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Songs Of Love and Pathos (2012)

by Dan Frechette

Everyone Loves You You have passed me by I have greeted you in the streets with warm smiles when your back was turned I could see you for miles and nowhere have I come and gone without imagining you beside me and you touch everyone you love everyone and everyone loves you You've changed my life so well the armor was strong but it fell on the shell I hid in broke it in two now I have you to talk to I want you to stay everyday I don't ever want you to fade away or turn your back my friend because you love everyone and everyone loves you You love everyone you love everyone and everyone loves you.
Fare Thee Well Dreams are like dreams and faith is like fire Dreams are like dreams and faith is like fire the worlds' blessings won't last if you let yourself give into the fire fare thee well fare thee well fare thee well to my sweet desire Who can you tell when you know that the whole world is watching? Is it just plain easy to count all the coin you've been tossing? Ain't it sad when you say to yourself that you were the big liar? Fare the well fare thee well fare thee well to my sweet desire (chorus) and it seems these dreams are just dreamed and then they fade away you go on hoping you'll get there someday x2 You've been cruel to yourself it's cruel how you act to yourself and this world you've been living an unspoken pact but you'll never turn from the dream even though deep down it's been down to the wire fare thee well fare thee well fare thee well to my sweet desire. (chorus)
Feel Tender My Soul (Lyrics by Sirena Ceniccola) When you are lost In a sea of faces Look inward to your heart and you'll see mine When hollow voices ring in your ear hear mine whispering the song of home (chorus) when doubt and confusion invade your world feel tender my soul wrapped around you when miles or minutes seperate our union feel tender my soul wrapped around you Feel me Feel this passion flow through my every pore when darkness rears it's ugly head look over your shoulder into these eyes. (chorus)
Free The Beast Chaos reigns throughout the night and sleeps undisturbed and awakens with a watchful eye when it hears anything unheard there's a gap outside that's ten years wide can only be filled by space while the fate of all is determined by the outlaws of the humanrace (chorus) Though it's hard to keep ones mind been waiting so long now there is no time oh please mama won't you free the beast from me? A genius will overestimate how much filth gets around while an anarchist will under-rate a good night on the town and though they've got their promises of things that remain to be seen out of vain they'll overtake time that will never cease. And though it's hard to keep ones mind they must find out if they are out of time oh please mama won't you free the beast from me?
Her Moonlight Indigo It's fast lights and it's hot lights cold nights and it's good nights she comes and goes like laughter hardships in between uncertainties and fortitude mojo and some attitude low days kissed with altitude the breeding of the dream (chorus) she comes no longer to the music demons lay her down confused infused between mystery and fear when she finds what she's looking for she'll find she won't search no more her moonlight indigo still draws you near. My heart sun shines a sweet song she glides beyond everything that's wrong I'll listen in my duty to the beating of her breast I pay I stay I weigh I lay she fades and shades sweet serenades with words no broken lover made before her blissful rest. (chorus) February rain again sunlit paths back in my brain she can't be sad she's beautiful yet a man can't heal her pain she's watching all the dirty floors listening to St. John's Shore wondering if she'll close the door next time I'm in the rain (chorus x2)
I Started Believing In Today My eyes keep falling shut in the sunshine So many days I wish I could rule these mountains and dreams the summer will show us the way we can chase all these streets away run in the fields where we lay (chorus) I didn't love her because she was sacred I didn't love her because she was cool I didn't love her because others had left me I started believing in today. Take all the thinking away Call the past old Feel a storm shine its way through the dark It's a race to the place where I started from Today is my time for to sing (chorus)
I'm Certain I'm Right I won't wait because the fire is gone Don't need someone to lean on She's got nothing on me today I'm losing out in a brand new way (chorus) My heart's broken I'm telling you Something with my standard I know it's true I will regret walking out the door but I'm certain I'm right it's ok I light a candle and turn off the day She knew me too well to care She had no handle on the grudges I held on her Now I'm aching and I know she will for sure because I'm certain I'm drifiting away (chorus x2)
Once Upon A Dream Here's the tale of Mary Sue She fought and won a crack in her heart Once upon a time she knew just what it took to face the truth Mary lived upon a dream Don't question why she seldom cried she lived in a long forgotten world where conscience was confused with pride Mary kept her passion within when once when she was swept away She fell in love with one man's heart and his love for her would never fade they met and married on a June she wept a tear before "I do" they blazed this trail of frozen dreams left blazing in her memory. (chorus) Once upon a dream she lived until she awoke to face it alone she lost all there was left to lose and my she was alone Before the last would come to first she feared the best would bring the worst like a horror eyed bandit a roaming the roads she was left to face it all alone Another barefaced liason she did not know would be their last Mary if only that you knew that he would not be coming back (chorus)
Out Somewhere Tonight You know I'm always gonna love you it's easy as can be there's no doubt I'll always think about you before I think about me I've searched this whole world to find you the miles still show as long as you can take me a little farther that's where I'm gonna go (chorus) all alone and singing and playing something don't feel right I'm just a dreamer with a dream come true and you're out there out somewhere tonight The boys say "just let her be, make a brand new start - you'll find some other on the road somewhere - it's just the breaking of a heart" But everytime I lay at night the stars lose their place because everywhere in the shining night are visions of your face. (chorus)
