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After The Fire (2022)

by Dan Frechette

Make Me Come Alive - (music and lyrics by Dan Frechette) I've got my hands on my destiny She's the one who heats my every chill. I've got a feeling deep inside me she's always gonna be my thrill. I've been running around the world just to find the time To come home to find the girl who's been on my mind to be there with her everywhere make me feel so good inside (chorus) Make me come alive. make me come alive and make me come alive. I've got to wait a little longer. Seems the day is slow and cold and sad. The sun don't shine without her but there ain't no way I'm feeling bad. She's been in my life each night telling me what she sees. Everything she wants to love has to do with me. Everything she wants to know she wants just to help me to dream. (chorus)
Money Shouldn't Talk That Strong (Music and Lyrics by Laurel Thomsen) Just bubbles in a bathtub the poison was seeping to the bone alone In time the sages warn, no sign of a savior we mourn oh no When selling off our decency ain't a crime sends empathy cowering to the corners of our minds and nature sends an SOS what could be wrong? Money shouldn't talk that strong (Chorus) Let's talk strong about our dreams celebrate our differences Talk strong about the future Love our planet home Find honestly in our struggles courage in our strengths Let's talk until our sameness shines through like we're supposed to do. People without hope live their lives by their fears And evil seems to grow in all the neighbors we're afraid to know Scarcity echoes through our minds Divided up we're lost of any voice that we could find our puzzle pieces scatter where do we all belong? Money shouldn't talk that strong. (Chorus) When Bob and Phil and Joni wrote their songs oh so long ago Did they see a future time living the same stories they sang to you? Know the world still carried by the poor Color, race, religions just steps from prisons door Let's catch this moment start a new song because money shouldn't talk this strong. (Chorus)
Country Beauty Queen - (music and lyrics by Dan Frechette) She was born upon a farm in the year of '83 she was the quintessential country beauty queen there's seldom queens in country life but she deserved a crown when she took her litlle brother out to play she was the talk of Clementstown. (chorus) She was on the mind of every lonesome dreamer Looking for the road that was rising up to meet her She didn't realise all the eyes that cried goodbyes when she fell in love. She met him out on the street serenading for a dime something captivated her she was hanging on a rhyme somewhere along the skies above the rain came tumbling down and they ran away that summer day to find some higher ground. (chorus) Life was writing pages and turning them so fast she had no chance to look behind to see what chapter passed. Somewhere along the skies above their dreams were flying high and everytime she kissed him it would distance every guy she didn't know why love found her she'd never been aware of hearts beating with every meeting until she found him there. (chorus x2)
Tricky 06:21
Tricky (Music and Lyrics by Dan Frechette) This place is cramping our style, love There's somewhere else we can fly Only thing that matters It's a matter of time We can stop blaming one another Or the fact we both don't belong If there were changes in the weather where maybe nothing could go wrong (Chorus) It's tricky so tricky to get it right It's tricky when our darkness is seen in the light It's tricky so tricky you might miss your flight It's tricky when there's nothing when you take a bite We can live out our primes here, love and look back at our primes being lost We can sell emptiness and add plans to the cost Find our way to the mecca where we'll be swept in a wave I'll always be behind you It's our safe in our cave. (Chorus) Crawl through the underworld, love Find a new home in the sun Where time will not be squandered and the battle will be won (Chorus)
Ransom Of Love (Music and Lyrics by Laurel Thomsen) There's a crack where a little love can flow a little love, a little joy, a little laughter They're calling their names in the streets filled with pain 'til the break and the bow forever after (Chorus) Waiting on the moon waiting on the tides waiting on a moment that just feels right To toss out all these reasons to not stake this claim A ransom of love calling a ransom of love On the way to a goal which most will never know never care, never find, never look for Long for what we have and we'll find no better salve and what we seek can be forever, now and after (Chorus) Stars play tricks in the dreamers eyes Nowhere to go these endless skies There's a child in her room calling swallows across the moon through the cold and the mist and a sadness but far beyond her world is a feeling that's reserved for the guns and the saints forever after. (Chorus)
Beale Street 03:45
