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Can't Stop This Old Train Now (2020)

by Dan Frechette

DIG A LITTLE DEEPER IN THE FUTURE Been all over town just riding around greetings for the new day whiporwhill and the mourning dove cry as i head out on the highway the wind drowns out all kinds of things and my eyes are burning blind getting up too early so i get to live and to be right there on time looking at the hands on my pocket clock as i change lanes making time looking out along the hilly fields man i wish they all were mine gold’s too scarce for digging and i found my one true love so I’m gonna get home from work today just to give a little push a shove (Chorus) Dream a little cheaper kiss my little keeper live a little deeper in the future write another sleeper sing another weeper live a little deeper in the future vagabond heart living the part live a little deeper in the future when i get smart i always start to live a little deeper in the future when I get old I hope I don’t get rolled into the pile of the people who lose I see them everywhere I go and it ain’t too hard to fill their shoes in the lineups at the grocery they ‘ve been beaten down so bad and they can’t smell a joke if it came behind them and kicked them in the ass living little deeper in the future means you take the sorrow from the past and learn roll down the window and let in some air if you got a quarter tank to burn make your way to a sunny day where the river meets the sky take some beauty and make som beauty because you never know when you’re gonna die
Harvest Blues The man on the field is worried he's quickly losing time he's got two more weeks of harvesting and the money is near gone well he's also losing patience in his dwelling family we may take it all one step at a time but we won't take for free He's a stranger to his freedom the field it ties him down though he's always facing it he's learned to love the ground he can not tell the future yet his restless destiny awaits he lives to watch his hopes and dreams surrendering to fate (Chorus) Father sweats so not to dress me in hand me downs Father sweats so not to keep us heading welfare bound As soon as the harvest is over the wintertime will subdue it will be time for him to him the road to see what he can do but can not stand still for too long there's others down the line and man we'd have those harvest blues if nothing sold this time (chorus)
Change And Reflection I try to be good to the people I meet To not stare at the floor and not talk anymore is strange (Chorus) Not talking about change and reflection who cares about who won this election? Don't ask answers of me They go on and on like people afraid of a silence that grew once when people who knew themselves (Chorus) Could talk about change and reflection not the thing I don't dare to mention Don't ask answers of me. I'm not a man of too many tales but they think I'm not them that's enough for them to think I'm so rude (Chorus) Because I talk about change and reflection Not the things I don't care to mention They don't ask answers of me. Once in a while I'll catch one alone and I'll say I'm not mad men do not grow by words (Chorus) That don't speak about change and reflection but you don't need my direction don't you ask answers of me
Business As Usual He died broke like a piece of rope that went and broke from the strain he choked on a pipe that was made from hype the papers loved his pain. He tried to make up his mind business on his brain or a life on the farm just a busted old barn no harm in the simple life again. His career on the line from the men who wined and dined him up to sign so he stabbed his friends by accident in the back with a money blade. He had tried just simple to write but business on his brain made him stall but it was cool to crawl the papers loved his pain. He put his foot down and his heart it did pound when he told them he was bound to a bunch of smart, cruel upstarts who changed his words around. They made him shoot for all the loot sell out on his brain Everyone else could loosen their belt but he purged this absurd fucking way.
Chain 03:21
Chain She's got a pocket full of pearls dreams to see the world from more than just an open book she hides behind the car she rides she never takes a drive turning down the highway for a second look (Chorus) She makes up another chain gets a man or a kid to change chains all look the same she gets a new gym membership to make herself sick running on a treadmill to fame She's got an old stuffed cat who sits beside her map hanging on her dusty wall she says the cat's always been there she says it as she stares at the map beside the doll (chorus) Seems someday she will find that there ain't a sign on the highway saying "fate station" Up ahead around the bend so she might as well pretend that she knows the way She says I'm a dancer yes I'm sure I've got the blues to prove it I've won all the awards ambition is nagging at my bones sure I can be alone give me a chance to leave my home. (chorus)
