The Bluegrass Album (2012)

by Dan Frechette



released March 10, 2012

All songs Copyright Dan Frechette (unless otherwise noted) and registered with SOCAN.

Personnel -
Dan Frechette - Vocals, Acoustic Guitar, Dobro (on tracks 2, 3, 6, 9, 13), Banjo (on tracks 5, 10, 11), Ukulele (on track 6), Mandolin (on track 6), Upright Bass (on track 2).

Robert Allan Wrigley - Banjo.

Tim Longbottom - Upright Bass.

Jeremy Rusu - Mandolin.

Patti Kustorok Lamoureux - Fiddle (on tracks 1, 2, 3, 5, 7, 12, 13)
Alex Lamoureux - Fiddle (track 7)

Emma Cloney and Jane Cory - Harmony Vocals (on tracks, 1, 4, 5, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11 and 13)

Jane Cory - Fiddle (tracks 4, 8, 9, 10, 11)

Thanks to all the great musicians and people who support this great style of music. Special thanks to Zeke Preston, Joel Titchkosky and Tim Osmond for introducing me to bluegrass music which I have since been immersed in. Very Special thanks to my mother, Agnes Frechette without whose supportive nature this would not be possible. Thanks to Martin guitars and GHS vintage Bronze strings for the sound of my guitar on this album.

For more information on the whereabouts of this individual if you would please visit -


all rights reserved



Dan Frechette California

" of the best songwriters we've heard in a long time." - SingOut Magazine.

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Track Name: Burning Bridges In This Town
Burning Bridges In This Town

You helped me find a meaning in everything I've been revealing
I'm burning bridges in this town
No need to be worried about a dagger I found buried
I'm burning bridges in this town

(chorus) - This town ain't good for me no more
I'm feeling like a stray
I'm drowning out my troubles thought my fire had gone away
and no one wants to hear someone who is always feeling down so I'm burning bridges in this town.

Had too much talk about me - He said, she said, she said, he said
I'm burning bridges in this town
no need playing hide and go seek when nobody gave a damn about me
I'm burning bridges in this town


You won't miss me when I'm gone - all you did was tag along
I'm burning bridges in this town
TNT and a trampoline a blowtorch and some kerosene
I'm burning bridges in this town

Track Name: All Right Now
All Right Now

Baby we were like night and day
But we're all right all right now
You put that bottle away
Baby you're all right you're all right now
You smoked that last cigarette
jumped into fashion baby you're all right now
I sure hope I still got your place to stay
Baby you're all right now

I got you in my heart again
You're all right now
Don't know what direction I'm spinning in
You're all right now
As long as I am on your floor
I'm gonna want your action baby it's all right now
Please don't change throw me out your door
baby you're all right - you're all right now.

For too long I've wasted time
baby it's all right - it's all right now
Someday I'm gonna make you mine
You're all right now
You're about as good as you're gonna get
you've won all my elections baby you're all right now
Pinch me and it won't hurt a bit
Baby it's all right it's all right now.
Track Name: Bust Out The Baileys
Bust Out The Baileys

(Chorus) Bust out the Baileys
Hand him a jack mickey
Because he won't leave until the last drop is gone
Hide all the china
There's ain't no use in trying to
Shut him down because he can't last too long.

Roll out a carpet
Set him up in a bed
Lay him on his stomach
put a bucket near his head
Throw some ice down his t-shirt
Slap him in the face
Just because his paycheque didn't bounce
doesn't mean that he owns this place so won't you


Someone hold him up while he's emptying his bladder
and don't play him no country music because it might just make him madder
don't tell him no funny jokes he might vomit in your ear
but we should celebrate the drunkest night of his career


Took my hottie for gelati on a Saturday night
he was the first to mention that her clothes were on too tight.

Track Name: Devil's Dues
Devil's Dues

Uncle Dave Macon said to Sam McGee,
"Why don't you sing a little song for me?"
Sam said to Dave, "but my burden is so,
I think I might have hit another fork in the road

Chorus -
But the devil's got to pay his dues
even the devil's got to pay his dues
this devil's got to pay his dues
even the devil's got to pay his dues."

Macon said to Sammy "We're gonna drink some moonshine down."
Sammy said, "but it won't help me because my lady had a falling out"


Uncle Dave Macon said to Sam McGee - "Them women don't care about you or me
so deal out your hand there's some poker to win
come on and bet on this bottle of gin


Sam said, "You ain't got nothing when all you got is a bottle and a line. Without a lady for cussing and fussing there ain't no rhythm in this heart of mine."


So Sam pulled out a guitar and he picked on a tune
The tune had a lilt and it lit the saloon
Out walked dirty Maggie with her heart on her sleeve
said "If you gonna be singing come down and swing with me"


Macon said to Sammy "I'm gonna go with her for a while - you might get drunk and lonesome living Uncle Dave Macon style.

Track Name: Daddy Blue Eyes
Bye Bye, Daddy Blue Eyes

Daddy was a painter he knew my mama well
when he was home he loved her and he loved his children well
he lived hard and died that way and it's so hard to understand
he never lived his life too long but daddy was an honest man

I wasn't old when he had the stroke I was just a kid of ten
the town pulled together and helped us way back when
whatever wasn't needed he just gave it back again
Daddy believed there was worse off and Daddy was an honest man

(chorus) So Daddy my protector
Daddy my old friend
Daddy my surrender
to the ways not born again
Daddy be my healer
my teacher of goodbyes
Bye Bye Daddy - so long Daddy blue eyes.

