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Scorpio Rising (2022)

by Dan Frechette

A World Full Of People They tell you you can grow in a world full of people Your heart is theirs, nothing lasts forever and they say what won't kill you is gonna make you strong But I'm weak from the ties that I've had to sever You can tell me about how you can cure me But why can't you just leave this poor old heart alone? Not everyone's like you spoiling the party You won't understand until you're a rolling stone (Chorus) I'm running from the world I'm running from the future pain Things seem nice but they're always the same And if someone don't get what they really want Yeah they won't get me They won't get me They won't get me wrong You won't understand 'til your road gets dark and all your friends won't see you because you bring them down and no one will guide you away from the drone of your voice so callow but there's no one around (Chorus)
Good Hearts 02:55
Good Hearts Good hearts will be discovered someday torn apart torn apart But wounds heal ignorance can be washed away Where to start? Where to start? (Chorus) Nobody wins when there's no chances taken No hearts torn apart And old news for uncertain risky business and good hearts will love again Thanks to you for saving me in a painful spot broken life on the mend We held up even though the worst was raging We held up we held up
Four Leaf Clover What a day to feel the way I feel There's no good way to leave this feeling behind (Chorus) I don't need to know what it takes to heal the hungry pain It just drives itself away Can I make this stand again, four leaf clover? I never thought I'd feel so weak again Wariness has the strength to stay my friend (Chorus) I don't need to know how to find another starting line It finds me anyway Can I make a start again, four leaf clover?
I Don't Know 03:04
I Don't Know Will it be this way forever with me wanting her? And she's always on the rebound saying the wrong words (Chorus) I don't know I don't know I don't know I don't know Do I believe the tricks she's playing being so good to me I am lonely and is this what she expects from me (Bridge) Every minute I'm away from her I just miss her more Must I worry deeply that there is no cure (Chorus) Have the changes happened inside us at the same time? Will I ever sense if I have passed the starting line? (Chorus)
A Simple Lie 04:31
A Simple Lie Take you some time The story has ended Make up your mind Remember what's best It may be out of line What love you're still spending Show you how to go Out on your own (Chorus) It's a simple old lie Tell yourself I'm not right (for you) Tell yourself you're not wrong Tell yourself to be strong I'll go where you climb and I'll cheer you on Now that you (don't) belong to nobody You'll never be wrong for a while Hanging on the days When someone was better He had no time for you Had no time for love You knew what to do He had better things to prove Better fields to play So make another story up From all these guessing games you've started to say (Chorus)
Another Day Another Dollar Young girls skipping to town again A new day for games at the fair their hands full of coins for the merchants of games these merchants don't care (Chorus) Another day another dollar Another day and the motive is still there Another dollar will get you a friend But my friend, it's a friend when the weather is fair The fishes fall prey to the fishermen the gold is all dug from the mine and a life is exchanged for a stone though it's the stone that still shines (Chorus) Perhaps it is wrong that I sing here Money should never be mine I want nothing to do with the money and money has made the world blind (Chorus) Perhaps it is wrong that I sing here Only a fool should complain The smartest man in the world Certainly likes it this way (Chorus)
Another Storyteller I’d love to sing you a story That’ll make your heart shine so warm but I’d be trying too hard and that song wouldn’t be born I’d love to sing so sweetly bring those birds down from the trees but I’ve let the past defeat me and chance flies in the breeze (Chorus) You’ll find another storyteller to sing you now to sleep I’ve become another old feller who dug his dreams too deep who dug his dreams too deep I’m throwing you my shovel and when I’ve sung you this last song Bury me in gravel where I’ve been underground all along (Chorus) and maybe someday all the songs I sing will help somebody along and now I’m going away because this dream don’t pay that only keeps you rolling along I’d like to carry on singing songs for the smiles but my soul belongs beyond disposable files (Chorus)