I Should Be Copyrighted I went to school today in my Daniel Hector duds I had on my blue cardigan and my petal pusher floods Knee knockers as I call them people said I was on glue But I said, "I come to school to learn, not to look or act like you!" (chorus) I'm a unique person I thank God everyday just because nobody likes me doesn't mean I'm not ok People talk a lot about me their lives are unexciting They ought to pay to talk about me I should be copyrighted. They don't pay me to stay in school and they think I'm satisfied to look and act like everyone else until the day I die But I like to think I'm different so take me as I am I bought myself pink sneakers because I look good in them. (chorus) People stare in my window as if I'm number one bought myself a pocket mirror to burn their eyes out with the sun they oughta put me in the paper I would be so delighted I'd charge a grand for an interview I should be copyrighted (chorus)
How Wrong Is The War, Mother? (chorus) How wrong is the war, mother? how strong are them soldiers fighting their way to the promiseland of honor and pride and glory? It's the same old fight we've been having for years it starts and it stops and it cries and it jeers the flag it goes up and the flag it goes down while the political people stand around. (chorus) It's the same old ground we've braved for years with each war the blood it sinks deeper and deeper into the ground and the thoughts of the ones who now fear to hear that gunfire sound. (chorus) It's the same old glory we've carried for years forgiven heroes forget their fears for they've killed and they've cried and they've danced in blood while political people stood around. (chorus)
Lost River Blues Looking for a living and looking to be giving that's all that I want With a six string shootout Knock 'em all dead that's all that really counts. I'm singing and swinging and looking out at this mess I'm in They're paying and cheering and I'm leaving and fearing I won't make it home again. (chorus) I'm looking across lost river since I got these worn out blues These simple shoes they may seem new to you I've been looking across lost river since I got these beat up blues These simple shoes may seem new to you but to me they're old news. Give me a dollar and I'll give you a holler when the dollar runs out My tales will be taller with the rope around my collar you'll know nothing about somehow you'll be tempted to be suddenly befriended by my open hand and I'll be gone as soon as I see you with a dollar again. (chorus) I been a gypsy looking like a son of a gun with a story to tell I've been a sculpture soul with them chipping away with every ticket I sell. I've been trying to catch a tail that was in my hands when I was on the skids. Now I'm looking back hearing echoes wondering what I did. (chorus) Looking for a living and looking to be giving that's all that I want With a six string shootout Knock 'em all dead that's all that really counts.
So Help Me God (Chorus) And I'll stay so far away I'll be free from your reach and I'll walk until I faint Someone's coming down to get me so help me God Fear will come it will come through me living my life walking around on my knees every other day I've had to pretend get on my feet and take a stand face the wind or I might get buried alive (Chorus) The time will come when all excuses fail no matter how hard you try to get 'em off your tail they'll follow you around until you chase their legs away to outer space with your face smiling with angry tones (Chorus)
Waiting For The Judgement Days There's another child waiting for the judgement days and he don't talk too much about it there's another boy waiting to take his place and he don't kid too much about it (Chorus) 'Cause when it's all washed up on the beach There for all eyes to see there for no one to touch there for no one to heed When I'm empty and alone and I feel like I'm living just to die someday I look through my old junk mail I hope the smile I grow will stay (Chorus) So now I'm waiting for the judgement days I'm putting in time till they ring the bell my voice is gentle with hardened words words that only broken dreams can spell (Chorus)
Can't Stop This Old Train Now I been getting so scared of the road dealing with the pain Eyes glued to the world dreaming of escapes looking back at love life keeps rolling on can't stop this old train now I'm sad to leave you there she's in my every prayer I fight and there's no air and dreams we're going to share I can't wait 'til the day I call the shots and I stay home life keeps rolling on can't stop this old train now (Bridge) There's nothing out there left for me just an act I've got to do to keep paying up for blues I don't want no one in my shoes I hope that you can see the use of my surviving this old road If you can tell this world goodbye for the kid who played guitar and tried to fit in this old world somehow got sucked into a money war just sing the songs I wanted to there's no real chords anymore (Bridge)


released December 2, 2020

Recorded and Mixed in Steve's Home Office in Bonny Doon, CA.
Recorded on December 1st, 2020.
All songs written by Dan Frechette and registered with SOCAN.

Album cover photo of "Suh, Do-Ho
Karma" from The Sydney and Walda Besthoff Sculpture Garden at NOMA, New Orleans.

Dan Frechette: Vocals, Acoustic Guitar, Harmonica, Mandolin, Upright Bass.

This album is dedicated to the spirit of my father Jules Frechette. (1941-2007).


all rights reserved



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