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Between The Rain (2016)

by Dan Frechette

Sweet Beauty 05:00


released April 27, 2016

Dan Frechette and Laurel Thomsen - Between The Rain

1.Two In The Morning (2:23)
2.Carry Our Bones (3:31)
3.A Talk Of Consequence (4:40)
4.Serenading With You (2:36)
5.The Rain Don't Need These FlowersBack Down The Aisle (4:49)
6.The Glory In My Soul (4:13)
7.Twisted Gypsy (2:22)
8.When The Walls Fall Down (4:46)
9.Cayuga Street Winter (2:20)
10.Sweet Beauty (5:04)
11.Vagabond Heart Mountain (3:28)
12.Offa My Plate (3:22)

Recording, mixing and mastering by Justin Mayer at Bear Creek Recording Studios, Bonny Doon, California. 
Graphic design by Griffin Sokal.
Photography by Mike Latchislaw.
Manufactured by Ironstone Technologies in Winnipeg.
For tour dates, booking inquiries and other information please visit www.danandlaurel.ca.

Dan Frechette - Lead and Harmony Vocals, Acoustic Guitar, Slide Acoustic Guitar, Harmonica, Upright Bass, Drums, Percussion.
Laurel Thomsen - Lead and Harmony Vocals, Violin, Viola.
Alison Steele - Claw-hammer Banjo (on "The Rain Don't Need These Flowers".)
All violin arrangements by Laurel Thomsen.
All songs Copyright 2016 SOCAN/ASCAP Dan Frechette and/or Laurel Thomsen.

THANKS! Thank you so much to Justin Mayer, who's amazing ears, warm presence and guidance we appreciated so much in this process.   We thank Rachel and Steve for sheltering us during this busy time in our lives.  We extend thanks to our families and dear friends, house concert hosts, and concert festival presenters for giving us the opportunity to be in front of music lovers sharing our songs and stories.  We keep touring to keep coming home everywhere we go.   Thank you to our Indiegogo campaign supporters, you've really helped keep the CD making debt stress down!   Finally, thanks to you for supporting the arts.  This is our profession and we are living frugally to keep the dream alive, without your dedicated support this would only have remained simply a dream.  The more recordings we sell the more recordings we can afford to keep making.  See you down the road again soon!

This album is dedicated to the memory of our dearly departed friends Allan Mohlo, Jane Orizel, Anne Colish and Alison Passell.   You will live in our hearts and spirits forever. 

1. Two In The Morning (Music and Lyrics by Dan Frechette)

Waking up the world
one sweet smile at a time.
She’s my sweet little girl
there's never a better time than now to shine.
Take me to your dance floor, show me the move you want me to know.
When the music strikes, baby, take me where you want me to go.

Two in the morning, lights are dimming slow.
Blue and boring, nowhere to go but home.
Colder and older ain’t what I’m settling on.
Invite me over, I’ll play for you until the dawn.

Life is running out, it’s time to get some living in.
Follow what dream you’ll not regret someday where you ain’t been.
Take a chance on running down some road you’ve never gone down.
Waiting when you find me, I’ll be looking for the footprints I ain’t found.


2. Carry Our Bones (Melody and Lyrics by Laurel Thomsen, Chord progression by Dan Frechette)

Preacher man braced against the wind.
Flashlight panning wide
trying to catch the souls as they fall.
Oh preacher man, don’t think you’re to blame.
We all must carry our bones.

Sad mother holding tight the child.
This to make him happy,
that to make a memory, he’s the one.
Sad mother, will lean on in the end
when we all must carry our bones.

When bones break, we all must shake.
Shatter dreams that built our castles,
melt on down our rosy vessels,
we all must carry our bones.

Preacher man screaming to the sky.
Tell them all to listen
hold the stern and steer clear for your life.
Oh preacher man, will this be the day
when we all must carry our bones?


Even when saints 
gamble our peace
and we wear ourselves like tattered robes,
we all must carry our bones.

Sad mother watching through the rain.
Wild world blowing
stirring up the dust we leave behind.
Sad mother, steps into the light.
There she goes, carrying her bones.


Carry our bones…

3. A Talk Of Consequence (Music and Lyrics by Frechette/Thomsen)

A talk of consequence.
No use running blind!
Why not make a difference?
Why not speak our minds?

My minds racing,
racing on thoughts
of a happy little human race,
the kind we are not. (Chorus)

Pennies are cheap,
throw some my way.
Mixed up minds are coming
between us today. (Chorus)

I got a bee sting in my pocket.
I've got something to say.
Might you humour me
just for today? (Chorus)

Fear conviction.
Mind addiction.
No distinction.
Fact or fiction.
In contradiction.
Spiritual friction.
Painting pain.
Break the chain.

Snapshot of the future,
see it so clear.
People still struggling,
because they live in fear.

Let’s take a thought,
expand a view
of honour and grace,
building castles new. (Chorus x2)

4. Serenading With You (Music and Lyrics by Dan Frechette)

I love walking through the redwoods.
I love eating raviolis.
I love serenading with you.

I love admiring your beauty.
I love what you do to me.
I love serenading with you.

Seems every day that goes by
I count blessings far and wide,
and there’s no place to be but inside your arms
When the rain is coming down.

Goodbye to the world on fire.
You’re my only desire.
I love serenading with you.

Sing a song no matter the season.
Something’s burning, even when we’re freezing.
I love serenading with you.

Seems everyday that goes by
I count blessings far and wide,
and there’s no place to be but inside your arms
when the rain is coming down.

I love admiring your beauty.
I love what you do to me.
I love serenading with you.
Serenading with you.
Serenading with you.