I Chose To Walk Beside Her I've walked a mile in these shoes and blues But I never walked in her shoes I chose to walk beside her She's a never ending claim to joy No hard won love for an easy boy I chose to walk beside her (Chorus) I gave away the gifts that take I took away thoughts I should shake Doubts, tears, black pictures and rattlesnakes burning holes in these mirrors I thought we could only go so far and here we're married it's in the cards I chose to walk beside her Rebels from hardship rebels of joy Close doors we choose against some fateful ploy I chose to walk beside her She paints my blacks and whites goodbye when rainbow smiles shine from her eyes I chose to walk beside her (Chorus)
Don't Worry Don't Work Anymore Add it to the list of the things going wrong Everywhere I'm going it's the same old song People running everywhere to keep up the pace Paying for the man it's a low down disgrace Buying everything because it's the way to go Pressure everywhere for the sweat not to show and if people ain't got money then they ain't good for sure Don't worry don't work anymore I'm running a business even though it's no good Stuck in this grind like anybody would can't get ahead or keep up anymore everything changes and I don't know what for Been out looking for a way out of this without punching a wall or slitting my wrists and I think of a mountain with a valley of mists Don't worry don't work anymore Everybody wants to party to forget all their blues But any more laughter I just might blow a fuse Regrets are never missing and reality sucks watch my back while I'm making the bucks Don't roll out a carpet just to hide my dirty floor Don't worry don't work anymore.
Caged By The Fire Rivers that flow need the rain I'm here under a blue sky again Live On Someone to hold me someone to love please something send a sign from above (Chorus) Stranded on an island singing to the silence will this be my memory to play on? to play on? caged by the fire fueled by my desire will she be my memory to play on? to play on? Love that dies don't need the pain when there's too much peace to maintain Love on The years may be fading fast Need to find a passion here to last. (Chorus) You know how good you have it When you know how good you had it You know how good you have it When you know how good you had it (Chorus)
Bells and Whistles Used to have a mama picking up after me Used to have a daddy but he's in eternity Had friends and an old fashioned style Christmas family Now there's nothing left but a money tree (Chorus) Bells and Whistles we think we've seen them all Time to keep me moving slow and a steady crawl Think I might get up top someday see the light At the top of this heap is just a sun shining too bright Open up my window let some mountain breeze come in Let the rooms overflow with this wardrobe I'm strumming in Which one looks best on me? I say that they all do I just spent my soul to save this note I'll give to you (Chorus) Can't say I'm lonesome ain't got the blues these days There's a crazy religion eating up this whole damn place They're dropping like flies unless they dropped out of the race Seems they got tired of picking up the pace (Chorus) Keep it simple ain't no way else to go Some playthings ain't got no natural law eating at their souls I'll be leaving not falling behind I'll be living and all will be kind (Chorus)
New Year’s Day 1980 She lived beneath a shadow in those years untouched by dreams Her tattooes told grim tales of a girl who once braved the scene She can't be my friend no more, this was the farthest she could fall But she lived her life like she was going to die before she'd even lived at all She grew up in boredom town with a stepfather he never knew He was always out doing his drug jobs, breaking in his old pair of shoes when she turned 16 in 1978 she'd heard the bandwagon call and she lived her life like she was going to die before she'd even lived at all She ran into vanity stuck-ups who let her run the show soon she was singing for cocktails and dancing for middle aged crows Her evenings were branded with fast lane ways, she came each time she was called And she lived her life like she was going to die before she even lived at all. She'd told me once she was frightened of perverts armed with knives cemetaries filled with old friends and nightclubs filled with life And fear brings down some people like a roof without any walls So she lived her life like she was going to die before she'd even lived at all On New Year’s Day 1980, there's a letter near her bed saying "I been watching myself dying every night without a prayer for me being said" And her last words on her paper in her half-hearted pencil scrawl "I've lived my life like I was going to die and I haven't even lived at all".


released February 17, 2022

All songs Music and Lyrics by Dan Frechette (Copyright 2022/SOCAN)

Recorded and Mixed January and February 2022 at Mighty Tight Recording Studio, Bonny Doon, CA.

Dan Frechette - Vocals, Harmonica, Acoustic 6 and 12 string guitars, Electric guitar, Lap Slide Electric Guitar, Mandolin, Electric Bass Guitar, Drums, Percussion.


all rights reserved



Dan Frechette California

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