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Live At The Royal Albert (2002)

by Dan Frechette

Lucky Day 04:56
Lucky Day I’m living on a mountain, people And I’m hiding from the world I’m in the middle of the view – and you can’t see me but I can see you You can’t see me but I can see you This is my lucky day, this is my lucky day, I spent my money on a rocking chair and a ticket to get me out of here. I’m happy that you treat me kind I’m happy that you treat me kind Even though we don’t see eye to eye Even though we don’t see eye to eye You see me and I can’t see you. I’m standing on my mountain. Dancing in a stream – Staring at all the naked people Standing out there staring at me Standing out there staring at me I don’t mean to say it so I ain’t hiding from the world I’ve shown you all my money tree, you can climb it here or you can leave me be. I’ll take a little walk when I need to, and I’ll score a little weed, I’ll catch it between my toes, little girl, come and take a walk won’t you come with me?
Peace Of Mind I strained to hear the quiet man as he swept away his plans of destinations he couldn't take it anymore. He told me, "Son, you understand a man can't have his tree shield planted gardens." he couldn't take it anymore (chorus) He said, "Life ain't what you had it's only what you've got what you believe in. Life ain't what you had it's only what you've got and what you believe in and peace of mind. peace of mind. He said he thought of letting go because row by row his harvest it was dying. He couldn't take it anymore. He lost the crop the man grew thin the rain came back and made him smile again (chorus)
Rainbow 03:31
Rainbow Not soothing for sun watching gutters where he hides Wait until the rain refrains and the sun designs Plans to kiss the clouds goodbye Here she shines Here she cries (chorus) I am for you rainbow Reach to touch me rainbow I am for you rainbow Worlds apart from one another Rainbow calls Stands a chance of fading but she still stands tall Water, wind, and clouds preparing rainbow's fall The sun shined the sun cried (chorus) Soon there will be a day Sun and rainbow face Soon they'll have to reason with the rain A storm can hold its breath Soon he'll have to let himself be heard until the judgement day The sun shined The sun cried
Sweet Little Things Sweet little things That you do Make me want to be with be with you Just your kisses Remind me of mama’s wine The way that you hold me with your words Most softest music I’ve ever heard When you’re around me I’ve got a good reason to smile (chorus)Saying “you’re gonna love this I’m talking about a good time. You’re gonna love this I’m talking about a good time. Sweet little things that you do Make me want to be with you How you close your letters You are my special friend The way you brush your hair In the breeze Whistling like the birds up in the trees When you laugh – when you know what’s coming round the bend. (chorus)
Aftermath 04:01
Aftermath You and I, we got down Should have stayed up a little longer but shadows fall within us all and the light kept us together (chorus) I could see you in everything I do with my heart flying around but now we lie in this dream, you and I, in the aftermath of the common ground. Will you please release the Gemini? And I'll release the Virgo Moon? And everything will stay forever and the light is gonna keep together (chorus)
Watch Your Back The mood man broke in a tailspin and he fired his mind at the world he stumbled his way into the clearing with a hostage under his arm torchlight fell upon his mean grin there was nothing you could do or say to bring famine down upon him to help the hostage escape (chorus) Stoned hiders cocaine riders walking around this earth what could they do? watch your back they might come after you my friend. He surrendered to the poisons which broke his family apart he spoke at length of devils and hardships of his heart love was just some guessing game he never even bothered to play his anger fell down upon him and he wanted to get his say. (chorus) Chief brought along a cure Texas hot summer night he fired his gun at the stranger and the bullet won the shortest fight police made a mile of a molehill there was nothing left to do or say maybe the stranger is dead because the devil got his way. (chorus x 2)
Romania 05:15
Romania Always been messed around, tore up and down Always had a love last too long, stuck me around (chorus) I never seen Romania Never seen the sun rising there Never smelt the grass or felt emotion melt me there I've never seen Romania Had a stride, stood so proud so long Walked a mile in everybody’s life Should have made it down the cobblestones Where accordions and shoe shiners survive (chorus) I've been to Kansas City Took my pack and my compass Walked around downtown Kansas (chorus) I met a million destroyed people Too hurt to turn away I found out love was mine to give So I stayed And I never seen Romania. Never seen the port of Constanta. The black sea, and the waves from the port of Burgas I've never seen Romania.
