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Driving By Candlelight (2018)

by Dan Frechette

The Lucky One (Dan Frechette) After all his life’s work was ploughed into the dirt He began to drift to times when his every whim would flirt With the impossible, the dream Of knowing there's a way To look upon the moon and the stars And the dawning of the day (Chorus) You can follow him and hope you'll be the lucky one In your forefathers footsteps, the lucky one And hope whenever there's a chance that you can repay The debt their inspiration left to help you find your way He didn't have to show you the trail he blazed for you making his mistakes and never knowing what to do mansions never graced his hills but hot sweat graced his brow he used to look upon this world the way that you do now (Chorus) In his time of dying he only asks that you're freed of treachery and doubt and never knowing what you need everywhere you go in life I'm sure he's made the turn and looked upon these times and all the things you never learn (chorus)
American Refugee (Laurel Thomsen) Dark highways stretch for miles Through town's that are all gone Ghosts howl through the cracks Where our lives once had grown And fear has a name Clings tight to his mama's side A hungry child in a world that's broken (Chorus) We're all drinking from the same cup Fighting all the way up This dream held tight in effigy I'm an American refugee America the beautiful America the grand America the sand Slipping right from your hand Slipping right from your hand We've traded on our dreams Health, happiness, or homes As corruption makes the rounds Stacking money on every roll And with monkeys writin' rules Building prisons for our kids We're squeezing dry our dreamers, cashing in the bets We're all drinking from the same cup Fighting all the way up A dream held tight in effigy I'm an American refugee America the beautiful America the grand America the sand Slipping right from your hand Slipping right from your hand May the road rise up to meet you But faith not make you blind To all the gifts that silence brings To all that comes of making noise And if you find yourself alone Driving by candlelight Open your doors and gather We're in this together All together/driving by candlelight All together/where our lives once had grown All together/driving by candlelight All together/we're American refugees
Morning Time Lovers Waltz (Dan Frechette) Morning time lovers awoke ‘neath the dawn beautiful music crept down through the trees maybe someday I will write a true song about a young morning time lover and me You were a stranger when nothing was pretty you sang of devils who played with your mind when I first saw you, you put on a sad smile ’til your beauty touched me these streets were not mine My longing was matched by someone who loved me I sat down yesterday and wrote a new song this is to you my sweet morning time lover The morning time lovers awoke ‘neath the dawn
When You Come My Way (Dan Frechette) When you come my way, baby you'll never be alone. You'll never wake in the night and be on your own. You won't cry the blues for things sad lovers do I won't make you cry and that is why I want to be near you. Your heart shines golden, baby your eyes burn my dreams I go through these days knowing what a gift true love means and I'm open to waiting I want you to call my name when you come my way baby, you'll never be alone. I'm willing to do anything it takes to treat you kind to be your sweet lover it's worth it this time. When you smiled to me when you caught my eye Won't you come my way? Baby, you'll never be alone. Won't you come my way? Baby, you'll never be alone. Won't you come my way? Baby, you'll never be alone.
Jester 02:56
Jester (Laurel Thomsen) There's no room for the jester in the house upon the hill He wanders through our dreams Not quite what he seems Shadows paint pictures Across a frozen land Clocks tick tock Where beauty never stands (Chorus) Slow down, slow down, Sally Fess up, fess up, Freddie Back down, back down, Billy It's too late when you're dead The jester's counting hours in all the streets below He tries to get a rise Trying to surprise Couples take to marching Gathering more things So many tied together But only by their rings There's no room for the jester In the house upon the hill His picture's fading fast In storybooks of the past To the edge of time we're rovin' We might fall right off the end Exploding like a dream The joy we forgot to spend
The Seeds That You Won't Sow (Dan Frechette) (Chorus) Love in the rain walk in the world laugh in the wind all you boys and you girls Time is rolling on no matter how you blow no answers you may find from the seeds that you won't sow You're on your own again with a little bit of time you'll spend it on addiction some downhill road you'll climb just sitting by your lonesome and connected to this world a future of regrets all you boys and you girls (Chorus) Think back to those years before this came along you used to cook together and sing all your songs now you share your links and nobody's getting on there's another hour been wasted and another path foregone (Chorus)
Back From Heaven (Dan Frechette) Summer lies Summarize the chances we've been taking all this time Angels fly there ain't no way a devil can be sailing off the ground off the ground. (chorus) So smile, there's nothing here to do but just be sailing now we've made it back from heaven it's all good somehow no more chances wasted say goodbye. She relates, pulls strings from all the vampires she has chosen her battleground and he relates, tries to fit her stories and he aches for common ground for common ground. (chorus x2) background doubts behind smiles broken hearts torn desires foreground amber sunsets stars and open spirits finding fire finding fire (Chorus)
To Keep You Company (Dan Frechette) Remember when we used to walk upon the water? and we never thought we'd ever fall through? We always knew each other even when we were strangers we washed in each others tears when we were blue I loved you I'm glad I found you in a moment in a lifetime and we kissed beneath the rising sun afraid it was too soon to tell and every chance I had to say I loved you were somehow lost in the disappearing breeze I loved you. I haven't come to visit your familiar tones of home I drifted away unafraid to be alone But I have written you 30 sad letters to keep you company and were written in stone Just like this letter which I sing to you now You may not choose to sing along you may not know how but these words are yours to keep you company I love you.
Crow Flies High (Laurel Thomsen) Storm clouds rage, beyond the land 'Where people rise, to take a stand But what will come, of all their pleas With wisdom scattered in the weeds  Forgotten beauties, remaining seeds (Chorus) The crow flies high Beyond the sky Spirits stand Reach out their hands (And who am I When all will die And only land Will weep with sand) Our hearts break, for the ones who've gone 'We come to sing, their final songs But what is death to a soul now free? 'To live beyond, the memories Remember who we forgot to be In quiet corners, bright lights shine Whispers call us, to align The prayers stream in, from every side In fertile soil to reside In rapture, all our, hearts collide
Ragtime Baby 03:17
Ragtime Baby (Dan Frechette) (Chorus) Ragtime baby won't you sing for me Ragtime baby won't you sing for me I've been blue and busted out on bluegrass street Ragtime woman I'm cooked and solid gone Ragtime woman left me here to sing a song She's gotta hit me with progress hit me with a bill when I pull out my money she'll go straight for the kill (Chorus) I got 20 years on the kids you'll kiss for free I got open holes in the legs of my old blue jeans I can't go on living like this adding to the list everyday of fun I've missed (Chorus) She'll pull my lucky card and we'll hit the town there's hard times whether or not you're settled down better to be sane better to be free don't need no tedious company (Chorus)
Mandolino Waltz (Dan Frechette) Confusion has made a mystery of me Nowhere I go do I feel free Seems now and then when I meet you again I can’t think of what to say It makes no sense to love you when you’re taking my senses away (Chorus) And I look to the ocean the horizon has no faults When I’m in your horizon let’s dance the mandolino waltz This poor boys in love with you he can’t do somersaults But I can ask you, “Kind miss, could I steal a kiss as we dance the Mandolino waltz?” I sit down to have a smoke, collect my memories But nothing comes to mind but this old Spanish melody Where do you go when you’re floating on conversation? I wish I could find that place in my imagination. (Chorus) You don’t know how much I wish I could give you a laugh How can I kiss you when I ain’t made it past a paragraph? You’re quickly losing interest to that old man across the room He’s told you about love he wants to be my doom (Chorus)
New York City Sundance (Dan Frechette) It's a New York City sundance. I was breathing all the air. It's about time I got the world out of my hair. The Gods they must be crazy because I've been sending it to the sun. This feeling that I'd hoped someday to become someone. (chorus) But you can call me friend buddy it better feel that way. I'm young inside and I'm living no lies loving something with my faith. My peace is all that I have. I'm steering clear of the dark. I was watching the wheels on fire while I lit my spark. Everywhere I was hungry and everywhere I was free. I was inside paying homage to the outsider in me. (chorus) I saw this whole world dying as I watched that sundance crying on the field. It's a New York City sundance. It's a New York City morning. It's a New York City sundance. Watch the wheels slowing down. (chorus)


