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By The Time It's Over (2020)

by Dan Frechette

The Claustrophobic Gentleman Searching all the places that I know To find a frozen touch of yesterday To see if you're still the same girl I once knew Or to see if the passion's escaped. (Chorus) So what's your story? You haven't heard mine I'm a claustrophobic gentleman and I can't see eye to eye I'm stuck inside and I want to reach you but everything's getting old or getting sold. Maybe you're in for a surprise Maybe your heart will light up like gold I will tremble when I look you in the eye and you'll watch my heart unfold. (Chorus) There's no need to worry This may take time I'm a claustrophobic gentleman there's a wall I hide behind I'm stuck inside and I want to reach you but everything's getting old or getting sold Everything's getting old or getting sold.
She's Gone Platonic On Me I don't draw conclusions I just scribble them down she's met another man when I left her on the town (Chorus) Alone alone alone alone alone like a bed without a moan Alone alone alone alone alone now she's gone platonic on me Now she's talking politics and economy while she shifts her dress around she's gone platonic on me suddenly we're friends never no kiss and tell never no box of goodies or no money from her wishing well she's gone platonic on me she's gone platonic on me (Chorus x2)
Nothing's Worth Believing I met a tramp who still dreamed of beauty as men with guns dream of power and might and a Hell's Angel sweet talking a priest while a Bible salesman threatens his life. (Chorus) Sometimes nothing's going to change my mind But sometimes nothing's worth believing You came along One in a million making promises nobody keeps now nobody is going to tell me anything these words of beauty come from creeps (Chorus x2)
The Fields Of Clover I was standing alone frozen next to my shadow it was smoky and dark out in the place I hid I dreamed of the man who searched through the fields of clover There's an old man drinking on the side of the road he's stumbling around reminiscing about his avenue he's wearing fancy clothes but that's all for the show and he's gonna get punished for knowing more than we do. Hey hey, Mr. Robber, welcome to my humble abode Come rest assured I'm sure you won't find me squealing You'll laugh at me when you decipher all of my codes and then you'll find that it's also my pride that you're stealing.
Rainbows Of The Night (Chorus) Going out on a limb into the night living some life where only few do survive between heaven and somewhere further beyond we'd face the dawn while we awaited the rainbows of the night I'm afraid of the unknown I'm afraid of the truth that unlocks every doorway before it marches on through we can live by suggestions from the lovers alike who've forgotten the dawn but who remember the night (Chorus)
Street Of Ecstasy If your fight is far from over my fight is far from begun if I can't get any of your love then I know there's more that's left to come If heaven fell tomorrow we'd be just sitting in paradise stranded on the street of ecstasy. Every secret has been told now and the evening has set the sun the beginning has just ended and the end it has begun now I can not help to dream how the fierce wind will breathe and blow and strand us on the street of ecstasy. Let's laugh at our cries of conscience and hesitate to hestitate ignoring our own curfews for I know our slumber awaits someday I can not help to dream how we'll listen to the thunder roar stranded on the street of ecstasy.
Sunshine 02:42
Sunshine Slow down get 'em next time around just because your heart breaks don't mean you won't find away Take time for a little peace of mind Just because your good times are gone don't mean you can't carry on. Slow down little star angel Just because your good times are gone don't mean you can't carry on. Jack and Jean don't mean too much to me Neither does the old scene Rage Against The Machine Take time for a little peace of mind Just because your good times are gone don't mean you can't carry on. Sunshine taking in the moonshine make a little peace sign see what's on your mind Take a break little star angel Just because your good times are gone don't mean you can't carry on.
Pale Afternoon Dark feelings in his heart dark feelings in his soul he's only living in his past but he's living all alone like a girl without a rose and a man without a fear he has taken many blows and has shed many a tear Although he feels that he's been torn between his past and his life to dwell he's had many a lesson to learn and many a story to tell Although she may have gone away it's like her echo never fades he will get over soon on a pale afternoon on a stony mountain limb cries a man without a clue for now he's run out of trust with everybody's point of view
The Wind 04:09
The Wind I'm trapped inside myself and I'm not broken. I'm talking to myself and I feel open. I am like the wind sometimes I feel I'm ready to blow. I should know to where I'm blowing but I don't know. I hear birds flying by singing a storm is near but I'm feeling quite insane I'm going to stay right here. Wait until the storm comes absorbs me in its cold. I should know to where the sun shines but I don't know. I'm trapped inside myself and I'm not broken. I'm talking to myself and I feel open. I am like the wind sometimes I feel I'm ready to blow. I should know to where I'm blowing but I don't know.
Reach Out Your Hand Reach out your hand and I'll be there nothing can hurt us now We're both alone and I need you so And we only want what's fair I'll turn you around and I'll make you come back with words I have chosen from books that I know You'll hand me down your heart on a string and I'll try and hold it with my love If you arrive on the shore at midnight you'll find all the flowers I've chosen for you you may find me there but you must beware I might come behind you when you're unaware Don't spread yourself thin it may do you in All that I want is a lonely friend you may wish for more so head for the door I'll wait for you around the bend. Reach out your hand and I'll be there nothing can hurt us now.
By The Time It's Over We were old survivors on the new scene Stars fading on the horizon shining like we were bound to shine no more Getting tired of these old dreams that have long since come true and now it's just me and you thinking about the things we're remembered for (Chorus)- It's like the rain falling we took it drop by drop and each drop washed off a little bit of dirt it's like the rain falling like it's never gonna stop and by the time it's over you're washing up. Tables turn when your back is turned face the facts and learn to cry and try when those tables take a turn on you got a head full of memories pointing fingers laughing at me saying ain't it plain to see that by the way things are going it's through. (Chorus) I've got the same soul waiting on a feeling ready for the fire ready for rekindling. (chorus)


