Deal With The Devil (2011)

by Dan Frechette



Rambling Dan and The Dylanaires.


released October 6, 2011

Album Title - Deal With The Devil
Artist Title - Rambling Dan and The Dylanaires

Recorded in January 2011 on Cunnington Avenue, Winnipeg, Manitoba.

Produced by Dan Frechette and Jeremy Rusu.

Engineered and Mastered by Jeremy Rusu.

All songs copyright 2011 by Dan Frechette and are registered with SOCAN.

Jeremy Rusu has been performing around Winnipeg since he was 7 years old. Working with seasoned bandleader Ron Paley in his big band Jeremy has been astounding musicians and audiences alike with his unparalelled talents as an arranger, producer, and multi-instrumentalist for as many years. I met Jeremy when he was 8 and have been friends with him ever since. He has proven to be the most intuitive and brilliantly gifted musician I have ever witnessed. I'llnever forget when a friend mashed his hands on a piano keyboard with the sustain pedal on and Jeremy was able just by ear to immediately name off all the notes that had been played. His talent shines through on this record and that is my intention. A great friend and a great artist in his own right, he may not be playing the music industry game but we'll gladly keep making high quality music to entertain you with. Enjoy!

Instrumentation - Dan Frechette - 6 and 12 string acoustic, electric rhythm guitar, lead vocals.

Jeremy Rusu - 6 string lead electric guitar, 12 string electric lead guitar, mandolin, keyboards and synth, backing vocals, bass guitar, drums.

Patti Lamoureux - fiddle on Evil Devil Blues
David Epp - lap steel on Mystery Woman.

We would like to thank David Epp and Jake Stead for their musical contributions to this project during the time they were in The Dylanaires. They inspired us to make this record everything it could be. In particular, Jeremy Rusu's electric lead guitar playing on this album is a tribute to David Epp's musicality, creativity and vision as a lead guitarist.
We'd also like to thank Tim Hortons for large ice-capps with cream. We'd like to thank Paul Suave for the generous use of his space, without you this album would not have been possible.

Track list and times - 49 minutes running total

1. Life Without Toys
2. Gentler Days
3. Evil Devil Blues
4. Flower Power (All I Want Is You)
5. Get On My Knees Today
6. Some Kind Of Phantom
7. Deal With The Devil
8. Days Of Old Times
9. Summer Full Of Snow
10. Mystery Woman
11. Nobody Knows My Name
12. T.V.Z Blues


all rights reserved



Dan Frechette California

" of the best songwriters we've heard in a long time." - SingOut Magazine.

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Track Name: Life Without Toys
Life Without Toys

What they put out I buy
the limits the sky
I'm not happy yet.
I get so damned depressed
buying things I don't need
drowning in maintenance.

C- and I'm texting in the lineups
surfing in the superstores
logging onto nothing
so bored of the outdoors
what's life without toys?
I got distractions and noise
I've been sold to my boredom threshold and sometimes I believe
what's life without toys?
What's life without toys?

Can't miss out on addiction
no more restriction
big business has won
what's my life really done?
my room just got stale in this technojail.


No mind of my own I download ringtones they send me applications
to more complications until I'm rigged to fly just in case I might die
they start me out young on the bottom rung with the ads of smiles sending me down the aisles working to pay for some illusion of play.

Track Name: Gentler Days
Gentler Days

The brokenhearted lover had left alone his dreams
only to suffer the fact he was free.
His eyes were mistaken, he had few wounds to mend so he turned around and went back and broke his heart again.

He worshipped the villains with women by their side - you could see the adulation that spread across his eyes.
His moments were lucky but he hadn't much to say.
He'd go home a lonely man despite all that he gave.

C- If you turn back now - you'll never find your way - back to where you came from - the time of gentler days x 2

Desperately trying to keep out of sight - he packed all his possessions at the end of the night.
His visions were blurred by the dusty days of time.
He'd forgotten what true love was and how hard it was to find.

Track Name: Evil Devil Blues
Evil Devil Blues

Kept my shoes tied baby and I hitched my heart out west.
This evil seed within me was never gonna rest.
I made it out to Tucson where the wild old spirits dwell
This evil devil in me sent my spirit straight to hell.

C - and the evil devil's in me
and I don't want to go
Evil devil's in me man and I got some place to go.
x 2

I had to go down chasing my spirit straight to hell
to find it amongst ruins where many a man had fell
when I found my spirit it was in a woman's hands -
with smoky eyes and passion burning in that promiseland


I took my spirit from her and she nailed me in a tomb
where ghosts could ride the highway with their memories of gloom
I pulled out my pistols and I fired in the air
and felt no promise given for a fast way out of there


Soon the tomb was melting from the days of hell heat
my spirit was a hanging with my pistols at my feet
soon the spirit lifted me and my pistols were left behind
I made my way to Tucson when that sun hit 99.

Track Name: Flower Power (All I Want Is You)
Flower Power (All I Want Is You)

You've got to be the girl
when did you leave last year?
What was on your mind?
Are you the hurting kind?
I hold you dear - I want you clear you're the girl.

I'm something you'll wait for I was thinking of that today.

C - All I ever want is the flower
All I ever want is the power
All I want is you (today)

I'm a gentle giant in a field you left for the road
I can see for miles and I see that you're always alone
I hold you dear you're still in my heart you're the girl

Come back somehow I was thinking of you today.

Track Name: Get On My Knees Today
Get On My Knees Today

You've got to live by your own truth, babe, you know nobody would disagree
Have faith in the lonesome road searching everywhere for peace
Nobody can convince you that there's concrete in the rain
There's love on earth for everyone and there's peace beside the pain.

