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Where's My Gloria? (2012)

by Dan Frechette

There Was Good Lovin' There It was early in the autumn of his 34th time around in the coldness of the dawn light he heard the lilting sound her fiddle strings sang soft nad sweet like rose petals in the dew he looked into her eyes and the future and he knew they played a tune before the day dawned light upon the earth they played so sweet together and it signaled a new birth the joy in all the people who stopped by to behold the song of love personified in this new story untold (chorus) You could tell by their eyes there was good loving there the way he walked beside her the way she touched her hair inside was burning passion could they find a way? to make this love together before she'd have to go away? She was to be leaving back for a northern town sometime down the line and he was aching and yearning knowing there was no way to stop the time when they were together time only stopped when they'd play otherwise it went too fast and there was so much to say and the people all around them knew something was going on the love rang deep and mighty and the passion was the song he held her in the moonlight every time she'd stop to stay and whwen he'd let go inside he'd promise things he'd never say. (chorus) He knew she'd be the greatest kiss they had ever known she knew he'd keep her up so late they'd never leave her home there was romance in the twilight and songs only they'd hear when love was in the air it seemed the sun would shine so clear and they knew it had to be this way soon she would be gone and his heart would be broken because her journey was so long so they spent all the time together their little hearts could stand and played and kissed and laughed and talked and held each others hands.
Rocking On A Stereo I don't know, honey, what I've been told Jesus taught the sinners how to rock n' roll He put them in a room cranked up the tunes before too long they were howling at the moon all it takes, baby, is some rocking on a stereo. Listening now there's nothing I crave Nobody's learning from the greats these days. They think music started when they hit the ground. But I have faith the good won't let us down 'cause all it takes, baby, is some rocking on a stereo. (chours) Rockin me baby on a stereo takes my mood where we wanna go Good times and songs and words with wings something for everyone to dance and sing Rocking me baby on a stereo takes my mood where we wanna go all the people need is a rocking on a stereo. When I was a kid it was the loners who made it now it's the homecoming queens and the track stars who take it. and just because you're cute it don't mean that you sing popularity means nothing all that it takes is some rocking on a stereo. When's the last time you heard a new song hit the radio waves and it made you sing along? Made you want to find the record and make the song your own the song was your friend and you never felt alone all the people need is a rocking on a stereo. (chorus) I'm about to give up on this silly game playing my songs, trying to get a name maybe someday down the line somewhere a melody I made will be ringing in the air but all I needed was a rocking on a stereo. Maybe you'll wonder where the tune came from maybe you'll dance and you start to sing along but it will be too late to see me in my prime too late to save all the saints from the crimes all that we needed was rocking on a stereo. (chorus)
Drifting On Our Own I'm just a guy who's sad because bad love has made me blue You're a lady who's been through the third degree I know we'd make a perfect pair and be done the losing blues but our walls are built from broken memories. I'd show you how easy it would be to sail the sea of broken hearts we'd sail eternally. I've gone to sea only to meet another chance I'd blown. Heavy hearts won't float we've missed the boat we're drifting on our own. While we drown in all the broken hearts we never wished to be off in the sunset it is certain there's a storm It will last the cold long night and still you won't cling to me We'll try to keep our cold hearts safe and warm Again the sun will shine upon the sea of broken hearts and I'll dream I'll find no other heart of stone So there won't be another night so close yet so far apart Heavy hearts won't float We've missed the boat We're drifting on our own.
Don't Know Where I Stand (chorus) Well I don't know where I stand When you don't know who I am Once upon a time there were prettty love letters and walking in the sand. And I don't know where I stand but I can give you a man Who would try to kill his feelings just as fast as he can when you don't know who I am. Before things changed we kissed like the moonlight in the European wind. When my heart waves goodbye like a raven with the tired wings. Now I stand on the summit of my dream know your love ain't blind you could see through me baby and maybe this sin of time. (chorus) And these guessing games just ain't for me there's only sorrow down the line. I was in awe of the idea of me being some keeper you'd find And what a sin it is to have to be so close in order to find that all of this past we're living is just a waste of time. (chorus)
I Didn't Ask For Love (chorus) I didn't know I didn't know I didn't know I didn't ask for love x2 Such a heavy heart with blue burning eyes I didn't ask for love. Such a mysterious mind with a soul for a disguise I didn't ask for love. I didn't want to care just be free as the air that I can no longer breathe and the fear that's in you is the same fear in me I didn't ask for love. (chorus) From nights of such bliss to this meaningless kiss I didn't ask for love. From a schoolkid of dreams to a man of such schemes I didn't ask for love. I didn't want to find you and derail a life So lonesome with pathos and sweet selfish strife and it's sad to be asked to go under the knife I didn't ask for love. (chorus) There's good in your heart like there's some good in mine I didn't ask for love It hurts when you have to care all the time I didn't ask for love The sound of the drunk in the falling rain is the sound of compassion screaming your name and you can just sit there and dole out the blame but I didn't ask for love. (chorus)