This is the last album recorded at "The Shed" in Bonny Doon, CA, before the great Bonny Doon fire of 2020 tore through the area. The shed was burned to the ground on Wednesday, August 19. The shed had originally been a pirate radio folk station tower. It had so many electrical outlets I never needed a power bar or anything. It was a great place I will dearly miss. I will even miss tip toe'ing around so the neighbor dogs who hated me wouldn't flip out and bark like crazy, often ruining some of my quieter sessions. Some sessions the dogs are barking but I turned the mics way down and played really hard.

Not this album, though, I chose some songs, mostly from 1993-1995 that I hadn't recorded yet. This was the last session I did, where on Tuesday, August 18 around 7 p.m. I was boiling hot in the house (no air conditioning and the swamp cooler was on but ineffective). I thought to myself I hadn't made an album with a classical guitar (a Yamaha G-231 I bought for $100 bucks) for a long time. I used to play classical guitar as my main acoustic back in 2000 and "Life Without Home" was the last album I played classical predominantly on. It's a cool sound, even with a pick, and it let's the vocals stand out. My voice lately has been pretty shot for whatever reason, but I recall thinking I'd lay some bed tracks down and go back and redo vocals later. Then I laid down drums and then bass tracks. It went pretty fast, because I've been playing all these songs for over 25 years and even the drums and bass I had never played on these songs before but I had the feel in my head already. It was a fun session. I particularly enjoyed how "Nothing's Worth Believing" turned out, because it's been my passion to play bass and drums almost as if I'm two different people playing off each other. I play around with time and see it as an Art-form, vs, just me doing an overdub. It's really hard to get right, and on that song especially I nailed it. (The best bands play with time when they play together.) All the tracks were recorded pretty fast. I did the bass tracks all in one sitting, one take for pretty much each song. When I ran off a preliminary mix of one song, I was reminded of one of my favorite Bob Dylan albums, "John Wesley Harding", where there's a sparseness to the vocal, harmonica, bass, drums and guitar. It sounded done to me, even though I know I could add an untold amount of instruments and colors to it, if I waited until November. All my other instruments were already in storage. It was an interesting sounding recording as it was, so I figured I'd mix it the next day.

Around 10:30 I was ready to end the session. It was too hot in the shed and my guitar was literally sweating. I had two more songs I could record to make it 11 songs and 9 was too short. The crickets were singing really loud outside and the studio was so hot I did something I never did when recording (mostly because I was afraid of the dogs starting to bark if they heard me). I opened the studio door of the shed and on the last two songs you can hear those Bonny Doon crickets sing their last songs harmonizing along with me.

I didn't think anything of it. Every summer I pack up most of my gear and put it in friends houses in storage because of how hot and dry it gets. I figured it'd be another three months before I'd record a full fledged album again, when the rains came in November, and the return of humidity and fog and cooler temperatures. I was used to paring down for those few months to only one guitar and most of the time I'd be on tour anyway with Laurel.

Most of the albums I recorded were in the winters in Bonny Doon. I only made a few in the summer between tours. I was bummed that because of the pandemic, here I am putting all my stuff in storage after a rare lightning storm prompted me to on the previous Saturday night. I couldn't sleep that night and at the crack of dawn I was calling my friends in Santa Cruz and Aptos to go bring them my stuff, which they kindly obliged.

That night on Tuesday, August 18, was so hot in the shed I said the crickets would sing with me and they did. They are in full voice behind the last two songs I recorded there.

These songs are presented in the order they were recorded in. There's some imperfections, as I was planning to re-cut the vocals. The mix might be good or it may not be, my Technics floor speakers and Sansui Power amp I used to mix albums since I got them back in 2003 burned in the fire, so I had to use headphones to mix it.

One thing that strikes me about this album in hindsight. The fire came through about 24 hours after the last note was recorded here, and there are so many songs on this album that reference disaster or fire, without even knowing it, I had naturally recorded the Shed's swansong album and possibly a farewell to Bonny Doon, a beautiful place I lived for 5 years. The last words that I recorded in this studio were "I've got the same soul, waiting on a feeling, ready for the fire, ready for rekindling". Crazy.

This album is dedicated to all the amazing people I know in Bonny Doon, and the amazing memories I made here with them. There are so many of them who lost their homes in the past few days. There is a lot of sadness and desperation in the air. I hope that this music can help everyone affected by this in some way.

I hope you enjoy this album. It may be quite some time before I have a recording studio space to do my thing in again. Please wish me the same good fortune I had to find this shed in the first place. Everything from "Praying For The World" in 2015 to 33 albums later was recorded here. Special thanks goes out to Rachel Goodman and Steve Coulter and Don Mussell. If it weren't for you guys none of these albums probably would exist and they'd all be ringing in my head instead.

Dan Frechette
August 21, 2020 (evacuated in Seabright, CA).


released August 22, 2020

All songs written by Dan Frechette
All songs copyright 2020 and registered with SOCAN.

Recorded August 18, 2020 in The Shed in Bonny Doon, CA

Dan Frechette - vocals, classical acoustic guitar, harmonica, bass, drums.


all rights reserved



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