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Jasmine Dreams, Volume #6 (2021)

by Dan Frechette

Kari's Gonna Tell Your Mama Well I thought nothing would happen I've got nothing to say I'm looking for some answers to a problem I had yesterday (chorus) Well It's you and it's true Kari's gonna tell your mama x3 and I'm in enough trouble anyway/and I don't even get my say. Oh yeah - should I apologize? you know how I feel when I look into your eyes (chorus) So if I did something that I wouldn't do I know I'd have to pay the price you despise everything that I do and I wouldn't do it twice. (chorus)
This Life Is For Me (Dan Frechette/Darin Morash/Mark Harvey) When I left home I was kind of scared scared I wouldn't find my way out there Oh yeah Daddy told me, "take life one step at a time. Don't rush in your might lose your mind and you better take care now." I know what I want I want it all I need an offer to take and a number to call until then Well, this life is for me, yeah! (chorus) Ah - this life is for me, yeah! Ah - this life is for me, yeah! Right! Get a big job and run high on luck make a few deals make a quick buck yeah and do it all over again find a few friends and maybe a wife take the shoes out dancing on a Saturday night yeah Well this life is for me (chorus) Daydream of how it used to be homecooked meals and living for free just do what you want all the time you might get silly might lose your mind. When I left home I was kind of scared scared that I wouldn't find my way out there Well this life is for me, yeah Well this life is for me, yeah This life is for me, yeah This life is for me, yeah
Chains 02:36
Chains His feet were weary dragging chains Suspended down the valley behind And now with all this meaningless toil He thought of what would become of him An unsought goal was left behind For today's dream is tomorrow's laugh A crack of a whip sent him crying in rage But no one would heed his cry His feet were weary dragging chains Suspended down the mountain path He didn't look back for the sun was ahead and he was afraid of his shadow
The Horizon 02:34
The Horizon I watch time float away on some vicious cloud that rains its sorrow over the roads I follow and someday it'll take a bigger man who wants to take a bigger chance and make the moon put on its mask the sun tucked in the horizon the horizon Along the reaches of the wind in places I can walk and find my friendly faces out near the bouts of chatter over the more trivial matters and the clicking heels of dancers all along the horizon the horizon And chaos turns and looks at you with you feather, cap, quill and boots what words does he conjure up in you? what lies and tales does he spin for you? while the night will be on its last page soon and the sun will define the horizon the horizon the horizon the horizon
The Death Of Vernon Hill It was driving him crazy but he didn't want to leave he had no place to run to he would just disappear in the morning breeze if you told him what was wrong it would just take him by surprise you could fulfill his damnation by just looking in his eyes oh, in the winters night when the sky was cold and clear his mind was warm and cloudy and his body had the smell of fear. (chorus) He lost his battles he fought until he cried he had no imagination for any sense of pride his fight was for his freedom no one was on his side he would hide all night long Wanted to believe him but he never told the truth Couldn't understand him, but it wasn't any use it was said that now his death was around the bend He didn't have a family, but I was by his side he would push me away and he wouldn't apologise I thought he was going to quit but he went to the extreme his feelings of guilt just weren't what they seemed. (chorus)
Once Upon A Time (Dan Frechette/Dale Brown) I have waited in the darkness to see your sunlight shine remembing the tender touch you often left behind but no matter where you're going who you are or who you'll be you'll know in your tomorrows yesterday there was me oh you'll see it in your mirror in your eyes and in your smile our lives touched together once upon a time. When it's time for going and for following your dreams you can look back to yesterday's smiling memories and whenever the dark corridor seems hazy, hard, and long you can listen through the evening and hear me sing your song you can look back from tomorrow and see me wave goodbye our lives touiched together once upon a time.