Rolling Like The Ocean I have beauty and deep devotion deep inside my God where does it lead? This painful emotion rolls like the ocean higher and higher like the stars and the dreams (chorus) and these schemes and disease are rolling like the ocean over and under in me and the schemes and disease are rolling like the ocean over and under in me over and under in me. I found two words that can never be lost when you find the truth you speak to praise God let the wind carry lovers let the sound hurt the silence I'll let this spirit take me through peace and silly violence (chorus x 2)
Straight Through The Heart (chorus) Straight through the heart of a man like me You're straight through the heart of a man like me your arrow of chaos felt but unseen takes me away The bells of midnight toll and sound the hopeless voices rattle and hound The seaboats holler as the seashore pounds Take me away (chorus) The ice on fire burns the floor indigo children laugh at the wars the ghosts request another shot of horror take me away (chorus)
The Edges Of Belfast She was dancing on the oceanside as he started the flame He'd met her on the highway and they'd learned each others names Only time would tell him if she ever felt the same only love, only love He whispered soft dreams to her and she rose to say goodnight crept and found her next door tent lit by the pale moonlight she saw the future clearly there were clouds within his sight only love, only love (chorus) Desiree set him free from his chains of dreams wrought with gallantry. They camped up north in Coolridge and they camped upeast in Kent and they drank vodka in Rotterdam with money saved for rent he felt her drifting spirit as the mornings came and went only love, only love he told her of his mother how remarkable she was how he'd never found a woman who could live life like she does she said her father never changed she's glad he bit the dust only love, only love. (chorus) The next morning by a campsite near a mountain at Dunkirk she mentioned she'd be drifting back to Belfast for some work Inside he cried so softly but outside he kicked the dirt only love, only love so she left him cold one morning on the edges of Belfast he stared at thorny oatmeal flying feelings at half mast he wondered at the highway as she became his past only love, only love (chorus)
The Horizon 02:25
The Horizon I watch time float away on some vicious cloud that rains its sorrow over these roads I follow someday it will take a bigger man who wants to take a bigger chance and make the moon put on its mask the sun tucked in the horizon the horizon Along the reaches of the wind in places I can walk and find my friendly faces out near the bouts of chatter over the more trivial matters and the clicking heels of the dancers all along the horizon the horizon And chaos turns and looks at you with your feather, cap, and quill and boots what words does he conjure up in you? what lies and tales does he spin for you? and the night will be on its last page soon and the sun will define the horizon the horizon.
The Waltz Morningtime lovers awoke neath the dawn Beautiful music crept down from the trees Maybe someday I will write a new song about a young morningtime lover and me You were a stranger when nothing was pretty You sang of devils who played with your mind When I first saw you You put on a sad smile 'Til your beauty touched me these streets were not mine. My longing was matched by someone who loved me I sat down yesterday wrote a new song This is to you my sweet morningtime lover The morningtime lovers awoke 'neath the dawn.
Time On His Own He's got few friends don't comfort him he's the butt of the jokes being told around him getting unneeded alone time on his own he tries to find a love that sticks but he's tired of running against their tricks getting unneeded alone time on his own (chorus) they say "hey, you'll find her the less you're looking" but he knows what kind of scheme they're cooking he knows that's their way of saying "leave them alone" he's got an open heart but a closing mind and he wants to end all this killing time getting unneeded alone time on his own. It'll take a special girl to give him a chance because he lives with his mother and he doesn't dance getting unneeded alone time on his own he's self-employed, money comes and goes he's broken every heart he knows getting unneeded alone time on his own (chorus) He has some luck but it never lasts he wants it now - he wants it fast getting unneeded alone time on his own all the happy couples strolling by he wants to live he wants to die getting unneeded alone time on his own (chorus)
Together Again If I could stay here a real long time then you'd know it's because I love you deep inside Take the cue that's what you do Because you'd know at least that I'm a fool for you I'm waiting for that special day when we can be together again. Together again. I'm waiting for that special day when we can be together again. Together again. You've changed me I've changed for good and now nothing will return me to the pain and it's plain it's plain to see that you have made a miracle of me We won't grow colder we'll just grow older yeah waiting for that special day when we can be together again. Together again. I'm waiting for that special day when we can be together again. Together again.
When I Start To Fall There's a sad world full of lovers who close their hearts to any others when really they would suffer nevermore if they stayed away from strife jealous lovers eyes with knives and wiser eyes would see rewards in store I learned this today it could have gone anyway but I know I've got a date playing it smart (chorus) May I take you out for dinner? Some red wine as time grows thinner? and when I start to fall please take me in your heart? There's no woman any sweeter and your eyes are sexy theatre and my heart is just a beater when you're there I don't care what you're wearing chances are you'll see me staring at your dimple or the soft curl in your hair and I love to hear your laughter sounds like happy ever after and we'll miss each other when we're apart (chorus) I'd given up on a dream I never dreamed would come my way I never thought I'd sing for your eyes and know somehow the song would stay. In time I'll soon be near you and with songs I hope to cheer you and stories we will tell forevermore and to keep the strangers coming in our life always be something to keep us interested in what we're living for you've been in my dreams and I didn't have to scheme i just told it to you straight like simple art. (chorus)


