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No Time To Hide (2009)

by Dan Frechette

Where Were We Again? (Lyrics co-written with Selena Bewsky) Come on over darling got a story I wanna share with you It's been a long time coming it's got me feeling lonesome and blue Saw an old friend the other night he said you were doing fine Come on over darling let's share some sweet red wine Been thinking about the good old days dancing naked in the summer rain Come on over darling need some loving to ease my pain (Chorus) Good old stories never end This story teller could use a friend To turn the pages we couldn't bend Now where were we again Where were we again? I caught your sound the other night your ghost it gave me a chilling fright So come on over darling let's get this old thing right This ain't the way our story end let's find new meaning to the story Come on over darling over here's a sweeter road to glory (Chorus)
Northern Girl Got a pretty little northern girl she always tells me "howdy" gets me drunk and rocks the bunk and leaves me good and rowdy (Chorus) She's my northern girl never wanna let her go! 'cause once you've had a northern girl It's way down south you go Met her when the snow was high and sun was hanging down shortest day and the longest nights I'm glad she came around (Chorus) When I'd go drifting through the miles I'd always see her there She'd wait for me to pick a little tune and pick out a dress she'd wear (Chorus) Her eyes were of the coldest blue her hair was hot like snow took her to her neighbors farm where the icy winds did blow There she kept me up three nights and laid low three full days Ain't no time before in my life it happened that a way (Chorus) We never cuss or waste no time fussing through the day Too much love for living on to have killing on the brain We'll grow some grapes up on the walls and then we'll have the wine if she ever lives with me I'll treat her true and kind. (Chorus x2)
Feels Like I'm Waiting For A Train I wake up in the night Heart just don't feel right Sometimes it seems I'm waiting for a train I try my best to fight sometimes I do it right But there ain't no one out there carrying my name There ain't no one out there carrying my name. I been out there running wild Didn't mean to have this child There's no one worse in the world to care than me Because I'm just not ready yet for nothing but regret and there's just too much I'm still too scared to see I'm still on my side But the cracks are in my pride there ain't no cure but time for all these blues I'm guessing what's to come so I'm holding out my thumb cursing all the dead who've been in my shoes
Honesty 03:55
Honesty You could find better things to do better ways to see this ruin of you and me friends are all that matters now and if you can't make it work somehow better take a break and be free (Chorus) There's lies everyday being told and ain't it a heart once made of gold turns black and dies away there's just one thing that's on everyone's mind you can't be living blind when all we want is honesty So we can wash this cloud away promise things we're gonna say be the dream that we could be but the wind of dreams blows away the ground around the walls we're safe and sound hiding behind every day (Chorus) (Bridge) There's a dream I'm living for If I can't find the floor then I don't need the door You can't be on your own when you know that it's the war we have to put away. You could find better things to do better ways to see this ruin of you and me friends are all that matters now and if you can't make it work somehow better take a break and be free
Next Time I Miss You (Chorus) Next time I miss you I won’t call on you I’ll just see what I can find If love is blind why must I see the pain in the love I left behind? It does me in with every quiver and to hear just how your heart’s gone dead next time I miss you I won’t call on you I’ll just find someone new instead First time love left the station there was singing in the trees we didn’t know where we were going but there was laughter in the breeze when the train it took a turn I just didn’t have a clue that there’s two sides to loneliness and a million shades of blue (Bridge) you know love dying ain’t no fun who wants to be alone there’s always something better waiting by that telephone (Chorus) Maybe time will heal the blues but I’ll never see your smile the way you used to when you stood with me before we walked a broken mile and every picture tells a story it’s so sad but it’s so true I just see how glad you used to be and every memory makes me blue (Bridge) (Chorus)
Dirty Little Girl I just got dropped out of a dream I can't believe the things I've seen and not know where to turn to now. I don't know what to make of your lies to me the world is crumbling around while you've gone downtown. (chorus) You're a dirty little girl dirty in this little town dirty dresses you put on and dirty liars run around. I can't take this suspicion it's my new thought religion it haunts me all damn day because I've watched you lie to me without a sign or a trace and it's hard to accept the sweet things that you now say. (chorus) You were so sweet to the others when you were looking for new lovers. I don't want to doubt your heart but it's tearing mine apart. (chorus)