Gardeners' Brook Later last night I jumped into a gardeners' brook my feet were aching from the fire I had just declared that I was much too tired to look while everyone else around me wasn't tired They stared into the distance as the boats were coming in and the stars were dimming from the coming dawn they saw all but chaos as the rays were calmly beating and they left for they had many clothes to pawn Later tonight I'll jump into a gardeners' brook and watch the others scan the sky and if I do declare that them others are bound to be crooks please let somebody be my guide Yonder on highway 10 I'll be walking in a storm I'll be pierced by the rain I'll be pierced by the thorns since my baby left I've been all alone but I need her sometimes to ease my lonely mind. Later last night I jumped into a gardeners' brook my feet were aching from the fire Later last night I jumped into a gardeners' brook my feet were aching from the fire Later last night I jumped into a gardeners' brook my feet were aching from the fire
Anywhere But Home Everyone is broken up but we've all seen better days there was a time when the time was right but that don't matter now anyway. When the haze sets low and the night wind blows it's hard to pretend but it's only harder to forget. (chorus) It don't matter where we're going we're gonna go anywhere but home if we're angered then we'll show it we're gonna go anywhere but home oh yeah. It only gets worse now, my friend from where we're standing now like an eagle goes down on its kill we're at the bottom of the hill somehow. When the haze sets low and the night wind blows it's hard to pretend but it's only harder to forget. (chorus) There's something happening over here changing the ones who dare to say if someone is afraid of fear he'll never go anywhere things change and so do we people stop and stare it's easy to stop at nothing when everything is there. (chorus x2)
Lady June 03:42
Lady June You say you saw something written all over my face Is that true Lady June? You wonder how those losers won the race don't you Lady June? And you've shown your guilt for things that you don't know you ask me when I'm near you if I know what is happening to your helpless mind? oh baby your guess is just as good as mine You wonder when the times will show you luck is that true lady June? you wonder who will ever pick you up and be true to you Lady June. So you're dazzled by the lovely sights you've seen are you wondering where those lovely sights have been? the gutter has in the corner has opened a crack and you know Lady June
Stone Cold Heart You said you're coming and you don't say when so I lock up all my doors You took my money and you call back again saying, "I don't want to live with the poor." (Chorus) I've got you on my eye you're on the loose and your stone cold heart sure don't pay my dues and them blues You have these memories about all your friends saying, "I wish I were in your shoes." But they would take back everything they said if I revealed the truth (Chorus) (Bridge) What did you love me for? Can you still recall? I had my back against your wall You sure don't know much about our love because you took my pride away You keep your distance and you threaten me saying, "We'll meet again someday." (Chorus)
Working On The Line Well my love it never dies I've been roaming the same old ground I've been working on the line many a year now (Chorus) I'm working on the line working on the line I'll be working hard 'til the day I die I wake up at 5 and go to bed about 9 I'm working on the line and my mind ain't mine Someone left me long ago someone left me on my own but now I can do what I choose to do I'm not clicking my heels in some other souls boots (Chorus) (Bridge) I've lost all but my loneliness no one would take a man in debt and pull him through ooooh It's hurting myself twice as hard losing all the hearts I dream to win Faces I've seen and hearts I've believed Tired of living all wired and beat telling me off their restless rage captured in memory and remembered in vain (Chorus)


This is the 6th collection of Jasmine Dreams, recording with my 1991 Jasmine 12 string guitar that I used to write all these songs in my hometown of Pinawa, Manitoba. These songs all date from 1990-1992. The electric guitar on this album is my Vantage 635V, replacing the same model guitar I used until 1994 when that guitar was damaged beyond repair in an unfortunate accident.


released July 8, 2021

All songs by Dan Frechette, Copyright 2021 (SOCAN)
"This Life Is For Me" written by Dan Frechette/Mark Harvey/Darin Morash (Copyright 1992)
"Once Upon A Time" written by Dan Frechette/Dale Brown (Copyright 1993)

Dan Frechette - Vocals, 6 and 12 string acoustic guitar, electric guitar, harmonica, mandolin, banjo, bass, percussion.


all rights reserved



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