Tecopa (2017)

by Dan Frechette



Re-recording songs from the Dan Frechette Songbook at a relaxed Santa Cruz mountains pace over the past two months, I've decided to release this collection of all the songs as an album.

This album is sequenced in a fashion that brings the listener on a journey of deep self reflection. We possess immense power as individuals when we avoid fearing catharsis and what better way than to have those occasions be filled with melodies?

I'm a strong believer that a songwriter should be aware the chords they choose in their songs have the power to deeply effect a room. I'm honestly very disappointed in most songs I hear being released today which resort to the same four chords often heard... and all it says to me is the songwriters do not share my deep passion for exploring the many amazing possibilities of where the moods conjured by the chords in a song can go. I also find many artists today must be afraid to dig deep and bring their listeners with them. As one line on the album states, "without darkness no light inside to help you find the way."

There are many ways the music industry can go at this point. At this time CD players are not being manufactured. This may be the first of many more albums I offer to listeners or this may be my last. I made it as if it were my last. I hope you can hear that possibility in these recordings.

Thank you for listening. Every note and lyric I write/sing is for God. "Play for God."
Dan Frechette - December 11, 2017.


released December 11, 2017

All songs music and lyrics by Dan Frechette and registered with SOCAN. All songs Copyright Dan Frechette.

Recorded October-November 2017 at "The Shed" in Bonny Doon, CA. All instruments and songs by Dan Frechette. Produced, recorded and mixed by Dan Frechette.

Dan Frechette: Vocals, 6 and 12 string Acoustic and Electric guitar, percussion, bass, dobro, mandolin, ukulele, banjo.

Cover photo by Laurel Thomsen west of Tucson in Feb. 2016.

Donations graciously accepted. It is easy to download music from this website and the majority of the funds go directly to me. Thank you so much for your support!


all rights reserved



Dan Frechette California

"...one of the best songwriters we've heard in a long time." - SingOut Magazine.

These recordings sound far superior when downloaded vs. streamed. Streaming is at basic 192 kbps and you can download at highest fidelity,

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Track Name: I'd Be Leaving Tomorrow
I'd Be Leaving Tomorrow

I was upset at the way that you swore
after I'd leave you'd keep a coming back for more
How am I expected to believe in your sorrow?
You never cried when I told I'd be leaving tomorrow

You'd turn away when I'd look you in the eye
One look from me can't even ruin your pride
How am I expected to believe in your sorrow?
You never cried when I told I'd be leaving tomorrow

If I told you baby it ain't over yet
You play with love but you're too hard to get
Please return all the stuff from me that you borrowed
You never cried when I told you I'd be leaving tomorrow.
Track Name: Know Me To Love Me
Know Me To Love Me

You don’t need to know me to love me
but you sure got to love me to know me
You don’t need to know me to love me
but you sure got to love me to know me

Baby I play to win so keep me in
I ain’t losing no more
baby stay by my side
til I can decide if I can’t stand loving you no more
See that sun peeking through the clouds
and know I want to kiss you now
but you just keep your eyes on the sun
might as well be alone rather than loving someone


I’m going out on a limb here baby
to find what you need from me
to give you a chance to tell me
what would make you feel alive and free
but I know time goes on and love sure grows cold
for many years I never dreamed I would get this old
with someone by my side
but it seems love has died
and now I have to make a choice
listen to the man rejoice.

Track Name: Tecopa

Riding out to Tecopa
Where the water feeds my soul
Standing naked by the mud spring
mother nature drying in the sun
She's on my mind these days
Not sure where she's going
She's in my heart
Her love is all knowing.

I was left behind
haunted by my journey
the stars had aligned
the world around me turning
I had to let go of the past
for a future unknowing
but time stands still in Tecopa
where the sun's fire is always burning

Haunted by my dreams
memories from where I'm learning
Time stands still in Tecopa
The sun's fire is always burning

I drive northward in the morning
back to the past awaiting
Could I turn these wheels forever
away from embers fading?
to return to this fire
when the stars align
until then Tecopa
you've left me feeling fine.
Track Name: I Wish I Were A Fish
I Wish I Were A Fish

I just wish I were a fish
and I could sing this gurgling thing
no wings to fly
in the dry old sky
don’t worry about weather
when we swim together

So hot and dusty was the mountain road
our bicycles were riding such a heavy load
the sun was burning in our fiery eyes
a friend then suggested much to my surprise


It rained and rained for months on end
now it won’t rain for months again
we got we wanted but a little too soon
now all we see is stars or the sun or the moon


Out here we gotta pay just to stay alive
and worry about the food and how to survive
and now there’s somebody we don’t like at the top
there’s only one way to make the whole thing stop.

Track Name: A Lover Only For A Day
Lover Only For A Day

Is she a lover only for a day little girl?
She's a lover only for a day!
When her daddy comes home
and she's no longer alone
are her colors all gonna fade away?

She's been beating on a drum
and traveling with her thumb such a long long time
she's got beckoning eyes
and she'll try you on for size
she can break your mind
you can tell her what is real
and she'll tell her how to feel
she's a rainbow child
and you best let her in
and the blues ain't gonna win
in this call of the wild


Love goes hollow and regrets soon will follow
it's the end of times
you better be sure because she might be your savior
if you're journeys even rhyme
so don't hit play unless there's something there
somehow calling your mind
when the love is there
you'll be showing you care
without a reason why

Track Name: Tears In The Room
Tears In The Room

Feeling empty inside
no one wants to take a ride
everyone hides everything inside
you can't talk unless you lie

Do you know why I'm mad?
You read my mind so bad
I've been following the fads
Trying to hate my dad.