No Need For These Walking Blues Get out these traveling shoes No need for these walking blues The high roads I've got to choose Nobody taught me how to lose Hanging on for another day I'm certain you will get your say I won't have a place to stay lonesome blues on a sunny day Time to find my way alone I'm talking Texas far from home Illusions paid me wasted poems and now the stranger spits and roams Days roll by with washed out plans Scolding eyes don't understand Burning anger behind these hands Poached with pride for stolen lands For sake of future looking back There ain't no challenge losing track Shock hearted by fate's cold attack I'll cut my losses and burn my books back to back Get out dead or alive from this burn there never was anywhere to turn But I hit up the karma man to earn what lady luck and I failed to learn Get out of these traveling shoes No need for these walking blues.
Don't Be Closing Down This Party Floor Don't be closing down this party floor there's some good people here for you and me they came over just to walk in the door and give us some good company just because your heart is broken now because of something I shouldn't have said don't be closing down this party floor get the hard times out of your head We been strumming now and picking along and now it's two or three the look on your face is killing the song that Jake sang just for me I know you're working tomorrow we don't care you just letting the boss man win just let us party until we pass out here and wake up and do it again. When you say, "hey baby - there's the rising son." I'll say, "we fought the man last night a little war got won." Hey, more folks are coming they're bringing wood and the kind of beer that you drink when you're fun then we start getting good and so gone that we just can't think because life is so short and beer is cheap and we just ain't just doing no harm let's sing that Marley and that Johnny Cash tune so loud we drown out her alarm. When you say, "hey baby - there's the rising son." I'll say, "we fought the man last night a little war got won." Don't be closing down this party floor there's some good people here for you and me they came over just to walk in the door and give us some good company
Keep On Living I've been hauling out in the cold meeting pain every heart I behold Looking for some solid gold in the life I made and all the cracks are in their holes and all the ritz are in their Rolls everything I see is sold or on it's way to being paid (Chorus) And I will keep on living though nothing is right with me keep on giving though I get back debris from a world gone wrong and I’ll just keep on hoping though my echo is wearing on singing out like a brand new blue Manitoba dawn And I can’t complain that my work won’t feed me right it was my choice to keep shining bright through the crumbling cain and there’s some good in it all when I see a little true love smile a little song I sing ‘em down the aisle when the teardrops fall (Chorus) When my daddy dies I’m gonna see those blue stained eyes see them burning through my lies everywhere I go I’ll get out while I can from this aching since time began never gonna live in regret for as long as I grow (Chorus)
My Father Blues My father he was a rambler his whole long life he worked and prayed kept us all before religion and told us how he had been saved he worked the fieds in Malo County pulled his weight for all his sins and when he told us his life story with his love of prayer his story begins When he aged to see his children grow defeated, squandered and lost he kept praying for love and mercy and survival despite the cost I grew restless and I was rambling broke many women and saved no soul I did not pray or see salvation in all the future my misery stole That was when I saw my father in a dream he came to me he was lying and he was crying in a bed of kerosene there was a match held high above him and he cried with eyes of rage he said the devil would surely take him he'd seen his children in an evil cage And when I woke my father called me on the phone from a sick bed as I rushed there the dream was screaming in the echo of the words he'd said I met my father and found him sleeping he was dying soon in his grave and as he turned one last time toward me it was the first time I'd kneeled and prayed.
Working On The Line Well my love it never dies I've been roaming the same old ground I've been working on the line many a year now (Chorus) I'm working on the line working on the line I'll be working hard 'til the day I die I wake up at 5 and go to bed about 9 I'm working on the line and my mind ain't mine Someone left me long ago someone left me on my own but now I can do what I choose to do I'm not clicking my heels in some other souls boots (Chorus) (Bridge) I've lost all but my loneliness no one would take a man in debt and pull him through ooooh It's hurting myself twice as hard losing all the hearts I dream to win Faces I've seen and hearts I've believed Tired of living all wired and beat telling me off their restless rage captured in memory and remembered in vain (Chorus)
Pop Culture Town I think I should be on TV because I didn't that bum a buck I made my girlfriend get breast implants before I let her drive my truck. Crystal meth weekends at the folk fest that's where we'll go to die and when the end comes near don't you hide my beer and I won't hide your hair dye. (chorus) I got your text message while I was surfing your porn. Under my wal-mart ballcap is a mind reborn. Decided I'd quit trucking fucking around. I'd rather be drug dealing in a pop culture town. Take you out on cruise night show off my metaphor and they'll let us in at the meat mall without charging at the door. My ride's a Datsun big hot rod on the scene crank up the radio for some good 'ol hip hop and new country. (chorus) I'm praying to God we'll get to live our dream to be on American Idol or reality TV but 'til the talent scouts find us wasted in this bar we're gonna stay in this big shot town we're all gonna be stars. (chorus) My folks think I'm crazy because I never read but I know clothes with no logos just ain't up to speed. Too many big words when the news comes on. I take a hit off the spliff 'cause I don't give a shit and I'm good as gone. (chorus) Don't call me down 'cause all I watch is sports. I cheer for the team embroidered on my shorts. Fistfights in the bleachers and throw some beer around so many attractive features I can't leave here in my pop culture town. (chorus)