He still climed ladders made some friends when he went back to work
Set a good example and still prayed and went to church
he never meant no one no harm and he stayed out of harms way
he taught us how he laughed and loved and lived on everyday

He used to drive me to my gigs and help to ease my mindI
I won't forget hanging with him and laughing all the while
I wish he'd be there for me now but that just ain't the plan
I'll remember all the things I learned from a good old honest man.


Daddy won't you please stay strong in our hearts and in our minds
May your memories be like rain dreams through all the tears we cry
Hold us in your ransom and may the price be eternity
You'll always be our Daddy - forever Daddy be.
Track Name: Heart Of Mine
Heart Of Mine

There ain't nothing in the world that I would rather do
Than be the happiest man who will ever be with you
To drift in the arms of a friend, lover or wife
To go to heaven with a smile on my face and love in my life

I'm hoping maybe that you'll see me through
Since the day we met and inside I knew
Lots of changes coming on this heart of mine
There's lots of changes coming on this heart of mine.

These kind words are all that I ask of you
Just a tear and a smile when the big old day is through.
Nowhere I'll go without you on my mind
I've been looking around this whole world for the meaningful kind

I'm going up to heaven with you in my heart
No matter where you'll go the seas will always part
Lots of changes coming on this heart of mine
There's lots of changes coming on this heart of mine.
Track Name: Going Out On My Own Again
Going Out On My Own Again

Catch you tomorrow when I'm going
And I'll be on my way
I'm going to travel to the end of the world
Where everyone feels the same

When I'm leaving please don't call my name
And tell me not to go on my way
Because I don't want to feel afraid
Going out on my own again

I'm going where the song and dance man
Breaks the silence with his song
I'm going where the laughter and smiles
Know where to belong


Catch you tomorrow when I'm going
Leaving your world behind
But I'll remember how you helped me
Kick my shoes off for a while.

When I'm leaving won't you call my name
and tell me you will see me on my way
Because I don't want to feel ashamed
Going out on my own
Going out on my own
Going out on my own again.
Track Name: The Other Side
The Other Side

I took all my shortcomings and made them into something
By seeing a bright future in the baddest of times
And some places I was fired and other places still desired
Doesn't really matter when there's no one on your side

Wide is the future - tall is the saddle - fast is the big horse
this pain of mine will ride on
Good are the people who will help me through the fire
I have seen the wreckage and I'm out the other side.

Those bills were there for paying
I was leaving they were staying
there wasn't much I wanted but escaping with some pride
and the preacher told me "Son, just remember who you are"
now I have seen the wreckage and I'm out the other side.


There's places we can go to be alone in nature
and heal from the silence when we reach the other side
Take away all longing from you see the morning light in plain view
The valley and the mountain are both on the other side.

(Chorus x 2)
Track Name: Tell Me Now
Tell Me Now

Searching for someone I know searching where the ragged people go
A never-ending song had sung inside my mind but it kept me moving on

Have you seen the man who dreamed he had seen my long lost friend?
If you know what I don't know - tell me now.

After finding shelter from a storm that blew so hard and left me starved and cold
I went out searching high and low and all I found was my shadow on this road.


Stolen truth has led my mind back to the times I loved her when we met
Fear has come and fear has gone and has led me to hate my deep will to forget.

Track Name: Ramble On, Gamble On
Ramble On, Gamble On

I don't want to see you - gambling all our money - rolling dice and shuffling them old cards all night
I don't want to see it when you win your million dollars and watch your common sense get out of sight.
Seeing all the strangers romance you by the dozen and so and so knows so and so's dying second cousin.
So if you want to stay here and gamble all our money, honey, funny you just looking for a fight.

(Chorus) - Roll on, shuffle on, ramble on, gamble on, slow down, cool down. Would somebody please shoot out the lights?

I had a friend who won lots of money and soon she took to running around
Had a lot of friends treat her like a banker and the scandals just sent her out of town
Police tried to arrest her for allowing miners access and then the calling came the next April for the taxes
She spent more in one month than she did in her lifetime and even now I don't see her because she's gone.

Chorus. x 2
Track Name: Past The Point Of No Return
Past The Point Of No Return

If you want to leave me I wouldn't blame you if you tried
Seems it's been forever since I've been goodbyed
But think back to what I told you when the flames began to burn
I'm past the point of no return.

Long days are passing when we can't see the light
Imagining life without your love don't get me through the night
So I'll go on believing that a fool will never learn
And I'm past the point of no return.

In restless days I wandered from shore to lonely shore
I couldn't seem to find you but I always found the door
Wishing that you were near me but with regrets I find
it's the reckless days I cherish when I had nothing on my my mind.

Now it seems I wander while the walls are closing in
I don't want to have to climb back from where ever I have been
So I'll just dream of heaven while the devil takes his turn
and I'm past the point of no return.
Track Name: Dear Mrs. Brown, You've Got A Lovely Daughter
Dear Mrs. Brown, You've Got A Lovely Daughter

(Chorus) Dear Mrs. Brown, You've Got A Lovely Daughter

Mrs. Brown I remember meeting you beside the turnstile at the fair
We hit it off like old friends and I asked if you had seen your daughter there
You told me where to find her but now she's gone
All my friends and I can't be wrong


I managed to buy a promise ring I hope you see it taped inside the note
Maybe if you see her you can read for her this poetry I wrote
My friends say I'm a nice all around chap
Not everyone can measure up to that


Mrs. Brown I know you just happen to be alone in this world too
Why is the one you love always has better things to do?
I hope that she'll be with you as we write
please tell her I'll be at home tonight.


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