Tears in the room again
maybe I can be someone
maybe I'm beyond myself
a stranger to the moon and sun
Tears in the room again
maybe I can be someone someday

I play the game of sin
there's no way I'll ever win
my chances are too slim
there's too much competition

So here's the place I dwell
in your cold apartment cell
and I know you wish me well
because you can foretell.

(Chorus x2)
Track Name: My New Song
My New Song

I'm sitting here waiting for the words to come empty pages coffee stains
well it's nearly two thirty and tonight I ain't too wordy there must be something new to say
I've got a dream a little fantasy
that I could sing you my brand new song tomorrow that would mean everything to me

I'm waiting for the words to come hoping that tonight they'll come along
and you'll wake up bright and early tomorrow and I'll sing to you my new song

I've traveled to places where no man has prayed
I had nothing to lose and everything to gain
oh searching for my new song
I've come through this life just a one man show
Trading all my friendships for silver and ghosts
oh searching for my new song


I've been waiting here for the words to come
The fated morning breaks
I hope that you awaken soon because I can't wait to break into my new song
my new song
my new song.
Track Name: Riverbed

Floating on my riverbed
turning down the sounds around me
I’m happy in this sweet place
there’s nowhere left to go
but I’m on my own
floating on my riverbed

Waiting in the sand
you can’t find this back home
where fun began
with someone you don’t even know
when you’re on your own
floating on a riverbed

You can’t find me
You can’t find me
You can’t find me
You can’t find me

Answer is waiting
someday I’ll find
and I’m not sure I’ll stay here
but I’ll be so happy I tried
and someone comes along
to take me to their riverbed

Track Name: Toe The Line
Toe The Line

Just dreaming of you and all the life we’ve been through toeing the line
and doing fine
I’d live it all again change a lover to a friend
Toe the line
doing fine
Can’t say there’s been any time wasted
I haven’t been lost or frustrated
and I haven’t held my breath for a long long time
for a foolish rhyme

I can’t say love’s been unkind to me or the disease that’s down below
the shadow knows
Can’t say I haven’t tried on some other lovers clothes
the shadow knows
Something else is calling me all the time
to go and find another state of mind
and I haven’t held my breath for a long long time
for a foolish rhyme

The rainbows holding strong overhead
If I ain’t living I might as well be dead
and I haven’t held my breath for a long long time
for a foolish rhyme

I can’t say there’s a crime I ain’t bought with my mind
doing time
The things I’ve figured out without acting without doubt
toe the line
I’m looking at a heart that’s outdated
and I’m looking at a love gone and faded
and I haven’t held my breath for a long long time
for a foolish rhyme
Track Name: Cayuga Street Winter
Cayuga Street Winter

You will sometimes see stars as you walk in the dark
without darkness no light inside to help you find the way
below the fog and the clouds are these distant crowds
who will make your life either easy or hard
depending on with whom you play

Where are these days going
with no posterity showing
where is the wine flowing
missing out on the action
of a million interactions
i want to live and not alone
i have to find my way

Getting up to do the chores
the sink is a thirsty whore
sometimes I want to walk away
when there's no time left to give
when she's gone at last
I dip back in the past
consumed in the fields of melody
where I must run to give.

Track Name: I've Been Low
I've Been Low

Wasting time losing control
I've been low
Getting nowhere but getting old
I've been low
Can't say anything I want
I've been low
Everything comes back to haunt
I've been low

I shot my dream the old bitch died
I've been low
Nobody cared the whole world wide
I've been low
Ignored the world I never hit
I've been low
Found out the place I fit
I've been low

Double standard loose for rules
I've been low
Playing hard to get with nobody's fools
I've been low
Tell the world I quit the biz
I've been low
It wasn't mine the gold was his
I've been low
Tell the world I quit the biz
I've been low
It wasn't mine the gold was his
I've been low
Track Name: Your Smile Is Your Wealth
Your Smile Is Your Wealth

In the morning
sun is on your face
in the evening
gone is your embrace.

Hey, wear the rain on your brow
Be beautiful, take life sweetly
Don't be like them, express yourself
Your smile is your wealth.

I have followed me
and found me under your feet.
I will lift you
until the stars retreat.


I have met you
when my life has been unfair.
I will let you
think of me and I'll be there.

(chorus x2)
Track Name: Nobody Knows But Me
Nobody Knows But Me

You only live on even if something's going wrong
Wake up in a cold bed humming a lonely sad song

Some want a pretty picture
some want food and eyes to see
some want to live another day
but nobody knows but me

(Chorus) Nobody knows
nobody knows
nobody knows but me
some want comfort or to live another day
nobody knows but me

Even if the sun doesn't shine on you today
doesn't mean someone isn't having bad days
Some want a pretty picture
some want food and eyes to see
some only want to live another day
but nobody knows but me

Track Name: Everclear

Picking stones
tossing dreams in rivers one by one
when you're alone
time can take it's course throughout the day
wait to play
with some other friends who never stayed
who knows what course your life would take
without lonely rooms?

I've got only one more year
stranded here
I've got nothing left around here
but my everclear.

Take me home I want to see my old spot once again
writing poems
where no one needs to know what words I said
when I was a kid
they never seemed to listen much
to nothing more than my small talk
but the river heard me.

(Chorus x2)

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