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Sweet Obscurity (2021)

by Dan Frechette

Keep On Looking You never listen to me Never make me laugh I keep showing future lovers your pretty photograph But we just ain't got it maybe you wouldn't mind hitting the back door, baby see what I can find? Chorus: We just got to keep on looking keep on looking keep on looking keep on looking we just got to keep on looking and get some true love out of life Your friends don't like me fill your head with clues some other guy wants you they say that's the blues but I've got no problems letting you go you never make me happy or let your good love show (Chorus)
You're Never Gonna Know Because I told you how I feel and the way you chose to deal From now on when my heart's lost it's glow you're never gonna know When all the world is down on me and you're already in a misery I'll force my insides not to show and you're never gonna know (Bridge) Because for you that's what I do it ain't about me it's about you I'll try my best to hide my pain Without dragging you down again And when you go out with your friends I'll drink this bottle til it ends You be the high while I'll be the low and you're never gonna know (Bridge) Because I told you how I feel and the way you chose to deal From now on when my heart's lost it's glow you're never gonna know
A Mansion On The Hill Didn't feel right for a long long time didn't want to carry on Now I'm here and my spirit begins deep inside I feel a song There's nothing wrong deep down no more just some blues I left behind (Chorus) And I go to town to get a mansion on the hill I work (with some friends/work everyday) to get a mansion on the hill soon the will will be mine to see what I caught on my line I just hope it's a mansion on the hill Don't remember where I came from or care to see the dark planning my reunion with my ancient buried spark everywhere I go I see pain in the strangers eyes (Bridge) Seems these hills are dirty but they're covered in gold the scarlet rivers run right through with the stories that they're told blood and work of men who've seen the order of the day (Chorus)
Maybe You're Blind I'm worth your time don't you lose no sleep over me I won't hurt you or help you lose your faith in me all of the rainbows you can find were made for you made for me maybe you're blind I've changed your blinds and now I've changed your scene You keep on kidding there's somebody else in your dreams If you think that I'm not the one It don't hurt me I don't mind Maybe you're blind (Bridge) Don't be honest you need your friends and the drama just never ends, oh yeah I've done your taxes and I've cleaned your room you change your mind just because I'm not your groom you think I'll run but I'm right behind I'm made for me made for you maybe you're blind
Outlaws And Country Cowboys Just being out there in the world is hard on the soul I'm feeling the waves of confusion Feeling the days of old When a good criminal had his guns pushed against his own heart so I look at the lonely and that's how I'm gonna start I wanna roll this old highway behind me and stroll amongst the stars let the wind blow me no promises I just want the honky tonks and bars To put me in an early grave just like the heroes who saved us all Outlaws and Country cowboys heading for a fall (Chorus) Heading for a fall Heading for a fall Outlaws and country cowboys heading for a fall Never mind these roses and sugar sweet and light I want the darkness to be just about night and a dusk in August with a young girl by my side and a honky tonk angel crying where I left her behind. (Chorus)
The Fields That I Don't Know In the middle of nowhere there's nowhere left to go I let my poor mind wander along these fields that I don't know And I wonder about my baby where she lays her head On a warm and lonesome pillow on her prairie feather bed (Chorus) Wondering how long will it be will it be before the day we marry and make a good man out of me? And make some friends from strangers making strangers from foes and sip some wine with the lucky in the fields that I don't know in the fields that I don't know I wake up too early and hit the highway with the dawn looking for my baby in every cloud that's coming on All I see are shadows of the reflections of her face The storms coming and passing and I curse the tracks I trace (Chorus) No matter what I've done I can't shoot the setting sun I can't stop the wheels but I can change the way I run I'm one day from my baby And I miss the morning train I miss my homecoming because I missed the passing lane (Chorus)
The Quietest Man In The Wild There's a man out near the borderline with his head in the stars with all of his memories of the topless bars Walking down the snowy road thumb in the wind hitch a ride to the fierce city where his sweet old lover lived (Chorus) See that lost man finding roads that are always winding by/high? He's the quietest man in the wild He don't know no right from wrong as long as he belongs He's the quietest man in the wild I can't be too sure How it must feel Sure can't trust no one That's his deal He's been told his secrets and lied to save his life He's made friends with every man who then stole his wife (Chorus)