Waikiki 02:04
Waikiki Four in the morning TV's on she's scratching her head and putting coffee on. She's going all out for the 7 to 3. Saving for a house in Waikiki. She don't cuss she don't cry she makes good money in her golden prime. Golden prime golden prime she makes good money in her golden prime. Well she meets a man at the karaoke bar he's got fine clothes and a fancy car he moves in with her, loses his job she's fallen in love with the golden slob. Golden slob Golden slob he promises payback when he's back on top. Back on top back on top someday golden slob is gonna be back on top. She loses sleep and she starts to fade her boss starts to heckle all the plans she made. "You know your slob ain't gonna live for free. How you ever gonna get to Waikiki?" Waikiki? Waikiki? Seems to be a question that's worrying me. Worrying me Worrying me I'm wondering how I'll ever get to Waikiki. Well she worked real hard for three months or so stole his car when he wasn't home sold it for a ticket and spending spree by the time he came home she was in Waikiki. Waikiki Waikiki with the world at her feet in Waikiki world at her feet world at her feet she finally made her way back to Waikiki. Moral of the story is you've got to work if you got dreams not to lose your shirt. Put your heart aside if they're holding you back. Kick them to the curb get back on track. Back on track Back on track Kick them to the curb and get back on track. Waikiki Waikiki if you want a little spread out in Waikiki.
The Ocean Of Your Eyes My world is burning so I can see your tears My back is turning away from these empty years ain’t it strange how life is funny sometimes and how things come your way to change your mind but I’ve fallen in the ocean of your eyes Times are harder harder than they’ve been love is stronger than any love I’ve seen and it’s sad how hearts can meet on roads and each heart carries a heavy load but I’ve fallen in the ocean of your eyes (Bridge) The ocean of your eyes is love’s pure disguise and heartache burns through my years If I could sooth you now and show you how far I will go to stray your fears lights are on in the tunnel of your heart I will stay there all the times we’re apart and ain’t it so how they say you will know when the time is right to leave it free to grow I’ve fallen in the ocean of your eyes I’ve fallen in the ocean of your eyes
TV Land 04:59
TV Land In TV Land I don't know my old man he sits there 80 hours a week checks the weather and falls in deep sleep he has a story or two to tell and he ain't been feeling well I hope I can find him someday in TV Land (chorus) Outside I can't remember your smile please forgive me it's been a long while outside there's a world out there standing empty until the day the power dies. In video land I don't know my friends We fight over remote controls but what goes on is out of our hands because it's a pipe dream we play to stay cool in conversation in the halls of high schools I hope I can find them again in video land. (chorus) In computer land I don't know myself running around checking email and porn and sending my spirit straight down to hell while the world waves goodbye rotting away in some new age high I hope I can find the answers in computer land (chorus) In TV land- I don't know my old man.
No Time To Hide Had enough of this old town and all the folks I've run around going down gaining ground I know it began with me and all the realities I see are up to me to reconcile the dream (Chorus) Too many old wounds and burned up bridges too many closed roads and worn out privileges Got to make up for all the folks I've denied this ain't no time to hide no time to hide no time to hide no time to hide Sure I can call this a mean old place and I can say this is my fate I ran aground It ain't this town There's no use in my running around talking all these people down when they're just friends who weren't befriended (Chorus) A little setback is understood don't play games like I thought I could I find it's just wasting time Letdowns are just part of the game you try your best to name the road you're on like a familiar song (Chorus)


I was planning to record this album of these songs this winter. A full "country" style album with a lot of my best unheard country style songs. Unfortunately, my studio burned down to the ground, and I'm not sure when I will have one again at this point, so here, for now, are the original songwriting demos from when the songs were written!


released December 31, 2009

All songs written by Dan Frechette except "Where Were We Again?" music by Dan Frechette and Lyrics by Dan Frechette and Selena Bewsky.

All songs copyright 2009 and registered with SOCAN.

Dan Frechette - Vocals, Guitar, Harmonica.

Recorded in various locations on a Zoom H4 recorder in Winnipeg and Romney, West Virginia between 2006 and 2010.

Album cover by Haley Catton, 2006.


all rights reserved



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