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Perseverance (2023)

by Dan Frechette

I'll Pay You Mind If you fell in love with me my dreams would come true (You'll love me someday) If I looked like you people would look at me too (You'll love me someday) I'm never bitter I'm just crying harder for love (You'll love me someday) Let's pick a time when you have time enough (You'll love me someday) As the time goes by and you cry for the lives that you don't know It's funny how they say they know you but it's just as easy to say they don't (Chorus) Money comes and money goes But where the time goes nobody knows Life's too short to miss out on you I'll pay you mind and heart and soul. I miss everyone the past won't let get away (You'll love me someday) You're too sweet to break someone's heart today (You'll love me someday) I give like a winner even for a losing hand (You'll love me someday) You'll see me smiling at demons again (You'll love me someday) You're dressed to the eights I'm dressed to the nines but baby you're still fine I hit the ground running all the time (Chorus) (Chorus)
Love Songs Cure These So Sad Times Life's a ruckus I'm not giving away got plans to hang around make most of my days something tells me I've got to change my ways I hope I'm changing for the better She's got my hopes up and I let her down Always forget what I'm like to be around She dodged a bullet when I hit the ground I hope I'm changing for the better (Chorus) Love songs cure these so sad times Love songs cure these so sad times You can ask me how I heal myself when I'm not out there spreading my wealth All I know is nothing matters like health If I'm changing I hope it's for the better (Chorus) (Bridge) Money can buy some cheap magazines but you know inside what you really need Just stay still and don't intervene Your stillness will let you know So I hold no boundaries to who you are You're a pebble in a neutron star Time to beef up your vegan repertoire If you're gonna be a sinner (Chorus) Not trying to win no love anymore A lot of hearts washed up on the shore Take your pick or settle a score I hope you're changing for the better I hope you're changing for the better I hope you're changing for the (Chorus)
What Else Is There Now Here Left For Me? Just trying to make sense now of the day to day What I gave and what they took away Don't want to have a victim mentality but what else is there now here left for me? They came along one by one to take something away All I'm doing is making a living trying to get out and play Even though I may be better as a memory what else is there now here left for me? I'm crying and dying inside this lonesome lie I'd be happier to leave here and I'd be happier to die But I pray those would be the cure for this misery what else is there now here left for me? Can't be much more than what I used to be Just here to fill the blank stares that you give to me and something maybe someday it'll be plain to see what else is there now here left for me? Driving and conniving no more phony smiles Now you see the heartache of a million wasted miles While you parade your charade of fame for all to see what else is there now here left for me? Paradise waves a finger at me what else is there now here left for me?
Fall In Love With My Dreams I'm sorry I sang those sad songs so long When all I want to do is celebrate now But these songs still hold meaning for someone It's just no longer where I'm hanging at now (Chorus) Fall in love with my dreams not with my story I was born too late and missed the train to glory I don't mind a clean slate and an end to pain and worry when you're falling for my dreams and not for my story. Time to find all the things this device has replaced fire them up and call it a day I look back at nothing but the good old days There's more to life than Babylon's way (Chorus) (Bridge) I'll be traveling by forecast My treasures in the hands of thieves While I seek out those still looking up at whatever magic the moment weaves (Chorus)
Driving Twice As Long As I Play I'm too far where I'm from My arm feels numb when I start to strum I remember back when I toured with my thumb so this life can't be so bad I'm some nipple tassels away from fame They can remember my songs and step on my name steal my ideas while I'm not playing the game but it won't even make me mad (Chorus) I'm driving twice as long as I play Maybe I'll make it someday I just want to live If you give just to get then you won't get to give It's why I keep on playing this riff I think I'm good but by now I must be wrong It's not too easy to see These days I'm filling in for who I used to be Knowing things I'm unhappy with will be a memory or another brokenhearted song (Chorus) (Bridge) I ain't just following my dreams I'm trying to chase them down Kicking ass and taking names my head's too big for this neck breaking crown Dressing up and playing make believe Maybe there's something real they see in me I've been burned so many times it ain't safe to dream Life's too short to miss out on you Gotta find a way to slow these days down If they knew I existed I'd never turn them down It ain't what is said it's what you thought that counts when a dream is just something you do (Chorus)