The Hurting Side Of Me Some boys dream of damsels on the highway someone they can rescue and take home lovers pass the time searching for better hiding down that highway lined with chrome breaking hearts like this takes getting used to I don't know why you're loving everyone you can't make up your mind you seem to be doing fine but you're sending me beyond the setting sun (Chorus) Pretty ribbons in your hair won't change you've been untrue Smiles are all just alibis they've all gone somewhere new No one understands the price I'm paying or what I'm going through you're now on the hurting side of me I'm tired of compromising until I'm broken It's funny how these broken rules don't bend You can tell me what you mean to me but it seems to me I'm just a heart to lend I've got a finger sitting on a trigger and a bottle swinging around that just ran dry I used to love the good old life I was living Til I found out my life was just a lie. (Chorus) Some boys dream of damsels on the highway someone they can rescue and take home
Worn Out Ladies Worn out ladies Seems they're always sad and blue Worn out ladies Doesn't matter what you do Well you need a bribe or an ocean of flowers or jewels Don't tell them a lie Telling them their love is untrue Worn out ladies Can't seem to keep a man Worn out ladies are worn out you understand Broken down miserable on a sunny day crying all the time The wise just stay away from worn out ladies (Bridge) Worn out ladies I'm going to find my way someday Worn out ladies To say all the right words I should say To soothe your pour soul and heart and win your heart again to dance you back to life and make you love your man Worn out ladies You can't catch them if you can Worn out ladies They need a simple gentle man One who works and cooks and cleans up his mess Wedding ears and backrubs likes the way you dress Worn out ladies worn out ladies
Fly Fly Away 02:01
Fly Fly Away She's a heartstopper I saw her tonight on the busy street nobody else could compete and soon I made my way to where we'd quickly meet and watch each other fly fly away It's seemed I've known her all along and I have to be strong and I hide my love for you now although there can be nothing wrong with fly fly away (Bridge) If she stops my heart I'll be fine if my heart breaks when she's mine I'll have to keep my distance kill my fears with wine and fly fly away She may do damage someday but my heart is in her hands I never felt this strong before It wasn't in the plans To be lost before a woman and all the ways she says let's fly fly away
Since I've Been With Your Wife I feel your pain all the time my joy is hardest to feel you don't know where she is tonight and my heart's as hard as steel Days go by and nights I lie with her by my side so long I hide it's sad to know how much you've cried since I've been with your wife since I've been with your wife It must be hard to ride it out and it ain't no easy way I stayed out of your sight without being right here in your face In your place she's got me now without a doubt I've sure been down don't think I'm the kind to run around blind since I've been with your wife since I've been with your wife The Devil's done his deed it's true There ain't nothing can be changed you're a good soul we've both been blue since this divorce has been arranged it ain't how we hoped it would shake out lives are broken without a doubt we've all lost sleep and days ain't bright since I been with your wife since I been with your wife
Candlelight Girl This is the time to hug your summer girl This is the time to sing her a love song This is the time to dance under those stars when the sun goes down on your candlelight girl This is a time to make amends with strangers This is a time to know your brother better This is the time for the cosmic arranger To set your heart on your candlelight girl (Bridge) She'll make you understand life is not a name it's not a label it's not a game part of the plan to let the prison bars go and dance with your new candlelight girl This is the time to remember the day you met her This is the time to give it that same shot Make her eyes laugh make her heart cry make some time for your candlelight girl when the sun goes down on your candlelight girl


After visiting Canada in September 2021, I returned to California with all my old songwriting books, there are so many unfinished songs and lyrics and poems I discovered. All these songs were setting all these old words to music this month, some lyrics dating back 20 years.


released October 25, 2021

All songs written by Dan Frechette (copyright 2021/SOCAN)

Recorded October 2021 at Mighty Tight Recording Studios in Bonny Doon, CA. Except "Candlelight Girl" recorded via IPhone.

Dan Frechette - Vocals, Acoustic 6 and 12 String Guitars, Electric Guitars, Mosaic 12 String Guitar, Banjo, Mandolin, Bass, Upright Bass, Drums, Percussion, Lap Slide.

Album Cover painting by Christie Dawn (2011) @rainbowearthcreations


all rights reserved



Dan Frechette California

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