Living In A Dream (1992)

by Dan Frechette



My first three song demo recorded at 15 years old.


released October 5, 1992

All songs Copyright Dan Frechette (unless otherwise noted) and registered with SOCAN.

Recorded late August 1992. Produced by Lloyd Peterson.
Dan Frechette - vocals, 12 string and electric guitar
Lloyd Peterson - electric guitar. keyboards, harmonies, slide guitar.
Steve Ardnt - Drums
Sandy Chocinov - Bass

Album cover photo taken in June 1992 (at 47 Prescott Crescent in Pinawa, Manitoba at Dan Frechette's childhood home) by Agnes Frechette.


all rights reserved



Dan Frechette California

" of the best songwriters we've heard in a long time." - SingOut Magazine.

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Track Name: Troubled Waters
Troubled Waters

Everyone knows you've gone through a lot, oh yeah
Living a life just hoping to get through the night
How could you put yourself through all of that?
Crying yourself to sleep from time to time.

(chorus) Troubled waters must have gotten too deep
You can't stand anymore
but do you care? Would you change your ways?
Would you leave this shore?

Since you managed to voice an alibi
They've been all over you for something more
At the time you seemed to easily drift off course
As the twilight echoed softly in the sky.

(chorus) x 2
Track Name: Taking More Than Most
Taking More Than Most

No you can't lose sight
keep your eyes wide open
try with all your might
to seek the treasures
cherish who is standing
by your side
if you weren't so demanding I'd take you home for the night

(chorus) Well I think it's time to tell you
how I fear about what's on your mind
and justice will never be done through
if you step into my heart and walk away
taking more than most
taking more than most

Reveal the truth
please do tell no lies
because I know that time will always tell the tale
while I'm waiting for you to speak your mind
as the stormless night draws ever nearer.

Track Name: Living In A Dream
Living In A Dream

It ain't all as bad as it seems
seeing things in a different way
how many years of shattered dreams
take a little bit of time to fade away

And everybody wants to be free
but somebody always has to wait
this time could you let me be free?
It gets lonely down here sitting in the shade.

(chorus) I'm living in a dream and maybe
I live in the night by myself
but when you're searching for a key in the dark
sometimes you get lost x2

Some dreams are lost in the breeze
that blows strong when the sky is grey
to get the answer I must beg on my knees
and turn my cheek the other way

And everybody wants to be free
but somebody always has to wait
this time could you let me be free?
It gets lonely down here sitting in the shade.

Chorus x2.

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