Blue Moon Mourning Dove I'm looking for a blue moon one I can hang onto somebody I can dance with under these lonesome stars She must be a fiddler who yodels in cold shadows see her breath in the morning as she tickles the meadows we'll walk along snow tipped grasses in lands we can't afford along these majestic foothills with nothing unexplored we will always be humble even while we live high she'll be my spirit animal my blue moon may fly her eyes hold forever for me when she blinks time can stop it's ok to love her from afar we may still laugh and talk I'll remember as the one who reminded me life's a longer road longer than some trap longer than any tomorrows I'll stand here on cold mornings waiting to touch her heart somehow the sunshine won't warm me 'til we're no longer apart so I'll dream of her warmth around me while I dance in dreams I live while I wait here for her love to find me here again It's a hard habit to break does this mean this love is true? at least from where I'm looking it's all I'm here to do See her wings spread wide she climbs above this sweet season I'll be there to capture her if she ever returns for a reason There's words she speaks that leave me speechless there's highways we'll travel that will leave us speechless but we will swim in the dance of gentle love and the sweetness of the calls of the mourning dove.
Perseverance 02:39
My Roots Are Calling Me I just want to thank you for being here for me In the fire and the rain you were there everyday But now something's got me down and I just don't want to put the time in here no more (Chorus) And my roots are calling me It's so long since it's run me down My heart is running aground and I can't change how I feel It's up to you to let me go Because my time ain't here to steal Time to make it happen Make the getaway It's been years since I been happy, babe and I shouldn't have to feel this way some new scene would be nice it would mean the world to me I can stay here and save your heart but it'll be the slow death of me.
Prison Rose 03:22
Prison Rose I’m never fond of leaving little things just make me go like the way you say my name I’m certain I’m right There’s better ways to love a man whose words won’t stop your pain (Chorus) You have faith in your world that I’ll find another girl and your world will be happy when I go But you cheated and you schemed I forgave you but it seemed the anger bloomed like a lonesome prison rose Now that we’re soon to part you make me feel I’ve made no mark I never mattered to your life anyway but those tears deep in your eyes are the ones you’ll never cry because a flood once washed your wishing well away. (Chorus)
Nobody's Shore Now I'm believing I'm done with dreaming It ain't my dream come true no more My fate is wasting 'til I'm done chasing all these old dreams out the door Watch everyone winning Chances are thinning to find out what my life is for Now that time is just washing mine up on nobody's shore. At least while alone I can be here on the phone Watching my fans make it big they got a crowd singing aloud Some song of theirs I'd never sing God gave me the gift and he gave me the songs but he could have given me more like some rich facade and a knockout bod not washed up on nobody's shore I'm standing my ground not letting me down and staying strong for my own war If I'd step down now without a doubt I know I'm not the only whore I've given enough I've called this bluff but I see my dream ain't set to soar I've done my time and I've lost my prime washed up on nobody's shore thank Spotify for the hard earned time washed up on nobody's shore.
Love Found You Before In a world of her own she made her way Patterns of beauty and love every day She laughed as she lived this world of mine I thank every day for her bringing me life (Chorus) Shadows that haunt this story to be Will never forget the love that made me Like having a good day in the midst of a war You'll find love again love found you before You'll find love again love found you before My mother and I spent so many days Filling this world with our creative ways Things we made were made to last When I look back at this colorful past (Chorus) (Bridge) Slowly the song begins to disappear the melody stayed but the words were unclear I'll be here forever on a path until I lie With love in my heart for her when I die She may leave this world but it's a better place when I think back to years of her smiling face (Chorus) In a world of her own she made her way.


released April 15, 2023

All songs written by Dan Frechette and registered with SOCAN.

Recorded in March/April 2023 at Mighty Tight Recording Studios, Bonny Doon, CA.

Dan Frechette - Vocals, Acoustic and Electric Guitars, Lap Slide Electric Guitar, Drums, Bass, Ukulele, Mandolin, Banjo.

Album cover photo screenshot from a music video featuring Tatiana Peña.


all rights reserved



Dan Frechette California

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