Up So High 03:42
Up So High I found out wicked things while I was gone I found out everything is going wrong and I found out nothing is wrong when I'm around I found out wicked things while I was gone I found out smoke is always in our sky I found out someone is gonna die I found out men are playing bigger parts I found out no one out there has a heart (chorus) So I'm praising the Lord - down in the bayou up to the heavens up to the sky up to the mountains where you don't know why the world ain't watching you're up so high. x2 I found out genius brings its share of news I found out pain brings out the smallest clues I found out I have some work to do I found out wicked things while I was gone. (chorus)
New York City Sundance It's a New York City sundance. I was breathing all the air. It's about time I got the world out of my hair. The Gods they must be crazy because I've been sending it to the sun. This feeling that I'd hoped someday to become someone. (chorus) But you can call me friend buddy it better feel that way. I'm young inside and I'm living no lies loving something with my faith. My peace is all that I have. I'm steering clear of the dark. I was watching the wheels on fire while I lit my spark. Everywhere I was hungry and everywhere I was free. I was inside paying homage to the insider in me. (chorus) I saw this whole world dying as I watched that sundance crying on the field. It's a New York City sundance. It's a New York City morning. It's a New York City sundance. Watch the wheels slowing down. (chorus)
The Heat Won't Keep Me Down Walking the shores of my life looking for a master plan making no moves I don't want to lose I don't want to understand. I can't take a walk to the dark side I can't take control too long I don't want to dream hurt myself in the scheme because the heat won't keep me down well the heat won't keep me down. I've got a Saturday I've got a broken heart I've got an old Caddy everything is torn apart. I can't take a walk to the dark side Since I can't have you around I can't do the things I want to do because the heat won't keep me down well the heat won't keep me down What am I supposed to do with my dream When am I supposed to live my life What am I supposed to read What am I supposed to teach Anything left to learn from me? I can't take a walk to the dark side I can't take control too long I don't want to dream hurt myself in the scheme because the heat won't keep me down well the heat won't keep me down.
Maria 03:47
Maria I'm stranded on a highway miles from my home Near Saulsolito 'neath the lonely pouring rain. The shower of these tears hidden behind every lighting bolt reminds me once again (chorus) The stars won't shine again tonight, Maria I'm a million miles from your arms and the peace that I feel for you is gone to questions ending dreams in false alarms. When I'm swept away in a cloud and the scene is looking grim I'll picture you before me my spirit for to swim The ocean is my shelter it is where the good Lord cries He sees me standing here alone and I feel for the ocean of God's eyes. (chorus) There's a funeral on the oceanside and the priest has a fire in his glare he sees there's no one to grieve me and his prayers have been sent to heavens stair someday soon the melting is going to stop and the shore will be dry like God's face because Maria will be climbing that stair someday every heart will find its place. (chorus)
Flower Power (All I Want Is You) You've got to be the girl when did you leave last year? What was on your mind? Are you the hurting kind? I hold you dear - I want you clear you're the girl. I'm something you'll wait for I was thinking of that today. C - All I ever want is the flower All I ever want is the power All I want is you (today) I'm a gentle giant in a field you left for the road I can see for miles and I see that you're always alone I hold you dear you're still in my heart you're the girl Come back somehow I was thinking of you today. C
The Book Of James (chorus) The more you search the less you gonna find can't you see it's all in your mind The people are afraid to stretch their lines but that's where all the beauty lies Have some faith that God is on your side You gotta keep moving so you don't get wrapped up too tight. The book of James tells me it's gonna be all right. The whole dark dream awoke me I flew the cuckoo's nest Living in a skyscraper religion The heroes of today just out to make a buck flying free with their heads in the sand. (Chorus) Mental junk emotional puzzles muzzles spending your money just to guzzle cheap draft God's wrath when you can't do the math and you can't keep up You singing like a New York City horn You've gotta relax to be reborn. (Chorus)


Live at The Royal Albert Arms, Winnipeg, Manitoba in February 2002.
Dan Frechette (Vocals/Electric Guitar)
Patrick Farr (Bass)
Jeff Tetrault (Drums)

Album cover by Neil Fitzpatrick.

All songs Copyright Dan Frechette 2002.


released February 5, 2002


all rights reserved



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