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post '76 (1996)

by Dan Frechette

Rainbow 03:27
Rainbow Not soothing for sun watching gutters where he hides Wait until the rain refrains and the sun designs Plans to kiss the clouds goodbye Here she shines Here she cries (chorus) I am for you rainbow Reach to touch me rainbow I am for you rainbow Worlds apart from one another Rainbow calls Stands a chance of fading but she still stands tall Water, wind, and clouds preparing rainbow's fall The sun shined the sun cried (chorus) Soon there will be a day Sun and rainbow face Soon they'll have to reason with the rain A storm can hold its breath Soon he'll have to let himself be heard until the judgement day The sun shined The sun cried (chorus)
Goodbye Monday Goodbye Monday hello smiles nice to see you again for a while you caught me on a rainy day. Hello Gerald What's the problem? was Thursday evenings meal mighty rotten? You caught me on a rainy day. I put it straight to you You've got no clues about what a couple of your words can do You caught me on a rainy day. Goodbye Monday hello smiles I'll pick a stolen flower for you Let it wilt a while you caught me on a rainy day. You caught me on a rainy day You caught me on a rainy day You caught me on a rainy day You caught me on a rainy day
The Way It Is Let me tell you something 'bout the way it is Expect you deserve it's a hit or miss I never had it my way since I was a kid wanted to be a rock star wanted to fit in You can put the needle back in your vein I ain't gonna be the one to take the blame Who's gonna stay when there's nothing to gain? But a bullshit life in an empty lane? (chorus) You may wonder why Sights are set so high because you're slipping out back like a refugee knowing everybody's gonna want a piece of your heart. Talk is cheap if you can buy the time. You got a ticket in your pocket I hope the world don't eat you alive You say I'm under your skin but that's how it's got to be. No matter where you go you're gonna have to think of me (chorus)
Too Young To Know What to say to the world now? They say I'm too young to know. They try to tell me to listen Read the lips of the old and my side of the story only appeals to the blind but I'm telling my story maybe you'll see me this time. (chorus) What about you? What about you? Is it tough for you too? x2 (to be heard and seen trying to live out your dream) No such thing as original Just do your thing and you pray. Maybe someone is on your side and it will pay off someday. I tried to tell it to some punk he was trying to go his own course I just smiled at his frown and said, "It's been all done before." (chorus) Strange and change is the flavor they make it tougher on you. Pretty soon your own children will tell you what you can do. Too bad the rich old timers can't spread their wisdom around because the poor give them nothing who's got the run of the town? (chorus) What to say to the world now? They say I'm too young to know.
Child In The Man There's a child in the man Who doesn't love you for your body Loves your eyes The way they dance all the time. The way I feel in your presence and you laugh when you can. If you leave, please remember, there's a child in the man. There's a child in the man playing guessing games. One day I'm the prisoner. The next day I'm the chains. How I'd love to know you worship the love that always stands. It seems best left unsaid to the child in the man. The curfew calls but the child doesn't answer. He'd rather lay alone with you until the night knows no measure. It's a strange hour To be in your land of fantasy and beauty for this child in the man. There's a child in the man. There's a child in the man. There's a child in the man. There's a child in the man.


5 song EP recorded in Toronto. The video for "The Way It Is" was on Muchmusic during the summer of 1998.


released May 25, 1996

Dan Frechette - Electric, 12 string and classical guitars - vocals, harmony vocals.
Pete Prilesnik - Bass, Electric Guitar (track 4,5), Electric Piano (track 1)
Matt Dematteo - Drums, Keys.
Larry Nusbaum - Percussion

Recorded, mixed at Presence Studios.
Mastered in New York by Howie Weinberg
cover by Saul McFarland

Thanks to Rob the band, Mike the brains, Mike The bucks, Bobby the Gale, Barbara the basement, Saul the jacket.

All songs written by Dan Frechette except "The Way It Is" written by Dan Frechette and Derek Nyberg.

All songs Copyright Dan Frechette (unless otherwise noted) and registered with SOCAN.


all rights reserved



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