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These Bridges Of Time (2019)

by Dan Frechette

Dancing Wind 02:13
Dancing Wind When everybody's walking out your door and your luck seems to have really hit the floor don't slow down when you're running away but retrace your footsteps back again to where you lived long time ago where the stormy dancing wind blows When you realize you're just another face in the crowd but all your disfigured features stand out your scars are only memories of horrid days of being beat where you lived long time ago where the stormy dancing wind blows When you're tired of always traveling east of Eden and your existence relies on everything you do don't fret now just let it show your burden has been tightly sewn on to your mind long time ago where the stormy dancing wind blows.
The Builder Song Build me a bridge that is made out of stones so my weary feet can walk over the waters Build me a bridge that leads to my home and my weary feet can walk on Build me a dam to save my homeland over the hills to the cropland below raise up the land so the water be dammed and my weary feet can walk on Build me a fence to shield off the wind that whistles and groans when the thunder roars low build me a fence to shield all within and my weary feet can walk on Build me a ladder so I can climb high and admire the land when the days grows long build me a ladder so I can dwell upon the stones that my weary feet did walk on that my weary feet did walk on that my weary feet did walk on
Radiance Of Glory (Chorus) Radiance of glory stands in torrents of rain over summits of mountains in the darkest of shade flows a silent stream out of his heart and into his soul where love has gone before and gathered yonder in the roads In the black night over troubled water he could not see too far beyond despite his crippled eyes and frozen feet he managed to disturb the dawn His toll was taken the spell it was cast When the sun would rise the eagles cry he thought he would awaken but he thought too fast a fate is truth and never lies Weakened by winds of previous nights he cried and wept among fellow dead he gazed into the cold and motionless eyes of the men whose regrets were left unsaid He stood beyond this great black light and beyond this light he could not see then approached the hands of God and he left behind his memory (Chorus)
Song About Me I want to sing you a song now a song about me just because I am lonely and I only know me my family is dead now my friends have moved away just say I'm a loner not much else to say I've got a lonely old bedroom with dust on the floor I've got a lonely old car got nowhere to go my family is dead now my friends moved away just say I'm a loner not much else to say (Bridge) I wish I had someone to sit in the sun with or to go out dancing at night or to watch all the games with and watch all the dames with man I would have a fine time but I'm just a loner you'd probably agree I'm no one's companion my best friend is me This song's almost done now this song about me if it's made you cry I'm sorry you see but when I sing my story nobody comes near to make me feel wanted to wipe off my tears. (Bridge)
Out In The Morning Taking in the scenery traveling to the west coast Riding in a Greyhound touring every one night stand You might think that I'd forgotten you but that wasn't my plan I was thinking about dropping in just to see you again Hey, hey look at the mountains don't they climb to the sky? I was thinking about the ghost towns around I won't see when I go by and I spend all my time talking to strangers I'll never know I gotta pray for someone like you but I know you're at home. (Chorus) I'm singing all night just to keep my old mind sane I'm singing all night just to keep the dark away and I hope out in the morning I'm gonna see my friend again. I bet all the folks on the bus are tired of me but just a couple are singing along getting their kicks like me and I hope you ain't forgotten me because that ain't my plan come watch me play another west coast one night stand. (Chorus)
The Tour 02:44
The Tour You can give me your hand you can close your sad eyes keep that lock of hair danging from your small pocket chain give regards to my friends give a kiss to my cheek and if you want me stay at least I'm ready to leave Show him our room you can hold him so near you go make him a meal tell him I'm gone you can passionately kiss dance our jukebox all night you can go and be happy like the way we knew how Show him the door and you'll get my new postcard I'm heading back from the tour playing my heart out for you I can come back unknowing I can come back still hoping I can give you my hand I can close my sad eyes
I Will 01:26
I Will If I run into a hassle where I can't be freed If I feel rather subdued or no one will help me If I'm put on display where the people run free I will fight I will fight I will fight If somebody lands in trouble has a glint in their eye if somebody is drowning and I know they may die If someone is hurt and can't remember their name I will save I will save I will save When you have a problem I will settle you down when you want comfort I will go the extra mile when you know how it feels to be loved not enough I will love I will Love I will love If somebody is hungry and I'm full of food If someone isn't busy and I have plenty to do and if someone is sad and I'm in a happy mood I will give I will give I will give
