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Waking The Wild Dawn (2018)

by Dan Frechette

Love Is Stronger Than Fear Old worn heart broke out of a bad dream took a cold hard look at all the roads and the grand schemes Chorus: Oh - Love Is stronger than fear love is a song that you’ll hear Love is stronger than fear whether far whether near You can fight against luck not seeing good you’re shown like lovers pointing fingers when the garden’s overgrown (Chorus) (bridge) He could be standing in his own way his capacity to dream stolen by pain how could this crime punish the innocent and free how the law made an outlaw out of you and me To release the fear and let the love rage whoever read a storybook without turning a page? (chorus) He had no money and a credit card he had a girl who was riding him hard took some hell to go as low as he’d go intentions were changed and the life blood flowed So he appreciated whatever he could and paid it forward to the greater good (Chorus x2)
A Happy Song 04:08
A Happy Song Count yourself blessed These times ain't a test What's real feels the best Your hunger's at rest There's no more hearts to claim No more roads to choose No more paths to fame No more lessons to refuse (Chorus) You've gone on so long Why not sing a grateful song? You've missed out so long Why not sing a happy song? You live in the mountains In the nest of these redwood lands You have friends and admirers giving you helping hands Inside there's a fire No friend or foe could quell No sense ending desire but of the consequence it could spell (Chorus) Closed eyes are unknowing Unanswered questions are left burning Turned backs are unmoving Given hearts not returning (Solo) Now you'll find your way Just living it day by day No more hearts to choose knowing the one you still could lose Give up desire passions can change to a new kind of fire that doesn't estrange (Chorus x2)
Every Second We're Together You won't hold me to a dream that's leading us down an empty stream I'm feeling strange can't let you be there's nothing but this mess of me (Chorus) And I won't meet your needs every second we're together and I won't cut you to see you bleed so please don't bring the stormy weather There's a million ways to live there's million more ways to give it can't just be ABC I'll let you fly and I'll set you free (Chorus) So many people hide the corpse of soul that's forever gone and died If you meet me half the way chances are the soul we are will stay. (Chorus x2)
Monterey Sun 03:14
Monterey Sun (Chorus) Monterey Sun til the fog starts rolling in feel like I’m going from hell to heaven in one sweet day Monterey Sun things will either get better or they’re just gonna die I’m hanging don’t ask me way I’m gonna stay I still have friends some of them want to hang out soon it just comes down to picking an afternoon when everyone’s free I’m laying low and there ain’t nowhere else I’d rather know I’d just be stuck in the rain and snow and dreaming of here (Chorus) I’m about to chew some bitter pill while I’m walking against my will on heaven’s doorstep I’d love to carry on sitting around singing song after song but I take this heaven now as it comes (chorus)
Song Long Gone I haven't heard this song since I loved you last and I'm not supposed to care because we're all in the past and I've moved on with a new love on my arm and there's no need to worry no need for alarm I don't like the song as much as you did It doesn't make me care about who you've been with It's just a song long gone ain't heard it for so long there's beauty and power in finding a new song The ancient times when I held your hand and cared about you tried to believe in plans I regret how it died how you decide to hide while I'm out living life with no questions inside you were in a trance compromised circumstance when it came time to run I had long drawn a blank there were beautiful worlds left for us to discover and no way we could see it when we were still lovers And all I'd want from you is a smile and a call some way to destroy your deadly cold wall you're still alive but to me you don't bleed a faded figment friendship that we used to be I've rambled through the lands you've called home the past five years My heart is sadness regret and old unshed tears no light on this mistress of fears you're just a mystery that I long through the years
Butterfly 03:11
Butterfly I’m going out west where the sun don’t shine wishing that my baby was a friend of mine She’s looking real gentle and feeling kind of sad I know I want to lover her and I feel so bad She’s been busy and I been down been living too deeply trying to gain ground in the summer time the west runs dry and I’ll tell her how I feel catch a butterfly (Chorus) It ain’t fun being caught for the butterfly so she’ll hang on and not know why and she knows if she let’s go I’ll remember the trail of the Alamo and i’ll remember the way I’ll be running back home In the evening I feel like my thoughts run on and in the daytime running to chase a song but the river is shouting and I can’t hear my mind and I’m wishing that my baby was a friend of mine (Chorus) I’m going out west where the sun don’t shine wishing that my baby was a friend of mine
Why You Flyin? You got what you wanted now what do you know? Gotta stay at the top and let your moment show It'll never pass this way again maybe you'll be the friend that everybody wants to know It's up to you somebody's waiting for you to go (Chorus) Where you going? What is all this for? Why you flyin? There's no open doors. Only dying can remind them what you living for No one is wrong except those picking sides taking rides Watch the drama and the jesters rolling in the tides You'll be missed when the future subsides from your plans And to replace you will be another we'll exalt like fools again (Chorus x2)
What Love Became So much time has run on we're running on time to another broken rhyme reading between lines So you were meant to be but maybe it's me I've got to move on stir up the song stop slowing this down (Chorus) Time will tell you it's cool that we did what we had to do the only things good are true and worth living through Upon my windowpane I will hang a shrine in your name forever as I look out and away from what love became Looking back at places we'd been what did that mean? to not be alone to see where we'd gone I'm thinking ahead to the same stuck in a moving frame wondering where times could go if we had the world on our own (Chorus)
The Calm Ocean They took me sailing Across the ocean where otters play in the water There were dolphins and sweet reflections friendship clouds and laughter (chorus) In morning mist the calm ocean reminded me of easy childhood and dancing otters so close by you could almost touch them Then we went rinsed off our sand and ate at a Mexican diner I ate some cactus we talked and answered new friends bonding together
Unsung Days 05:25
Unsung Days As I kiss your old dreams goodbye and look at the fear in your eyes as you walk the plank of broken hearts old news and fading goodbyes Looking out at what we’ve become across the mountain where we are going when you’re through with me at least you’ll be singing a brand new song (Chorus) Don’t be looking at our unsung days memories fading off in the distance when no one is calling you home no one is waiting for you anymore like an old dog crawling through town don’t let the rain get you down time will heal pain you feel while waking the wild dawn with your heart aches in pawn And there are old ties bent and withdrawn think you know someone next day they’re gone looking daylight straight in the face and seeing nothing but things out of place old ties getting chill by the hour I used to laugh at the souls running away out to the city looking for action and killing their faith (Chorus) I look forward to thin threads of light and Woody Guthrie jamming trashed in the pasture taking a whiff, braving a shift, making his strings sing real I don’t care what becomes of the nights we’re both on our own in the city thinking back to lives we left may the future be our cause. (Chorus)
A Future Together Sweetheart like you needs A young heart like mine To hold you in sunsets take your heart in time I watch you wrap your hair around my longing skin while I dream of some kind of future together we'll belong in. I'll take you by sunrise because you awaken me high numbers keep me counting all the things that you need I've been a has-been wannabe and my path wears thin while I dream of some kind of future together we can be in. Don't shine your light on any other fool Just know I'll get you when frustration is no longer my school I'm gonna hit the hard road with my conscience made of tin while I'm dreaming of a future together we'll belong in while I'm dreaming of a future together we'll belong in while I'm dreaming of the future together we'll belong in.


released November 7, 2018

All instruments by Dan Frechette except Violin and harmony vocals on "Butterfly" by Laurel Thomsen.

All songs by Dan Frechette Copyright 2018 SOCAN.

Album cover photo at Roaring Camp Marshall's Office in Felton, California by Laurel Thomsen.


all rights reserved



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