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Jasmine Dreams, Volume #5 (1994)

by Dan Frechette

Housebroken Homegirl There was a clown in the morning he'd awake and he'd be the first to escape the call From the master of illusion with his flowerpot nightmares was told once that all his tales were tall the go-go dancing midget threatening to strike must aim his hopes and dreams somewhere else he's just like me and my housebroken homegirl hoping that our habits serve us well The pigeon faced bigot and the pigeon walking rebel and the bohemian on the run as well are quickly losing face and must mind their own games before the quietly display their souls to sell the sun scorched silhouettes come reaching out their visions left behind them in the sand just like me and my housebroken homegirl forgotten once our thoughts are not at hand Laughing through his teeth the country handed gentleman handing all his gamlings to his kin disguised in his own clothing like a flesh faced phantom of whom I'll probably never see again he's discovered that he is falling ill at heart with whatever road he is now upon he's just like me and my housebroken homegirl we won't promenade this street for very long he's just like me and my housebroken homegirl we won't promenade this street for very long
The Story Man - G harmonica no capo (G) When I (C.) walk out on my (G) own please see me (Em) through (C.) these changes (G) too. (D) (G) Since you’ve (C.) been through hell and (G) back you should (Em) know Where (C.) lies my (D) path. Chorus- I’ll be a (Em) story man I’ll be the (Bm) story man When there’s (D) stories and not just dreams (C.) to be (G) spoken And if I (Em) join your band I know you’ll (Bm) understand I don’t (D) cry I’ll (C.) always be (G) forgiven (Em). (G) I’ve been (C.) living in this (G) house since I was (Em) two and it’s (C.) time to (G) move. (Em) I know I’m (C.) not too young to (G) love and I love (Em) you (C.) and these changes (D) too. (Chorus)
Loved To Death You are loved to death you know just how life leads how it comes and goes how time flies and the sun it falls and how trust is just a joke and you try. You are loved to death you are featured on stages how you dance and twist inward outcries they can't hear that's something they've missed how you try You are loved to death you are the cowgirl angel and just one among the rest they know your pain maybe they don't but the stage is your nest fly up there again there's nothing to live up to but yourself. You are loved to death you know just how life leads how it comes and goes how time flies and the sun it falls and how trust is just a joke and you try.
Going Out On My Own Again Catch you tomorrow when I'm going And I'll be on my way I'm going to travel to the end of the world Where everyone feels the same (Chorus) When I'm leaving please don't call my name And tell me not to go on my way Because I don't want to feel afraid Going out on my own again I'm going where the song and dance man Breaks the silence with his song I'm going where the laughter and smiles Know where to belong (Chorus) Catch you tomorrow when I'm going Leaving your world behind But I'll remember how you helped me Kick my shoes off for a while. When I'm leaving won't you call my name and tell me you will see me on my way Because I don't want to feel ashamed Going out on my own Going out on my own Going out on my own again.
Puppet On A Rope You can never get enough of what you don't really want you can kneel on your grave start digging down you can bust out on your road shoot for your dream but if your curse is too strong you might wind up dark and mean. I don't have a crutch no one to lean on my friends have all left me family is long gone if you wind up on a road I hope it's yours not this road of a rebel I've been forced to endure. I don't have no cash didn't play my cards right I told everybody everything they took me for a ride they made me burn bridges with the ones I could trust now I'm feeling like dirt 'cause they rained on my dust. You can lose your traditions over the years and it's all a reminder of what's becoming clear time chokes on a like puppet on a rope you'll hang in the wind if your life has no hope.
Found On The River Cold A stranger approaches Pounding words into the frozen wind escaping his lips you can see his opinion is his he laughs at the chaos for his to have and to hold well a stranger's gonna fight and a stranger's gonna fall and be found on the river cold found on the river cold. Tears of salvation drain from his eyes he listened for silence but still heard the echo cry his rose holds no crimson only the thorn well a stranger's gonna fight and a stranger's gonna fall and be found on the river cold found on the river cold. His daddy was a loner in the highest degree he said "son you've gotta learn to fight your anger all away" and now he stands there wondering what son was standing for his son went to fight and his son fought and fell and was found on the river cold he was found on the river cold he was found found he was found on the river cold.