Paradise 03:05
Paradise I've got nothing against dreaming living dreams until they're true I want to make you happy because all this world makes you blue. (Chorus) I've worked hard all of my lifetime for all the things money won't buy If your loving were a mansion I'd always be in paradise. Can't forget the stormy weather slowing down the train we ride and I know that you've seen better but baby, that is why we try. (Chorus) I want to love you in a new way every day that I'm alive I want to show you worlds you show me just by staring in your eyes (Chorus)
Leave Your Troubles Behind (Chorus) Leave your troubles behind and listen to my song Leave your troubles behind and listen to my song Leave your troubles behind and listen to my song Don't tell me that your world's the only world that's going wrong. There's war on the poor war on the lonesome war on the needy endless lines of children war on greed war on confusion we're going to the commune start a revolution (Chorus) California's falling in the sea A bum on the corner starving because of me and I'm sticking flowers in the guns of every tall damn freak been coming around (Chorus) We're gonna fight alone on no one we'll depend because heaven ain't a bomb like the world wants to pretend so for what we can defend we'll find in our own way this city dream will die in us when we leave this little cage (Chorus) It's not hard to turn away from a life we've always known someday the caveman spirit will not be overthrown because life gets lived alone if you're fighting in a cage walking on a treadmill everyday to get rent paid. (Chorus)
Colonel John 02:41
Colonel John Colonel John and Corporal Ron played golf all summer that the war was on and now it's gone Leaders we respected were elected and rejected all the marching songs the government started doing their jobs and the wars were gone and everyone got three plates a day they set up compost refuse toilets started hemp farms and threw the national debt away. They didn't want to end the world the government the government became our pals big brother wasn't watching us he was winking at little brother's gal nobody could tell what all that ancient old fuss and war was for good thing there ain't no money now because nobody is rich and nobody is poor. (chorus) Let the gas stations run dry let's walk and meet some friends let's shoot out all the TV's stop eating all the trends get to know all of the people instead of hiding in a box now that money is bullshit I guess it's us who talks. Colonel John and Corporal Ron ain't got no job but now they've got it paid they got water supplied and food supplied to subsidise the sacrifices that they made all the lawyers, men with hats, and dimplomats have lost their islands in the sun so the rest of us can farm the land and tear down the walls they built around everyone. (chorus x3)
You've Got Nothing On Me (Chorus) Ooooh you've got nothing on me ooooh you know it's plain to see ooooh you've got nothing on me and I've got nothing on you. I went over very well singing songs in that old hotel it felt so good but could they tell that I've got nothing on you (Chorus) And my mama told my daddy play guitar and I'll sing pretty daddy told her "just sing it with me because I've got nothing on you." (Chorus) I got drunk the other day when you went the other way you told me you found a new place to stay and that I've got nothing on you. (Chorus) Goodbyes are funny when they make a lot of sense If you think about it, baby, it's no accident saying goodbye may be all that we meant and I've got nothing on you (Chorus) My side of the bed it sinks to the fllor since I don't see you anymore It don't matter where I've been before Because I've got nothing on you. (Chorus) Shoot me with your pistol and I'll shoot you with my gun if we keep on going it's gonna be fun The further we get the more we'll get done and I've got nothing on you. (Chorus)
Ernie, The Volkswagen Driver (Chorus) He's Ernie, the Volkswagen driver the dude with the beard and the dreads He's got conga drums and a pocket full of crumbs and a song rolling around in his head. Life's too short to be lonely he made himself so many friends from doctors to lawyers to Benny the bum Life just never ends. (Chorus) Everybody puts Ernie down Because he lives in his Volkswagen bus Because he is happy the world it is jealous and the cops made a hell of a fuss They wrote up a rule for old Ernie they called it a vagrancy charge Ernie can't get away with nothing because life has just got to be hard. (Chorus) The moral of this story The moral of this song is the law will make an outlaw of someone who's exactly where they belong. (Chorus)


released May 3, 2019

Recorded and mixed on May 2, 2019 at The Shed in Bonny Doon, CA.

All songs by Dan Frechette except "You've Got Nothing On Me" by Dan Frechette/Tania Elizabeth. Copyright 2019 (All songs registered with SOCAN)

Dan Frechette - Vocals, Acoustic Guitar, Mandolin, Banjo, Bass, Drums.

The recording of this album was inspired by "Cisco Houston Sings The Songs of Woody Guthrie."

Album cover photography by Donna Green.


all rights reserved



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