Hitting The Hard Road Straight (2009)

by Dan Frechette



released April 18, 2008

All Songs copyright & published by Dan Frechette/SOCAN 2008.

All instruments arranged, performed, recorded, and mixed by Dan Frechette.

(Harmonica, 12 & 6 string acoustic guitar, fiddle, electric guitar, ukulele, banjo-ukulele, mandolin,
upright bass (courtesy of Gilles Fournier), sandpaper blocks & shakers, banjitar, clawhammer banjo, and dobro).


all rights reserved



Dan Frechette California

"...one of the best songwriters we've heard in a long time." - SingOut Magazine.

These recordings sound far superior when downloaded vs. streamed. Streaming is at basic 192 kbps and you can download at highest fidelity,

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Track Name: Burning Bridges In This Town

You helped me find meaning in everything I been revealing I'm burning bridges in this town
No need to be worried about a hatchet I found buried
I'm burning bridges in this town

This town ain't good for me no more I'm feeling like a stray
I'm drowing out my troubles I thought my fire had gone away No one wants to hear someone who is always feeling down so I'm burning bridges in this town

Had too much talk about me
He said she said she said he said
I'm burning bridges in this town
No use playing hide and go seek when no one gave a damn about me I'm burning bridges in this town

You won't miss me when I'm gone
All you did was tag along
I'm burning bridges in this town
TNT and a trampoline a blowtorch and some kerosene
I'm burning bridges in this town
Track Name: The Sunshine Gone

I'll make you happy for the rest of my life
no regrets will haunt you - no pain nor strife
I'll be there in the morning through the darkest nights Through the clouds and the sunshine gone

When the roses fade and are replaced with years
and the smiles are strained and the words aren't clear in the light of the day we'll see the truth in the mirror I'll be coming your way in the sunshine gone

And I'm hoping the same for me my dear
it's been this way from far and near
and it ain't gonna change and I know you won't mind laughing together through the sunshine gone

Through the storms we'll survive and the battles will scar and the times will be simple just like they've been so far
once again we'll be free and the romance will pine and I'll be waiting for you through the sunshine gone
Track Name: Too Old To Take A Bow

How quickly expectations change - when time goes by and the order is rearranged you can't get away with fooling around anymore
Mikey he used to take up my songs
sing em out to a world gone wrong
but these days his dreams are stepping out the door

Now I'm supposed to know it all
and try to teach you how to hit the wall you can get anything you want kid
just try to remember everything you did when you're looking back
too old to take a bow

time hit us like a wrecking crew
find out hardly any souls are true
and you can deal with the pain with the scene you choose what do I know - I'm way down this list
I never even had to bother with this -
being asked the answers to the chords in the blues
Track Name: I Believe Your Lies

I found what I'm looking for
there's a heartache behind everything in store I'll be true to the blues you choose
and I won't be the one who leaves and cries
This is much to good to be true the promises will all turn blue and you be my consolation prize and I believe your lies

I believe your lies - well they tell me who I can hold on to
I believe your lies - they give me some faith in humankind
I believe your lies - they make me strong and help me pull through the days I'm running blind - I believe your lies

You're there to set me free - to help me be all I can be grow and go where I ain't been so blindly believing lies
you tell me of the thick and thin
but this ain't no mousetrap I'm stuck in
my heart is in quicksand watch me sinking I believe your lies
Track Name: Wall Street Honeymoon

I've been hit hard by the company they don't care that I'm down on my luck
and I'm sworn to secrecy - defamation ain't good for a buck
it ain't enough to bail out wall street you've got to bail out main street too
and if you give anybody even half a chance you can see what good they'll do

but we're all running on nothing and if our prayers are ignored again
you're gonna see us fight and it's a fight we're
gonna win
good luck to the world we built that just can't see the light
and there won't be no wall street honeymoon tonight

You put rules in order so that the system kills the poor
their blood quenches the greedy fools but that system ain't no more
there's bound to be uprising we can't be held down long
and we won't pay into your slaveships because the dream has all gone wrong
and we won't vote with our dollar or tolerate the greed you might
because there won't be no wall street honeymoon tonight.

Don't let the evil justify that you fed your family
take your vacation pay and see this land for free
it's phony and it's plastic and the values are all wrong
there's a world of silence out there and they've all been down so long

Good luck to the politician trying to save face
good luck to the banker man who helped you lose your place
good luck to the world we built that just won't see the light
and there won't be no wall street honeymoon tonight
Track Name: Evil Thoughts

He's thinking evil thoughts and you'll never know where he's going
he's thinking evil thoughts
and it's looking like the black crow's crowing

So stung by jealousy
a hero misunderstood
even angels from hell will see
his intentions are no good

He's thinking evil thoughts and
gathering stones from somewhere
he's thinking evil thoughts and
appearing without a care

he never found a friend in the days when life turned cruel
so he had no love to lend or to take when the night's turned cool

ignored by six gun rebels
laughed at by beautiful eyes
scorned at by the law and the devils
why wouldn't you realise?

it's the last of a thousand battles
final glory for a fading life
waking up in his cage he rattles all the bars and he packs his knife
Track Name: Bitter Years

I get tired of walking
sometimes there's glory in my soul
I get tired of talking
and I ain't been laying low

I'm out there with the wicked
and there's no sense being too wise
because shit is gonna happen
even to the nicest guys