Mick Maguire 02:14
Mick Maguire His name is Mick Maguire rewarded for his crime living in a madman's cage living past his prime but Mick he was no dweller of a guilty lovers life he'd be singing for the inmates for the rest of his life With his guitar strung upon him he'd chant away his pain singing songs about seeking out what justice still remains he was a poor girls lover 'til he turned her in one day fearing that she'd left him abandoned and betrayed. Her mark was made in history written on a stone and Mick still sang about her and how he felt alone the trial it was so pitiless that Mick he lost control and he got up on the table and he bellowed from his soul "I sing aloud I sing aloud these are the days to admit I'm proud I know she's gone for I am lost and lucky to ever find myself "I sing aloud I sing aloud these are the days to admit I'm proud I know she's gone for I am lost and lucky to ever find myself"
The Entertainer Casey started singing young he blew his folks away From that day he'd begun a dream that died today His school friends would all listen when the young Casey would sing But Casey knew inside they were just jealous of the king. He thought out his plan he would work in the store he'd start a new band and play the joint next door he blew upon the scene as a solo act and he'd play his machine until the place was packed. Casey took a chance he quit school and his job Got a band called The Kings and that became his job The Kings played the clubs and the girls all screamed They loved his face and butt and all in between. Spent the money he could find brought the band in to record The engineer he cried, "please play some more" He sold it at the shows as a little souvenir the papers would all boast "The Entertainer Is Here". He went on the road the girls screamed so hard And just like he hoped they went a little far A man was mighty angry his girlfriend has a crush so when he got a hold of Casey, Casey fell down in his blood.
Morning Time Lovers Waltz Morning time lovers awoke neath the dawn beautiful music crept down through the trees maybe someday I will write a true song about a young morning time lover and me You were a stranger when nothing was pretty you sang of devils who played with your mind when I first saw you you put on a sad smile til your beauty touched me these streets were not mine My longing was matched by someone who loved me I sat down yesterday and wrote a new song this is to you my sweet morning time lover The morning time lovers awoke neath the dawn
Orphaned Child Orphaned child heaven knows a simple cure to take you where you want to fly and heaven knows you can be lured into a dark and painful life I am here for you Orphan child eyes of pity may follow where you lead you do not turn around and cry you struggle on because you see those eyes of pity are all blind your faith is there to see Orphan child I have paid my time to comfort you your mind has not been poisoned your body has not been abused and you understand there's more to life than just the death of you.
After The Hurricane - Capo 2 (A harmonica) Em G D Em G D When you get (Em) alone in a (G) crowd and your world grows (D) thin And the (Em) light doesn’t (G) even trickle (D) in After the (A) hurricane (G) will you let me (D) live (Em) The (C.)way you (G)said you (D)wished? Call me (Em) down and I’ll (G) come and sleep in your (D) arms And we’ll (Em) talk until the (G) ghosts of midnight are all (D) gone After the (A) hurricane (G) don’t let me (D) down (Em) the (C.) way you (G) do to (D) some. Promises you (Em) make and try to (G) keep are going to drive you (D) crazy To think you’d even (Em) trust a (G) promise still amazes (D) me After the (A) hurricane (G) please don’t (D) leave the (C.) way you (G) said you (D) dreamed.
Melodies 03:10
Melodies You gave me a dream to see the other side your words found their way through every crack I wanted to run in circles I wanted to stop time with melodies that leave traces of their tracks (Chorus) And sometimes I still wonder "Who'll Stop The Rain?" But my pockets are empty and the answer is made of gold. Another one night stand to fill this heart with pain and no one knows to whom this/my heart is sold. My group sings for dimes on the streetcorners made of ashes and their lips flash sounds of secrets in the cold and we wander through the winter in this city full of shivers searching from street to street to find our pot of gold. (chorus)