Someday Around The Bend My faith is running clean I'm gonna marry the captain's daughter She can ride my new machine out on the highway from the slaughter I'll make music with her body We can chinwag before and after Done trying now start flying Replace the ice now with the laughter (chorus) No sense quitting at the end This old fire could use a friend with whatever heart I've left to spend wait someday around the bend. She'll be unafraid of demons We'll let our issues dance together. We won't misuse the time fussing only sweet peace could teach us better We'll be busy raising children Taking time out for sweet weather the only reason I am singing Is because I still ain't met her. (chorus x2)
Where's My Gloria? I've been on hold so long I've forgotten what I'm holding on I wonder where's my Gloria? Good luck disappointing me you can just wear jeans to have a good time. I wonder where's my Gloria? Who knows what the future holds as long as it holds my heart in the discount bin expired there's a bum wheel on her cart? I have a crush on you you don't have to like me back and you know it's true I wonder where's my Gloria? Everyone else it seems Tells me they've been wishing they were me. But where's my Gloria? Free to fly but I feel I'm so far back in line Where's my Gloria? I lost what I was looking for was she Crystal, Jane, or Jenny? I'll appreciate what I've got even though I don't get any. Just some friends, and some empty holes to fill with all the trends. Where's my Gloria? Someday the lady will be there in plain view Until then there ain't too much else left to do. Is being right so wrong? When she ain't right I'll tell her in a song Where's my Gloria? It's funny circumstance some make you cry some make you want to dance? I wonder where's my Gloria? I'll be right here to meet her when the luck comes shining through Everyone will have to understand my point of view As I discard another heart who tells me that I'm not worthy of you. Wonder where's my Gloria?
The Neverending Song You follow the trends I see through your eyes nothing ever ends it all just dies within time you have nothing to show after all these years I guess you can't grow out of all your fears and it's also clear (chorus) It takes a lot of time because you don't know what you found 'til it slips out of your hands and it takes an open mind 'cause you can't grow 'til you found what has slipped out of your hands It's tough to find somebody to love the man by your side may not be enough with your luck no place to hide - no one to blame been through that but I don't feel ashamed of my fate.
Another Sunny Day On The Wasteland If I love you - why don't I trust you? I have a heart why can't I give it away? You are lonesome and oh so beautiful And in your freedom you've led me to stray (Chorus) It's another sunny day in the wasteland it's these loving old tears in your arms it's another rocky day on the flat road and another lonesome day in your arms You leave me cold without warning and I guess that's what I should get I'm living through my karma of ages and you're the most dangerous yet. (Chorus) You can lose me in the wink of your hearbeat and never you'll see me again you don't know how it feels to love you cause it's some place I never have been (Chorus)
Pray The Lost May Be Found There's a child in my dreams who never cries never screams A child who walks through every darkenend door. Who feels the state of the world knows of the danger unfurled who creates peace with a song while the world is at war. (chorus) Time is slow far away in a broken home Where love doesn't live only pain in a heart to give. And the child may grow in a world comfort seldom knows May they grow and find their place. Pray the lost may be found by grace. A child growing in pain will search for who can hang a name on every lie they've been told. A child growing in love wants to love the world so much how do we build a dream unsold? (chorus) There's a child in my dreams who never cries never screams A child who walks through every darkenend door.
You Can't Make Me Die Leaving beats drowning in misperceptions blown out of proportion lies dreaming 'til the time comes when I'm living in your eyes I'll find a home without walls out where the cuckoos won't fly you'll see me on down the road you can't make me die. When dawn is spread across the road and my wheels are turning fast Away from the dirty, sad world mythical shadows cast and all the immune reputations will have to find their new fall guy you'll see me on down the road you can't make me die. Hearts with shining eyes souls who've found their way path of least resistance is a world I'm bound to stay. Some people say redemption is the straightening of the tale but I've lately deemed once exemption being around those who've doomed me to fail so on the account of those stagnating I'll use my two middle fingers to fly You'll see me on down the road you ain't gonna make me die You'll see me on down the road you can't make me die.
For Leaving Me Here This Way It seems years since I've felt at home deep inside I'm confused and alone and it's all your fault for leaving me here this way I shouldn't look to you for a shoulder should have found someone colder or older it's always me who's left out here this way (Chorus) and tomorrow's a year and suddenly you'll appear like you never left but things change inside since I best be on my own ground feeling like a broken heart You've changed so much I can't count on your face there's evil in placing too much faith so I'll let you go for leaving me here this way (Chorus) It seems years since I've felt at home deep inside I'm confused and alone and it's all your fault for leaving me here this way and it's all your fault for leaving me here this way


released December 31, 2012

All songs written by Dan Frechette. Copyright 2012. All songs registered with SOCAN.

All songs recorded in Winnipeg 2010-2012.

Dan Frechette - Vocals, Acoustic 6 and 12 string guitars, harmonica, electric guitar, bass, drums, banjo, mandolin, dobro.

Album cover photo by Robert Yanasak.


all rights reserved



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