Beale Street - (Music and Lyrics by Dan Frechette) On Beale Street was where I found you you were looking for a stained glass window to hang in a church you go to I pointed you to a place where they sell stain glass they make but all you wanted to do was get to know me through and through. (chorus) Now you know me and now that you know me in 5 days or so we'll marry you know me and now that you know me and we'll sail on the love boat ferry. You say you've seen me in your dreams I can't say what that means but girl I hope that you've been seen in my dreams too. On Beale Street we walk today and our life is pretty plain we dream of eclipses of the sun and the moon we don't know what the future holds as much as what the future held but I know that a Beale Street house will be our home soon. Now you know me and now that you know me we're sailing on the love boat ferry you hold me and you unfold me and in five days or so we'll marry x2
Colfax Harbor - (Music and Lyrics by Dan Frechette) In the ruins of Colfax Harbor, sits a girl who is waiting for her ship to come in Standing down by cool water dedicating her day to her long lost friend (Chorus) It was bound to happen soon a sweet kiss embraced by the moon Further up the lonesome trials of time She could find nobody there the fog was thick her wet eyes stare through dreams Of a most natural crime Echoing words of a promise that he told her so many nights before I will meet you in the harbor and I will line your heart with silver and gold. (Chorus) Those days they were cherished She dreamed of houses, beaches, walks in the park She begins to see the big moon sinking As crimson begins to make its way through the dark The telegram came the next morning a solemn man with a message of pain The ship it sank off Colfax Harbor ten miles from where his golden heart lain (Chorus)
If A Wave 03:44
If A Wave (Music and Lyrics by Laurel Thomsen) If a wave began right here Would you hold it tight and empty let it disappear? Or let it flow find other ways Let it pick you up and carry you grow into an ocean You can part a wave from the sea. (Chorus) My world begins with me From here to all I see I own these wounds and the flowers that grow free My world begins with me And if love began right here would you still look for another hide away in fear? Or would you feed it's tiny light? Let it breath out with and through you merge with all the love out there you can't part a spark from the fire. (Chorus) We're still looking for the answers we thought we knew and wishing on the same dreams the whole world through You can't part a wave from the sea. And if peace began right here Would you count it as a sweet luck Push needy souls clear? Or set it free on little wings Small forces felt around the world spread out to eternity you can't part the breeze from the air. (Chorus)
Hey, It'll Be OK - (Music and Lyrics by Dan Frechette) You can't say that it's over So many do survive Just spend your days being grateful Happy to be alive And everywhere there's misfortune and everywhere there's light We can see what we perceive and hey, it's alright (Chorus x2) It's OK, it'll be OK You can't change the people but you can dance in faith You can see the moon and sun and the stars and say hey, it'll be OK Look out at the survivors So many learning to live Of those who play with fire there are those we can forgive Some people fighting for freedom and some people fighting the free We all must die in grace while making history (Chorus x2) Chances are you're broken Chances are you'll heal Don't shy away from truth, babe Learn how to feel. You're not alone, my friend Take a look around We're all sheltered in these houses without a sound. (Chorus)
Together Again - (Dan Frechette) If I could stay here a real long time then you'd know it's because I love you deep inside Take the cue that's what you do Because you'd know at least that I'm a fool for you I'm waiting for that special day when we can be together again. Together again. I'm waiting for that special day when we can be together again. Together again. You've changed me I've changed for good and now nothing will return me to the pain and it's plain it's plain to see that you have made a miracle of me We won't grow colder we'll just grow older yeah waiting for that special day when we can be together again. Together again. I'm waiting for that special day when we can be together again. Together again.


The Fifth Dan & Laurel album features both Dan and Laurel on a number of new instruments. The album was half recorded when evacuated to an ADU when their home area of Bonny Doon burned in a devastating fire during August 2020, including the shed studio where the drums, bass and most of the guitars and violins were recorded.

Limited Edition hard copy CD's can be purchased at www.danandlaurel.ca


released January 21, 2022

Recorded August and September 2020.
Bed tracks and drums/percussion/bass recorded at The Shed in Bonny Doon, CA.
Overdubs recorded at The Shack In The Back in Seabright, CA.
Mastered by Jamie Sitar at Outtatown Sound in Winnipeg, MB.

All songs by Dan Frechette except "Money Shouldn't Talk That Strong", "A Ransom Of Love" and "If A Wave" by Laurel Thomsen. All songs copyright 2020 and registered with SOCAN.
All violin, viola and cello arrangements and composition by Laurel Thomsen.

Dan Frechette: Vocals, Acoustic 6 and 12 string guitars, Harmonica, Drums, Percussion, Bass, Electric Guitar, Piano.

Laurel Thomsen: Vocals, Violin, Viola, Cello.


all rights reserved



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