no one to make him sick but I don't Care I don't Care I I I (chorus) I'm lonely as a loner I'm lonely as a loner I'm lonely as a loner She talks crazy talk she replies herself with lies I don't care She dreams big dreams I just lost a dream machine but I don't care I don't care I I I (chorus) (Bridge) You say what's on your mind yeah You say what's on your mind You say what's on your mind yeah You say what's on your mind Exclude solitude give me back my hotel room I don't care Heartache earache I know that we all make mistakes I don't care I don't care (Chorus) (Bridge)
Dead End Tales There you are just like it used to be complaining how no one listens but your dead end tales move me tell me another I really want to hear what you did when the coast wasn't clear (chorus) well I really like dead end tales they make me feel important you really aren't a loser because you're here with me I really like dead end tales come on and tell another I can see one coming anyway well it's hard to escape In this shadowy room 5 a.m. blues tugging on a warm cigarette you ask me if I heard this one yet you start talking about shoes and how you used to work in a shoestore arranging and fitting shoes (Chorus) You say your shrink thinks you're funny I think he's liking your money and that ain't so cool I'll be your shrink anytime won't have to pay me a dime I won't fall asleep on you (chorus)
Out On The Grunge When I run weak along these streets carrying in my hands remains of your dreams (Chorus) Out on the grunge out on the prowl taking the plunge throwing in the towel you may be lost and yet unfound I've lost my mind and I've lost ground (Chorus) (Bridge) I'm afraid to lose face but to face the music first you must lose faith Time is thin it's like a feather it floats past us when we're together (Chorus)
In Death Town In death town tonight sleeping neighbours wonder if it will ever change? Can't tell jokes someone sees you funny unless alone I'm out of place (Chorus) All my glory days are put to rest don't know if I should go east or west Papa tell me what you think is best (Bridge) I am just a child here and everybody holds me dear sometimes I can stand myself we get along pretty well lying in a bed full of sweats counting dreams and wishing on tumbling stars that only let me down breathing in the dust I see by the sunbeams falling in my window screen falling through my window screen Spent these summers bound in my room I have my faults and so do you I've grown up and now you're quite fun let's get high and get things done (Chorus x2)
Something I Wrote This Morning All the singers sound the same on this grimy eve there's Cleopatra in a wet suit and Hitler with his dream no one seems to care if they win or lose they've got something to offer and nothing to prove. There's Jeremy, and Craig and Glen lined up for the show they've got a couple hundred dollars but they left it at home three free tickets and a meal on me but don't come back next time expecting a treat The stage is hot and foggy and the smoke fills my eyes I'm watching the bluesman singing about his gal she left him in a hurry and she never even visited when he was along in someone else's prison Crowd of people come to me telling me "good luck" after I found out I'm drafted to next up stomach isn't nervous I've got a good crowd to groove as I mounted the stage and introduced my tune. My father used to sing and he was better than me saying "son, don't bother trying because it's plain to see it's a hard thing to do and you should do it right dont' stand on that little stage and make a fool of me tonight" who hoo Well the crowd is going crazy and I'm starting to sweat I turn up my little guitar and I blow the place to bits the song is close to over and it seems it just began the clock is ticking late when I bring on the band. The drummer man is hefty the bass man looks tired everyone is ready the soundman is wired we pound out a beat about as fast as we can who cares about the chairs when the room just wants to dance? All the singers sound the same on this grimy eve Cleopatra did her thing and Hitler tapped his feet a year past midnight and the crowd is cooling down as we pack up our possessions and we leave for the next town.
Richmond Street Every single night the sound of music plays low and fairytales of the evenings are quietly told the drummer wrestles wearily his sticks onto his skins the guitar man is hanging by the mere strength of his drink. (chorus) and it all went down on Richmond Street till the twilight pierced and tickled the alleyways. like rain, like snow, like tears you will find me here stranded by my fear in no one's embrace on Richmond Street. The stranger dancers waver like minds too old to dream when I was old they used to touch me so easily now the songs they play do not find their precious way the children dance but I do not celebrate on Richmond Street. (chorus)
So Cruel 02:47
So Cruel Long time since I've gotten a good kiss out of life you are so cruel you are so cruel you don't talk to me when I'm around your friends maybe I'm so cruel you are so cruel sometimes I can't stand you smirking like a guilty kid drinking like tomorrow's here and gone who cares? who's gonna draw the lines for you who's gonna put their foot down? haven't I taught you anything I'm not afraid to take a stand you're a lousy excuse for a good friend Life's a drag off a wet cigarette you get what you got and that's what you get it's so cruel life is so cruel but I don't want you hanging around I can't change you so I'm gonna let you go now I am so cruel Now who's gonna cut you from the train tracks and try hard not to stab your back steal the tickets from your runaway train before I'm gonna go insane not gonna look you straight in the eye not even gonna say goodbye I'm not afraid I've taken my stand you're a lousy excuse for a good friend
Tragedy Of Innocence I remember the way we were there were restless dreams and memories there but lately we've got nothing to lose we're so down on our luck and I want to refuse you (Chorus) I've got leaving on my mind it's a tragedy of innocence I've got leaving on my mind It ain't my fault I'm just a regular guy if there's nothing to do I'd hate to waste my time but you and I have been through enough got some itchy heels and I got to tell you (chorus) I've got leaving on my mind I've got leaving on my mind Well I'm so cruel you ain't bringing me back the look on your face look like a panic attack but in a few days you'll be back in the groove you're so down on your luck that I've got to refuse you (Chorus)


All songs Music and Lyrics by Dan Frechette /Copyright 1994 (SOCAN)

Dan Frechette - Vocals, harmony vocals, 12 string acoustic guitar, 6 string electric guitar, bass, drums, harmonica.

All songs home-recorded in Pinawa, Manitoba in 1994.


released May 20, 1994


all rights reserved



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