There's A Train (2019)

by Dan Frechette



released August 14, 2019

Recorded in August 2019 at The Shed in Bonny Doon, CA.
All songs Music and Lyrics by Dan Frechette/Copyright 2019/SOCAN
Produced, recorded and mixed by Dan Frechette
All instruments played by Dan Frechette (vocals, acoustic 6 and 12 string guitar, electric guitar, bass guitar, drums, lap slide guitar, mandolin, autoharp, 8 string ukulele, harmonica.)


all rights reserved



Dan Frechette California

" of the best songwriters we've heard in a long time." - SingOut Magazine.

These recordings sound far superior when downloaded vs. streamed. Streaming is at basic 192 kbps and you can download at highest fidelity,

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Track Name: There's A Train
There's A Train

take the ride
there's no more reasons to be waiting there outside
to you they lied
but that's all behind you as you brave the storm inside
there's no place like here
in your heart I feel there's no need to run from fear
and I wish you well
and hope I'm part of all evil we'll dispell

there's a train - runs by here everyday and she's always right on time
goes the same way everyday
always the same and she'llease my closing mind

no more guessing games
no more wondering where the day is gonna go
no more freaks
and hippies smoking drinking and calling round for blow
now you'll be here
and i'll be here and holding what I hold so dear
and that's the simple life
and if we're bored we'll just go for a walk outside.

Track Name: Change

Change can make you love what you once had
the silence in the room won't make you glad
and the river won't shield you as you drift along the sandy shores
the wind won't take you home.

Change can make you stronger everyday
It can make you know that nothing is too strange.
Seeing truth as a disease that eats away can change
'cause change changes you.

Ooooh - and I know what you want
but you can't have it.

Change can make you glad to be alive
it can take away the fears that made you hide
and the life that held you will vanish and you will own your own world
and decorate its voids

Change can make you glad the way you are
it can even make you wish to go real far
I told you when you're feeling free
it will motivate the change
because change changes you.

Track Name: Crazy Sane
Crazy Sane

See the time go slipping by
See the life disappear away
it’s crazy sane

Every day I wake up with a new dream
to dream today
and I always take my time
knowing that someday
something will go right
and I won’t be so sad anymore


Every day I wake up with a new face
to face the day
and I do my job and live
knowing that someday
something will go right
and I won’t be so down anymore.
Track Name: Do You Believe It Would Be Wise?
Do You Believe It Would Be Wise?

Do you believe it would be wise
to take up all my wasted time
to find out while the dream is young
if it will lead me up or down?
To see the world before I'm led
to boast among my many friends?

Money isn't my lover
so I can't have any fun
I'm living like someone who's dumb
and nothing is getting done.

Do you believe it would be wise
to have the nicest clothes around
to buy most things that no one owns
to buy your dreams and die alone
because no one will really know you well
they'd only know what you could sell?


I would rather run the roads
of the ones with heavy loads
tattered lives and splendid souls
wearing smiles that show the hope
wearing eyes that show the pain
of being dragged
against the grain.

Track Name: Drunken Promises
Drunken Promises

I was hoping for changing
but life's not friend
when you have to meet
a new one again and again
and never knowing where you're going
having to forget where you been
thinking all your dreams
have been cradled in sin
and I'm moving beyond
these great empty walls
and your drunken promises
that are breaking my balls.

(chorus) Your drunken promises
they made me weep
my careless heart
was in too deep
I tried to surrender
I tried to fall
but your broken promises
have still got me by the balls.

I'm gonna get me a princess
New York City here I come.
Where you're never too old,
too smart, or too dumb.
And I'm gonna get this picture
in its place
no more fighting for a chance
in life's crazy race
and I'll do my best fighting
on the run from the laws
from your drunken promises
busting my balls.

Track Name: Keeping Secrets
Keeping Secrets

All I could think of
was I had too much on my mind to unload
and she noticed
so she took me in and taught me how to explode
She’s a welfare case
from the northern part of Young Street Winnipeg
and she knows
that keeping secrets doesn’t really work at all

It took some time
to tell her all the lies I had learned
I said goodbye
and she slipped her number in the pocket of my shirt
and then she drew the shades
and she gave me a start when she tore off her wig
and she told me
that keeping secrets doesn’t really work at all

All we can hide is the dark
All we can hide is the dark

I told her a secret and her eyes went wide as she tiptoed to the door
she said, “you’d better go now” and as I left she said, “sorry no cure”
Now when I see her face she reminds herself to turn around and walk away
and she told me keeping secrets doesn’t really work at all

Track Name: Mid-Life Crisis Blues
Mid Life Crisis Blues

I wanna feed this mid-life crisis
throw this old dog a bone
Rock and Roll for no reason
so I don’t have to feel alone

Don’t need no rose coloured glasses
don’t need no gold plated throne
Just let me feed this mid-life crisis
so I don’t have to feel alone

Gonna feed me a vat of moonshine
sit next to this old pile of chicken bones
feed me the sound and visuals
so I don’t have to feel alone

Got me no friends but got money
Got me nowhere to go
Gonna feed this mid life crisis
so I don’t have to feel alone


Sit me down in the simulator
get me a remote control
spend all my time and money
so I don’t have to feel alone

it’s my last chance I’m gonna take it
standing on a broken stone
we’re in this all together
or we’re all in this alone
I’m gonna have to live this way forever
so I don’t have to feel alone.
Track Name: Sometime

In the purple mist of sunrise
under the stardust deserts
I dreamed there was another
and she was just like you

Seems I knew if I could find my
way through this night alone
surely I could find my way to you again

I took a hard road up the mountain
I took a hard road down to the sea
take your time but you know I'm counting
someday you're coming around to me
Sometime - na na na na na na na na.
some sweet time
you might need me sometime
and I won't let you down.

I found ways to cherish
every heart you'd ever broken
every wish you'd twisted
and threw away the key
maybe time will teach you
that a good heart can't be broken
I've got a future
and I know it's got to be.

Track Name: Take Me
Take Me

I've been waiting for the sunshine
waiting for this girl of mine to come out from the cold
and I wake up each day to a new cup
and new world I can't shake up
without her all alone

take me take me from the city
take me to the country
cowboys always roam
take me to the world of lonely
where I can be her only
and somehow we'll be grown

These days haven't changed my memories
haven't changed my future
haven't changed my path
nothing to show but a pay stub a
a broken down old back rub and something in my dreams

(Chorus x2)
Track Name: Up So High
Up So High

I found out wicked things while I was gone
I found out everything is going wrong
and I found out nothing is wrong when I'm around
I found out wicked things while I was gone

I found out smoke is always in our sky
I found out someone is gonna die
I found out men are playing bigger parts
I found out no one out there has a heart

So I'm praising the Lord - down in the bayou
up to the heavens
up to the sky
up to the mountains
where you don't know why
the world ain't watching
you're up so high. x2

I found out genius brings its share of news
I found out pain brings out the smallest clues
I found out I have some work to do
I found out wicked things while I was gone.


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