released October 4, 2018

Album Title: Driving By Candlelight
Album Artist: Dan Frechette and Laurel Thomsen

Recorded with the generous help of () Kickstarter supporters in June 2018 at Bear Creek Recording Studios in Bonny Doon, CA.
Engineered, Recorded and Mixed by Justin Mayer.
Mastering by Jamie Sitar/Outta Town Sound, Winnipeg, M.B.)
Photography by Jim MacKenzie.
Design and CD Layout by Mike Latchislaw.
CD Duplication by Dan Shnier at Ironstone Technologies, Winnipeg, M.B.
Produced by Dan Frechette and Laurel Thomsen.
All violin/viola arrangements created by Laurel Thomsen.
All guitar arrangements created by Dan Frechette.

Dan Frechette - lead and harmony vocals, six and twelve string acoustic guitars, harmonica, lap slide guitar, ukulele, banjo ukulele, autoharp.
Laurel Thomsen - lead and harmony vocals, violin, viola.
Jimmy Norris - drums and percussion.
Stan Poplin - double bass
Tim Osmond - banjo on “The Seeds That You Won’t Sow.”
Justin Mayer - mellotron on “Back From Heaven.”
Shanti - dove coo on “Ragtime Baby.”

The Lucky One, Morning Time Lovers Waltz, When You Come My Way, The Seeds That You Won’t Sow, Back From Heaven, To Keep You Company, Mandolino Waltz, and New York City Sundance music and lyrics by Dan Frechette. (Copyright 2018/SOCAN.)

American Refugee, The Druid Set, Jester and The Crow Flies High with melody and lyrics by Laurel Thomsen (Copyright 2018/ASCAP) with guitar arrangements created by Dan Frechette.


all rights reserved



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