Let go of all these bitter years
I got no time now to be hiding under fears
Ain't no one losing sleep like I do
nobody really cares what the other guy
is going through

I was stunted by the memories
old baggage wearing me down
The past and future of a wannabe
ain't ever gonna gain no ground

Now all I think about is nothing
just try to dig what comes my way
I can't count on no forevers
or wait for life to make my day
Track Name: Past The Point Of No Return

If you want to leave me I wouldn't blame you if you tried
seems it's been forever since I been goodbyed
but think back to what I told you when the flames began to burn
I'm past the point of no return

Long days are passing when we can't see the light
imagining life without your love don't get me through the night
so I'll go on believing that this fool will never learn
and I'm past the point of no return

In restless days I wondered from shore to lonely shore
couldn't seem to find you but I always found the door
wishing that you were near me but with regret I find
it's those reckless days I cherish - when I had nothing on my mind

And now it seems I wander while the walls are closing in
I don't want to have to climb back from wherever I have been
So I'll just dream of heaven while the devil takes his turn
and I'm past the point of no return
Track Name: Bust Out The Baileys

Bust out the bailey's
Hand him a jack mickey
he won't leave till the last drop is gone
hide all the china
there ain't no use in trying to
shut him down
when he won't last too long

Roll out a carpet
set him up in a bed
lay him on his stomach
put a bucket near his head
throw some ice down his T-shirt
slap him in the face
just because his paycheque didn't bounce
doesn't mean that he owns this place

Someone hold him up while
he's emptying his bladder
and don't play him no country music
it might just make him madder
and don't tell him no funny jokes
he might vomit in your ear
but we should celebrate the
drunkest night of his career

I took my hottie for gelati
on a Saturday night
he was the first to mention
that her clothes were on too tight
Track Name: Hitting The Hard Road Straight

It's a mistake in give and take
to only give what you are given and never more
being a fake or being awake
the smoke and flame can lead you to the shore

If the more that you're learning the less you feel you know
like every step you're taking you're stubbing your damn toes
If you're rolling from hell livin and dodging all the bait
step out from your damage and step up to the plate
because life won't catch you drifting when you're driven
to be hitting the hard road straight

Life's a puzzle
every piece takes muscle
and the more you stray the more you pay a price
cause where you've been has been wearing thin
and you just don't want to hear no one's advice

Some folks lie
some folks cry
some folks try to pass through any way they can
you either deal
or you go by feel
you either write your name in stone or in the sand

All lyrics copyright 2008 Dan Frechette/all rights reserved.
Track Name: Going Out On My Own

Catch you tomorrow when I wake up
and I'll be on my way
I'm gonna travel to the end of the world
where everyone feels the same

When I'm leaving please don't call my name
and tell me I am not to go away
Cause I don't want to be afraid
Going out on my own again

I'm going where the song and dance man
breaks the silence with his song
I'm going where the laughter and smiles
know where to belong

Catch you tomorrow when I'm going
leaving your world behind
But I'll remember how you helped me
kick my shoes off for a while

When I'm leaving please don't call my name
and tell me you will see me on my way
cause I don't want to feel ashamed
going out on my own again
Track Name: The Other Side

I took all my shortcomings and I made them into something
by seeing a bright future in the baddest of times
and some places I was fired other places still desired
it doesn't even matter when there's no one on your side

and now wide is the future
tall is the saddle
and fast is the big horse
this pain of mine will ride on
good are the people who will help me through disaster
I have seen the wreckage and I'm out the other side

those bills were there for paying
I was leaving they were staying
there was nothing much I wanted but escaping with some pride
and the preacher told me "son, just remember who you are"
I have seen the wreckage and I'm out the other side

There's places we can go
to be alone in nature
and heal from the silence when we reach the other side
Take away all longing from you see the morning light in plain view
the valley and the mountain are both on the other side
Track Name: Life Without Toys

What they put out I buy
the limits the sky
I'm not happy yet
I get so damn depressed
buying things I don't need
drowing in maintenance

And I'm texting in the lineups
surfing in the superstores
logging onto nothing
so bored of the outdoors -
what's life without toys?
I've got distractions and noise
I've been sold
to my boredom threshold
and sometimes I believe it -
what's life without toys?
what's life without toys?

I can't miss out on addiction
no more restriction
big business has won!
What's my life really done?
My room just got stale
in my techno jail -

No mind of my own
I download ringtones
they send me applications
to more complications
until I'm rigged to fly
just in case I might die

They start me out young
on the bottom rung
with the ads of smiles
sending me down the aisles
working to pay
for some illusion of play
Track Name: The Dark Highway

How many times before I crash must I ride this dark highway?
darkness everywhere I see
and how many eyes must I meet in the open prairie skyway
with not a care about me?

It's true that I've been hiding
from where I've been and where I'm going
and I don't ask anybody how they're doing -
There's been no drinks bought for me
because I steer near the walls
and behind my eyes are lies and disillusions

It's true that I'm immune to the carnival
and the social hurricane that blows and burns all around me
I'm here in this skin looking in
thinking of neitzsche saying "my friends, but what are friends?"
nobody's found me

Watching people I've known for years
leave me alone while I stay home or on the road
while they become such great companions
It breaks my heart because I'm here
leaning on this bitter tear
and I'm but a raincloud to the great depths of their canyons.

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