C- Gone are the visions of darkness and sin
I let love teach me now there's no stopping
Worlds have come and gone since life took you away
There's a cold heart for everyone to warm
The sun will come after the storm
And I'm gonna get on my knees today.

A drunken mirror won't tell you all you've been waiting for
like some fight ain't gonna tell you who's gonna win this war
because victory comes from deep within despite walls this world will build
so let's just all call it peace
and then we can head out for the hills

Track Name: Some Kind Of Phantom
Some Kind Of Phantom

Well I'm a blighter - in a storm of rage and confusion
Life is short but I know it's bigger than me
Some kind of phantom perceived me as being happy.
and he took and he took and now there's nothing left to take away from me

Something is wrong I'm not getting my fair share of freedom
watch me now wander aimlessly in the dark
for the last couple years I've had much too much of nothing
and I'm qualified but my friends won't let me take part

C - Well I know it can't make a difference
Tears can't make a difference
tears can't make my life come back to me - oh yeah.

I am sometimes afraid of the blood that pounds in my veins
and the echoes it makes in the silence of the night
some kind of phantom said only people experience pain
but that's only because they're too tough to bother to cry.

Track Name: Deal With The Devil
Deal With The Devil

I made a deal with the devil
wish I could take it back
I was going too far in that direction
seemed the going was getting black
and the saddest thing of all
is I lost you along the way
and lost the things that I care about
and these days I forget to pray
these days I forget to pray.

I can't find my way home
when I'm out taking care of feelings
and they leave me on uncertain roads
everywhere's been sketchy dealings
and the saddest thing of all
is I lost you along the way
I was the first to go
because I was the last to stay

Suddenly I can't turn back - and I'm running fast into a wall

We hit a snag that day
when I moved down the line
it gets harder to be a dreamer
with the bells ringing all the time
good luck in your search for perfection
and I will do the same
there's a road stretched out there waiting
and to leave it there's a crying shame
Track Name: The Days Of Old Times
The Days Of Old Times

In the days of old times
in the stories I'm told
they chopped wood to slow down
the heart of the cold
look at today in this world full of crime
they would have been busy plowing the fields in the days of old times

jail cells overflowing
with boredom and rust
strip mall heroes paving the upper crust
time has changed the way
of the hard working day
ask any elder and here's what they say

they worked in the fields
and they kept mother nature
in their hearts and their dreams
while they worked this great land

in the days of old times
in the stories I'm told
they dug their own graves
looking for gold
today's gold is running
like a tap that will run dry
and back to the days of glory and praise
the days of old times.
Track Name: A Summer Full Of Snow
Summer Full Of Snow

I can no longer see the sun the same
seems it's setting everytime that I come awake
And then I see how little time there was to waste
am I missing out - or am I on my way?

I've been a demon while I've been a dream
not being certain what my journey even means
just making time with whatever fate passed me along
just trying to do some right while all the while I did them wrong.

c- can't help believing my voice of reason is a broken radio
my heart is freezing 'tis the season for a summer full of snow.

There are no rules I'll follow in my mind
to keep from being bored so blindly all the time
but you'll never know when you've made a day or saved a life
memories can never hide the good light far behind


Chances are I've broken you this way
and how I've wished for hearts to never fall astray
it takes the romance from this long shot guessing game
is it just a matter of time before it's yesterday?

Track Name: Mystery Woman
Mystery Woman

It's plain and dark in blackwood
in the middle of the night
every man is weary - their blood as cold as ice

A mystery woman - looking for a place to go
a storm is a forming - yonder on down the shore
doesn't matter where she goes
fate is on her side
listen for the silence to be pounding down your door

She has no bread or butter but she isn't hungry yet
every man is brokenhearted and weary towards what they can not get.

A mystery woman looking for a place to hide
a storm has already formed and it's coming from the shore
doesn't matter where she goes
fate is on her side
listen for the silence to be pounding down your door

She's gonna leave blackwood
and go searching for true love
because these men are weary and weary men do not love enough.

A mystery woman is already heading home
a storm is a dying - yonder on down the shore
doesn't matter where she goes
fate is on her side
listen for the silence to be pounding down your door
Track Name: Nobody Knows My Name
Nobody Knows My Name

I haunt these streets like an illusion
life brings me nothing but confusion
this is where she left me - this is where I cried
this is where I fell out from the sky

Nobody knows my name x 4

You laugh and you say
look who is laughing now
I knew laughter would do you good somehow
I am fearless - I am gearless
I have nowhere to go - but I won't let it slow me down

C - Nobody knows my name
Nobody knows my claim to fame

The rain begins to fall
I hear a hound dog bay
the freezing wind picks up
on another lonely day
she'll kill me with her smile
she left me with black eyes
it's funny how love dies
when love was just a lie.

Nobody knows my name but the man in the sky.
Track Name: TVZ Blues
TVZ Blues

Take time it's a stepping stone
on the way to a glory home
and the world grows up and fades away
and the time that you had is gone
seems years since you were alone
and the light in your eyes begins to fade

C - sometimes it's a lonesome road
sometimes you don't care no more
for all the worlds waving goodbye
I'll give my hand to you
and I know that you'll pull me through
but some days I feel I just wish I'd die

Tried to care and do my time
but frustration is a friend of mine
with all the cowboys blowing out of town
Staying here is trouble dear
it's a world I've made of fear
and I've watched as these clouds just burned me down


They say there's no "I" in team
but I say there's an "I" in time
and I'm sad behind old lonesome doors
this island suits me fine
I got holes in my life sometimes
but those holes won't harm me anymore


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