5. The Rain Don’t Need These Flowers (Music and Lyrics by Dan Frechette)

Gone are all the lonesome hours.
These sacred times with you now I spend.
And the rain don’t need these flowers,
but it falls, falls, falls on love again.

I whiled away my time,
in the past of lonesome yesterdays.
Pining for a sweetheart and true lover,
Gentle dreamer who time never betrays.


When the final gloom, it was lifted
and I no longer lay alone
and could give forevers to a dreamer
with her comfort in the glory of my soul.

5. Back Down The Aisle (Music by Dan Frechette and Laurel Thomsen)

6. The Glory In My Soul (Music and Lyrics by Dan Frechette)

I’m too tired to be sleeping.
There’s a warrior in my soul.
She’s burning up the candle
I’m ready to hit the road.

I can’t stay still for so long.
The sweet road turns to coal.
And I’m ready for the reckoning again,
and there’s glory in my soul.

I’m rolling through the mountains,
the sun-kissed fields and plains.
The sweet dew in the morning light,
the smell of the morning rain.

This world will be my dream-scape,
my heart and spirit full.
And I’m ready for the reckoning a gain,
and there’s glory in my soul.

I can’t roll in the wind
'til I’ve got a place to go.
Somewhere we can play,
somewhere to rock n’ roll,
so get me on a highway
or a plane in the sky,
somewhere they’re gonna find me again,
I’m gonna leave to find out why.
Why all the glory in my soul?

The sweetest rose is crimson.
The softest hour is dawn.
The lightest I have felt
is when I’ve got my new song on.
I’m wearing fancy clothing,
and the crowd is ready to roll.
And I’m ready for the reckoning again,
and there’s glory in my soul.


7. Twisted Gypsy (Melody by Laurel Thomsen, Chords by Dan Frechette)

8. When The Walls Fall Down (Music by Dan Frechette, Lyrics by Laurel Thomsen)

Gazing to the sky
my heart still asks me why
my forefathers came to work this land?
Sweat on their temples
fashioning fundamentals,
now lofty businessmen come steal the prize.

When the walls fall down
will they know how to work the stones?
When the wheels turn to rust
how to keep this circle flowing?
On this road of life
what makes the better people?
Has money gone and left them all behind?

Grandma’s old porch
was filled with tiny seedlings,
white sheets billowed as I walked up to her door.
She kept the things she had
with time enough to fix them.
Would the folks now living there feel the same?

Sometimes we leave a place better.
Sometimes we find a better place.
When the guardians are gone,
how will the rest carry on?
It takes more than money to make this town.

As a child I ran the beaches,
waves all senses reaching,
worlds within the tide pools
discovered and enjoyed.
I talked to the birds.
Spun poetry from words.
Now children throw their rocks and cry for more.


9.  Cayuga Street Winter (Music by Dan Frechette)

10.  Sweet Beauty (Music and Lyrics by Dan Frechette and Laurel Thomsen)

She washes her face in the sea foam and waves
with the dreams of her lover so many miles gone.
Drying her tears, she watches the sky.
The salt of the sea
wards off her fears.

Gone away, gone away, all the morning.
A heart turned from grace carried her home.
She sought for his touch,
eagle wings flying high,
she’ll pay forth sweet beauty wherever she roams.

Times of the past under cold prairie skies
she’d lost her place in the land she called home.
Finding a future in shores of the west,
traveling empty, fulfilling a dream.


Searching for years where nobody knew.
Her heart cold and aching mist in her hair.
She jumped from the pier beyond hope in the morn.
A cowardly tomb and a shame she’d see not.


Strumming her lyre
In the silence beyond,
she serenades sweetly the man of her dreams.
He hears sounds at night
and knows not from where.
His dream of a beauty forever awaits.

Chorus x2

11. Vagabond Heart Mountain (Music and Lyrics by Dan Frechette)

To the vagabond heart mountain,
cool June chill edges of dusk,
the mosquitos crying around while we play guitars and busk.
Singing the songs our mothers taught us
when daddy sang at home.
Back when the lines were just fishing lines
and nothing was in stone.

Back when the past was close behind,
horizons felt so far.
When there was time to bide,
wasn’t grown enough to drive a car,
and living meant playing outside
long past curfew,
and a friend was just some kid
who rode those bikes with you,

and the trees were something you could climb,
and swinging meant the swings,
not listening was your only crime,
and you wore dandelion rings,
and money was on some other tree,
that took too long to grow,
and you could play with your family,
'cause they were the only life you would know.

To the vagabond heart mountain
I will wander in the dark.
'Til the dawn shines on the one
I’ll forever call sweetheart,
and together may we face the days
Of shadows, wind and rain.
Chase the sunrise around the westward bend,
and let the child back in again.
Let the child back in again.

12. Offa My Plate (Music and Lyrics by Dan Frechette)

Yes, my baby loves me.
She always finds away.
I got no business eating chicken,
so get that meat up offa my plate.

Sure I can live on bread crumbs.
Salad everyday.
I’m taking protein powder
so I ain’t ever gonna faint.

Give the world my liquor!
Give this world my weight!
Give the world my sugar, darling!
Get that meat up offa my plate!

I’d rather cut some flowers,
make my self a tea.
You won’t find idling
in some drive thru picking up coffee.

Valentine's day around the corner.
My baby has a chocolate allergy.
Been years now no chocolate.
I'm surviving fine you see.


I'll do this world a favor. 
One they won't have to ask of me,
because digging my early grave
ain't cut out to be for me.



all rights reserved



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