To Keep You Company Remember when we used to dance across the water? and we never thought we'd ever fall through? We've always known each other even when we were strangers we washed in each others tears when we were blue I loved you I'm glad I found you in a moment in a lifetime and we kissed beneath the rising sun afraid it was too soon to tell and every chance I had to say I loved you were somehow lost in the disappearing breeze I loved you. I haven't come to visit your familiar tones of home I drifted away not afraid to be alone But I have written you 30 sad letters to keep you company and were written in stone Just like this letter which I sing to you now You may not choose to sing along you may not know how but these words are yours to keep you company I love you.
Towards Tomorrow Well it's three o'clock and I'm leaving here on this windshield wiper day I know I won't know many more a tear after I'll be gone today and there seems to be no answers to the questions left unasked I wonder if you'll wait to fear my ever coming back? and now it's seven o'clock and I'm on the road but how memories seem to stay About when I had one foot in the door and one foot still in the rain what nice things they said of you are so hard to figure out I know the wise they have the eyes and the fools they have the mouths Out of the silent frozen flames came secrets in the dark and these secrets are still captive in my memory somehow and I drive towards tomorrow undaunted though I pray that the evil eyes of a guiltful life won't ever turn my way well it's eleven o'clock and I hope to stop this surrender I confess there was a lot of love to surrender from but I sure could use a rest you kept me in contentment though I'd say you got me wrong when you said "oh I know it's wonderful but it won't last very long" well it's twelve o'clock and the point of no return is far behind and it's time again to tear away at the calendar in my mind the ring was in my pocket the thought was in my mind tomorrow may keep raining but I'll start tomorrow with a smile.
How Wrong Is The War, Mother? (chorus) How wrong is the war, mother? how strong are them soldiers fighting their way to the promiseland of honor and pride and glory? It's the same old fight we've been having for years it starts and it stops and it cries and it jeers the flag it goes up and the flag it goes down while the political people stand around. (chorus) It's the same old ground we've braved for years with each war the blood it sinks deeper and deeper into the ground and the thoughts of the ones who now fear to hear that gunfire sound. (chorus) It's the same old glory we've carried for years forgiven heroes forget their fears for they've killed and they've cried and they've danced in blood while political people stood around. (chorus)
Now She’s Gone I could give her goodnight kisses in the mornings I could pick her flowers from a winter garden I could sing to her the stories of my hardships with a smile on my face but now she’s gone I could send her my love through all my gazes I could bask in the sunshine of her love but I could not see the dawn quickly approaching or face it all alone now she’s gone how am I supposed to know she’s happy How am I going to know she cared she never let me share with her my secrets because she knew there’d be a day when she’d be gone


I discovered an untitled file folder on my computer today of recordings from 1994, solo 12 string (Jasmine 12 string) and vocal and harmonica, recorded in my hometown of Pinawa, Manitoba, before I left home for the first time and moved to Toronto, to work at EMI Publishing as a songwriter. The sound quality is excellent and I'm happy to relive and share these recordings as a new release, although they were recorded 27 years ago. Some of these songs have been re-recorded and released elsewhere in my discography, but any of these recordings would be the earliest versions. There are about a half dozen songs that have not yet been released on this collection. Enjoy!


released December 29, 1994

All songs Copyright 1994 Dan Frechette. All songs registered with SOCAN.

Recorded at home in Pinawa, Manitoba in Autumn, 1994.

Dan Frechette - Vocals, 12 string guitar, harmonica.

This album is dedicated with loving energy to my mother Agnes Frechette, who I miss dearly, and my biggest fan, who was likely at home in the house when I was recording these songs.

Album Cover Art by Dan Shnier at Ironstone Technologies, Winnipeg.


all rights reserved



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