released May 5, 2012

All songs Copyright Dan Frechette (unless otherwise noted) and registered with SOCAN. "Feel Tender My Soul" lyrics by Sirena Ceniccola.

Label - Corolla Trunk Records
Album Title - Songs of Love and Pathos
Release - May 5, 2012

Songs of Love and Pathos
Rambling Dan Frechette - Vocals/12 String Guitar/Bass/Mandolin

Recorded and mixed on March 8, 2012.

1. Everyone Loves You 2:22
2. Fare Thee Well 3:14
3. Feel Tender My Soul 2:26
4. Free The Beast 3:41
5. Her Moonlight Indigo 2:50
6. I Started Believing In Today 3:12
7. I'm Certain I'm Right 2:57
8. Once Upon A Dream 4:00
9. Out There Somewhere Tonight 2:26
10. Rolling Like The Ocean 3:04
11. Straight Through The Heart 2:57
12. The Edges Of Belfast 3:35
13. The Horizon 2:25
14. The Waltz 2:25
15. Time On His Own 4:12
16. Together Again 2:24
17. When I Start To Fall 3:31

Cover photos by Quinn Keast-Wiatrowski and Jen Kehler
Back cover photo by Rambling Dan.
Manufactured by Ironstone Technologies, Winnipeg.
Special thanks to Agnes Frechette and poet Ardith Paige Henoch
who inspired the making of this album.


all rights reserved



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