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Going All The Way (2012)

by Dan Frechette

Forever's Always Waiting - Rambling Dan Frechette We got the kind of heartbeat that the blues can drive a rhythm on. We got the kind of downbeat that the room can turn a party on. (chorus) - I can't move unless you get gyrating. Don't wait forever. Forever's always waiting. The world is just exploding and nobody can keep control. we got the fun guns loadin' and we got em set to rock n' roll. (chorus) Better stay home if you ain't gonna fly. Tonight we're loaded and we're gonna live 'til we die. If you got no money I can take you out and drive you home. You like your eggs a little runny and you like your bumpers made out of chrome. (chorus)
Going All The Way - Rambling Dan Frechette When she bite my lip when she kiss me real hard and slow x2 ain't looking 'round for my baby she comes like the wild wind blows. Sometimes it's hot here sometimes it's cool to be kind x2 she takes me out for a ride and a ride drives me out of my mind. She can get sentimental sometimes when I'm fading away x2 Then the mojo cloud comes a rainin' and there ain't no dust forecast that day. (Chorus) Going all the way x4 Ain't no wrong way baby, when you got the right of way. Maybe she'll stay here Maybe somedays she don't. x2 I got gears I ain't used so long my engine don't purr she moans. The buck stops here baby don't step aside. x2 You know I got enough spirit to last past the day I die. (Chorus)
Mr. Right Overnight - Rambling Dan Frechette He searched with tears for years to find the lady who could be his bride. He broke the hearts of many and he carried it so deep inside. Until one day he sang a miracle song and the right girl came along. Now he's sorry so don't you ever fall again for Mr. Wrong. Mr. Wrong is Mr. Right overnight and she's happier than sunshine and he's dancing in her light. There were times he wondered in the past if he should wait for the one who'd last. Now Mr. Wrong became Mr. Right overnight. He's so happy to be seen with her dancing on the edge of town. She's happy that there's no careless love never will he let her down. He knows that love is real this time around in how her kisses feel. Now he's sorry you won't ever fall again for Mr. Wrong. Broken hearts were once his crown and he couldn't love nobody once they stuck around. Now he's sorry so don't you ever fall again for Mr. Wrong.
Square Baby 02:13
Square Baby - Rambling Dan Frechette Let's all be phonies and go play by the rules. Let's all be predictable boring old fools I'll be square, you be square, baby, show we care. Steer clear of trouble and behave like a slave worn out anniversary when we're riding the wave. Be square - you be square, baby, show we care. Don't care to hear no trouble I'll do right all the time. You'll pull me out of the rubble as long as the pile or rubble ain't mine all mine. Don't be knocking the real me down If you look real hard to see if I'm ever around. I'll be square - like you're square, baby, shows we care. Don't be knocking the real me down. Read me a rule book I'll be your clown. I'll be square - like you're square, baby, shows we care. I'll be square - like you're square, baby, shows we care.
BBQ John 02:36
BBQ John - Rambling Dan Frechette This here's a song about BBQ John The girls all love him madly want to take him on. (Chorus) That's John. BBQ John. He'll call you with the score while on his way to the store picking up another good meal gone. He's got a premier series Jackson Grill You better let him serve you He'll be pissed if you spill. (Chorus) He's got all the BBQ tricks down. He's the hottest working grill in town. He can spin while he's flippin' the chops. He'll be BBQ'in 'til he drops. In the morning John curses about F'Breezin the air. Wonders why it smells like a farm out there. (Chorus)
Jumper Song 03:51
Jumper Song - Rambling Dan Frechette Don't call me in the morning Don't call me at the crack of dawn. x2 It ain't,"good morning" to me. It's "baby must be something wrong". I got no need for excersising. No need to go out for a walk. x2 If she needs running and walking. I'm here to make this guitar talk. Don't need no social network to do what was done before x2 Baby, get the word out and I'll be rockin' down the door. Some men skydivers Some men ballroom dance x2 Those men just 9 to 5 'ers I'm wearing skinny pants. I don't smoke or drink. I eat what I can catch. x2 If she don't eat mammals I believe she's met her match. If she likes travelling Seeing the world far and wide. x2 I'll be so glad. So glad that girl is mine.
Keep Chasing 04:18
Keep Chasing - Rambling Dan Frechette Keep chasing Give me time to do my thing x2 If you let me play I'm sure gonna make you sing. It's payback time, baby, when I ain't seen you for a few days x2 I'll prove to you, baby, how a little long distance pays. Some people love many I can only love but one x2 There ain't enough hours in the day once you found someone. Don't think I'm cheating when I'm rolling out on the town x2 I got lots of love for you darlin' you turn my ol' heart upside down. You the sweetest lady I must have ever seen x2 Nothing but wrong women was gonna turn a kind man mean. You're a hi-res woman you can see through the darkest of land x2 I'm a storm cloud chaser I been running since the time began.
Shadow Time 02:35
Shadow Time - Rambling Dan Frechette What baby I been putting you through? What baby could I do for you? What baby is on the line? You found the door I got you on my mind It's time It's time It's shadow time. Baby left and the sky goes gray. baby took all my luck away. She's got a shack on the edge of town. I've never been there is she running around? It's time It's time It's shadow time. When it starts my mind don't stop my gut tells tales to make my heart go pop. When I see that girl again my prayers are answered for an honest friend. I'm gonna stay here for a real long time. If she don't come back she'll never leave my mind. I'm gonna go where the lights don't shine. Ain't gonna leave these blues behind. It's time It's time It's shadow time.
She Don't Stop Running If I'm looking for her Then I'm where I belong. Can't stay home and think straight when she's been gone so long. (Chorus) I'm not trying to keep her I don't miss her at all. It's more how it feels on the outside how she don't stop running when I call. She don't need beautiful clothes because she turns heads all the same. When I take her back home she's gonna dress like a man again. (Chorus) I'm gonna let her run now. That's when she always returns. If she comes back looking funny you know it's gonna be my turn. (Chorus)


released October 30, 2012

All songs Copyright Dan Frechette (unless otherwise noted) and registered with SOCAN.

Album cover and sugar skull makeup by Darlene Drewniak.

Recorded late October 2012.
Dan Frechette - Electric Guitar/Vocals, Bass, Acoustic Guitars, 12 String Acoustic Guitar, Finger snaps, Percussion.


all rights reserved



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