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Nothing To Lose But The Blues (2011)

by Dan Frechette

They Call Me Crazy Can't change what I've done, babe But I'm gonna change them all around They just want to waste their time away Badmouthing me down to the ground I don't care what you say, babe I'm gonna stand up for what I found (C) I've been burned and cheated, ignored and mistreated Treated like the fool in the crowd. They say they know me - but they don't know me. I hear them laughing out loud. They call me crazy. I wasn't crazy then but I think I'm going crazy now. I can't keep up with all the in-jokes I can't stand the talk much at all. I figure they're just asking me questions Just to see me fall off the ball I'll be the butt of their jokes anytime but don't be calling me your friend at all. Chorus I don't know the sound of my telephone ring I got the sound of my radio on I can pick up on all kinds of things and put all these friendships down in pawn. I been alone my whole life Never had much fun yet at all Mama used to call me her sunshine but the darkness ain't paid me at all I tell you all because you been shattered don't you go throwing me against your wall. Chorus.
Break From The Blues You say that I been crazy - ain't been pulling my weight I been picking the blues hauling on the interstate You say the choice is up to me, babe it's any old road that I choose. But can I count on you to give me a break from the blues. You want me cooking, cleaning - taking out your trash. Don't wanna be no mama in no pad I can't crash. I look forward to you, baby, each and every night but all you want to do is sit and nitpick and fight. You want me to promise to every plan that you make - but I spent all my money on every chance that I take. All that I want is for my baby to chill - but she can't kiss when she's running lord she'll never stand still.
Good Time Charlie Blues I'm just a good time Charlie - I don't want no blues don't spoil my party - I won't have to walk in your shoes Don't need no bad luck - don't play me for no fool I've learned too many lessons maybe i got a lesson for you Some people say hard times is just the way it goes you hang out with trash -smelling everytime the hot air blows. Got no use for no doctor - I'm as clean as can be don't mess with my prognosis you're messing with the likes of me Good time Charlie - he's a man with a smile He's got just one woman and she never drives him out of his mind.
Deal With It Tomorrow I'm homing in on a scrap seems all my patience is gone. She's gonna let me go and I'm tying one on. Everyday I see her and she sings me the blues. I can't stand to imagine anyone in my shoes. If she's driving, I'm drinking - turn out the light. Deal with it tomorrow like we did last night. She's hell bound to perfection getting low on my cash. She knows how to style me when I'm letting her crash. Lights go red and I run right through. She's drunk on my rye and I'm singing the blues. I think she assumes I ain't burning to bright. Deal with it tomorrow like we did last night. Sometimes I wonder if I've had enough whipped in a world of her conditional love. She lives on a treadmill of thrills and chills. Adds fun to the mix of my world of ills - nothing like living on the edge of a fight. Deal with It Tomorrow like we did last night.
City Blues 05:29
City Blues Woke up this morning - alarm clock where my rooster should go Can't take these city blues - always around my steel door I used to care more for people - these days it's hard to anymore you could be dying and lonely and they'd rather talk to their cell phone I'm a train rider baby - don't know when my train is going to go they don't make rails to ride these trains on no more nothing is sacred - but won't you buy my masterpiece? it's hard to tell a lifer in this world full of wannabes. Things have changed around us but we don't have to go that way. We'll be up on the mountain while they're putting chips in their kids brains. Woke up this morning - alarm clock where my rooster should go Can't take these city blues - always around my steel door.
Internet County Jail. I never meant to be drifting like a ship out on the sea. Watching through the tears while my baby packs to leave. I used to sit and blog - never had no time - to hang out with my baby - because I was doing time I did 8 years in the internet county jail - it was a hard drive crash and the sunshine paid my bail ain't nobody taking any time to wonder why the less outside you live - the more inside you die I was sold to the devil - before I came out for some air my eyes were going blind on me and i didn't even care They can have their computers - I'm all roped in and going down to the country to get myself some real friends I did 8 years - I didn't know where the road went wrong But my face was a spacebook and I was youtubing all night long.
Hell In a Handbasket Blues Better have fun while it lasts - 'cause we'll be living in our pasts and the sun will burn the brains we'll never use and the corporations will smile while we bathe in their greedy bile. We've got the going to hell in a handbasket blues. The tycoons think it's some joke - they say it don't matter how we'll croak. If there's distinctions from born to win and born to lose. While this whole world is filling up - with those who can never win enough. we got the going to hell in a handbasket blues. The politicians scoff and the scientists cough - and the world at large remains deluded and confused while this whole world turns to sports - big box teen pop and porn we've got the going to hell in a handbasket blues. These days we'll buy the toys - corporate time killing ploys - so few see that they are still being lied to every dollar that we'll spend - to send this little world to it's end we've got the going to hell in a handbasket blues. Some folks say I'm kind - some folks say I'm blind when I sing about where we're heading to - I could say we're propogated - until we're annhilated. got the going to hell in a handbasket blues.
They Call Me Mr. Wrong They call me mr. wrong - I can't be happy when she's down I sing myself this song - everytime she ain't around When she's happy I'm happy Can't even remember how she cried suddenly her mood is crappy - and for myself I'm terrified. The only good times - are the ones for which I've paid I can count on piece of mind - as long as she gets her way Don't mean to paint no picture - but what else could I do? My life would be so much richer - if I could only talk to you. Someday i'll have a mind - and out the back door I will go. And you will all call me so unkind - but I can't take it anymore.
Nothing To Lose But The Blues I want to sing until the blues come out no more a song that nobody can ignore we used to rock and roll -we used to get along you made my life into some old country song. I tried to love but trying never wins the more you want seems the less you gonna get so keep the hard times coming - I'm paying all my dues and I've got nothing to lose but the blues I want to lose the blues that nobody can find i'm sadhearted and losing all the time I had a lot to laugh about but now the joke's on me yesterday made a big fool out of me. tomorrow's bound to be another day another layer to cover up the wound. if I could only build me a time machine that machine would have steered clear of you. Now your pride is sinking so fast - and your happy faces make my sad face last so keep the hard times coming - I'm paying all my dues and now I've got nothing to lose but the blues.
Hard Times You Must've Had Hard times you must've had I can see how hard you're worn you worked from town to town long before i was born. Chasing down your highway all your life in your sack down to your next dirty job a life you don't want back Damn making a living how did you leave your home? were you tired of being told what to do? or did you have itchy heels to roam how did you wind up my father? how did you even survive? sleeping in the cold cold ditches hard times you must have had.


released October 6, 2011

All songs Publishing/Copyright 2011 Dan Frechette (SOCAN). All songs by Dan Frechette (SOCAN)

Recorded at The Song Shop in Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada late February/early March 2011. Produced by Scott Nolan. Engineered by Scott Nolan and Sky Onosson. Mixed and Mastered by James Creasey. Photograhpy and layout by Mike Latschislaw. Manufactured by Dan Shnier at Ironstone. This album brought to you by Corolla Trunk Records.

Acknowledgements - I'd like to thank Scott, Sky, Rachel and all the wonderful musicians for making this record happen as easily and effortlessly as it did. I also want to thank my amazing mother, Agnes Frechette for her undying support. Also I'd like to sincerely thank the following people whom without their support or inspiration this album would never have happened - Ambrose Hupka, Big Dave McLean, Jeremy Rusu, Emma Cloney, Stacey Terry,Myles Rothman, Mike Latchislaw, Christie Donaldson, Ray Beaudry, Dan Shnier, Pembina Curling Club. I'd like to thank the people who keep the blues alive by supporting the musicians who record and perform the blues.

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