Ticket To The Wild (1994)

by Dan Frechette

Bourbon Road 03:06
Bourbon Road So many times I'd wished I'd stayed back on Bourbon Road The place where any drifter boy can call their home Today all I see is day jobs big snobs robbing me of what I got and lost youth it seems oh so far away Bourbon road was where I came of age My mind was strangled by visions of the future days I was thrown out at 19 to be in a stranger's land with nothing but a dream to be someone's lover no one wants to die alone on Bourbon Road (Chorus) Bourbon Road Bourbon Road where you can count on being gone before you go Down on Bourbon Road So many happy nights were spent until the frozen dusk Rap talk over busted bottles and the sound of dust and if it all would have went my way I would have never followed my fate just stayed there right where my heart felt right at home On Bourbon Road (Chorus) That’s where I lived when I was 21 years old
The Hired Gun The hired gun did justice wrong his heart is iced his blood is cold with no one around to tag along he stands alone with eyes to kill his murderous soul is worn like a cold doffed as the heat of relief runs high the hired gun is a soft spoken man and black are the questions that lead him to lie It was the night when something stilled a lightning flash revealed a corpse clad in deciduous leaves and mud an ex lover drenched in bullet holes out in the open warfare fields someone out there rang a gun and some have been misled to warm that a night of storm is a time of love well the morning sun refuses to shine the sound of wonder is all that remains the hired gun has left behind all the reasons why he came the hired gun did justice wrong but he is gone like the endless night but endless nights return my friend be sure to watch for him tonight
Ticket To The Wild I wasn't any accuser before I left my home and my family remembers me too bad I left them alone I knew these one time lovers and these go-go dancers before i fell on your trail leaving my dusty tracks on a big world. I've been reading the magazine trying to figure out the times with my feet heading nowhere barely a memory in mind hey, I say there ain't no stopping what just has never begun I don't live by any curfews half risen stands the sun. This is all I have left a one way ticket to the wild reminiscing like a has-been who left it all for a while I'd love to ask you my question am I the innocent one braving every storm around here just to see what I can overcome one more time?
Downhill Road Before Take it easy, darling you don't want that kind of world it's too much to endure you'll get stranded you might like the way those drunks and losers talk but whatever they haven't lost they're gonna lose (chorus) I been down the downhill road before too bad nobody told me not to walk on down I been down the downhill road before and it ain't my fault that I am still around Take it easy darling those people ain't your friends they only want you to go down with them you might like the way they try to knock me down just because I've been around and I care (chorus x2)
Jimmy 02:21
Jimmy There's a man out on the street his name is Jimmy Well he plays the fool so call doesn't go by the rules at all he's kind of poor got no family life no home at all wonders what he's missing out on is it the high class life? hey Jimmy? (Chorus) Jimmy, why don't you go back to school? Learn that there's no golden rule dancing in the darkness ain't no good. His mama told him, "Baby you can stay out late I might not be home tomorrow." yeah but she didn't know her baby's ways had a plan to hang with the clan it was a classic case of dead end street blowing his mind on cracker jacks and other knick knacks so what's he missing out on? The high class life? Jimmy? (Chorus)
The Law Is Down Well I'm trying to find the answers in my hunt to hunt the key well the night is going backwards I have a devil staring down at me I have to fight I can't understand before this law ever went down you could sing yourself to sleep girl without bringing the policeman down. As I grew tired and listless the love I was fighting for had bribed herself into wondering wondering who I was for the time, the place, it all seemed right before this law ever went down you could take your freedom for granted without stepping on someone's ground. The man at the end of the table with his cards and his gun in sight is the man who is trying to threaten my girl into taking his side well, he'll have to get past this game first before this law ever went down you could bet that you'd be living after you put your best hand down. best hand down. best hand down.
The Fox 03:33
The Fox I didn't get much of a good night sleep reality tumbling down the stairs I know you treat me like a king always thought we'd make a pair but games or no games I love you the same though I hardly see the mask you wear It's plain as day your naked face to me it isn't fair (Chorus) You came out like a fox through the wilderness you stalked I could never hunt you down you were never to be found but I know you're just another with another kind of lover Now I'm awakened by the thoughts I've had since I've known you there's nothing wrong with being whatever comforts you You are all I'd need to make me whole again I'll be one with you and not feel less a man. (Chorus)
It's Hard To Find A Heart It's hard to find a heart you can easily believe in that you know from the start that you know from under your skin nothing can touch this love and nothing can dive in and steal away the happiness from outside and within (Chorus) Waiting for the gentle rain to wash the loneliness away be certain that these days were meant to be It's tough to find a heart that will make you run away from any kind of first embrace from any kind of smiling face but anything's enough now what should I expect? I'm growing old I'm growing old. Waiting for the gentle rain to wash the loneliness away be certain that these days were meant to be the joy of freedom seems a myth there's no one here to share mine with to wash the loneliness away be certain that these days were meant to be so free (Bridge) I don't want to wait another day it's just another day that everybody takes for granted I know you want someone to talk to I know you want someone to care hold me sometime It's hard to find a heart It's tough to find a heart
The Green Kingdom (chorus) The green kingdom is for you and me The green kingdom is the place to be it's a little world across the sea where the mermaids flow and birds fly high. I got your letter just the other day You said you'd hate to stay another day you said we need to find a place to escape where the mermaids flow and birds fly high. (chorus) At the green kingdom we can laugh about the future and the past it's a world from where we're at where the mermaids flow and birds fly high. The green kingdom is for you and me The green kingdom is the place to be. The green kingdom is for you and me The green kingdom is the place to be.
Soul Searching Started out weakened out in the sticks busted broke and battered cigarette smoke burning my nostrils sagging eyes and clouded dreams back in the days when everything was too real afraid of the unknown I tilted my head downwards and walked on soul searching But I met up with someone who I couldn't love forever I danced from one love to the next my heels full of blood from busted hearts back in the days when everything was normal I stole their smiles and lingered on soul searching Why I spent my glory days passed out in train stations listening for boarding calls out in the street not listening to the law breaking my head on construction sites back in the day I didn't know what God wanted of me when I listened to my heart rode on soul searching On the day I found you I had nothing to lose my ears were hollow there was no good news forever seemed to pass me by eternity was just a day gone by back in the days when you found me lost I didn't know that's what you thought I'd say I was soul searching
Diamonds And Rings Keep with the rhythm of the night you may not be as naive as the time goes by Everyone needs to ease their pain we gotta stick together like diamonds and rings Keep with the singers of the band if you don't know the words then just pretend you sure can care but you can't understand before you fall you've got to learn how to stand (Chorus) You gotta stick together like diamonds and rings hey hey hey come on come on come on come on oh yeah hey hey hey hey hey Keep with the music in your head -learn to relax you need to know when you're going to come back close your eyes and come on home you gotta drive the car before you can crash time is your army and it's dying away listen to the beauty you hear of today you gotta join a team that knows how to win and stick together like diamonds and rings (Chorus)


released December 31, 1994

All songs by Dan Frechette (SOCAN) Copyright 1994. Except "The Green Kingdom" (music and lyrics by Dan Frechette and Mark Klassen)
Dan Frechette: Vocals, Harmonica, Acoustic and Electric Guitar, 12 String acoustic guitar, Electric guitar bass, Drums.

All songs home recorded in Pinawa, Manitoba in 1994, early 1995.


all rights reserved



Dan Frechette California

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