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Hear The Muses Shine (2021)

by Dan Frechette

We'll Remember When (Chorus) We can fall in love just like we used to do We can sing these songs just like we were meant to We can wait for love to find us once again We can love this life and we'll remember when Rivers are always here to sing to Clouds that break the shining day Why are we here taking this for granted? Why does making memories have to wait? We can play we can dance we laugh we can run Living for the moment thinking back to all we've done We can wait for love to find us once again We can love this life and we'll remember when Silver linings never seem to find love It's either real or it ain't real at all Wind will come along someday to take us Somewhere someday where we'll never fall (Chorus)
The Road I Left Behind I live by the Bay on a simple highway Been here many years biding my time I struck out on the fray to the desert of the state Exchanged my fears for the warm sunshine Found no sweethearts to touch me A spirit was in my mind and I made another memory dancing in the wind stranded on the road I left behind. So many years go by you wonder why you hide Simple things like love just come and go Nobody knows you when you're living in a dream and don't have a whole lot to show I'll drive that road again to make a memory so later on I'll be glad it's on my mind Thinking back to better days dancing in the wind stranded on the road I left behind. Some say it's fate you can choose the shape was it just a waste to live it blind? Let go of today Maybe it'll pay Maybe life will turn unkind? So I go on living by the pretty coast highway I'm breathing more and hear the muses shine There's songs in the wind because now I see The reason that I'm standing on your dime I'll leave the third degree that's here inside of me and out to sea I'll cast a stronger line to remind myself I'm free and nobody knows it's me stranded down the road I left behind.
Lost The Fiddle But We Got The Bow Everybody wants to fall in love Everybody wants a love that flies When it's new, how's it going to go? I lost the fiddle but I got the bow (Chorus) We just wanna rock n'roll dance until we lose control we can go where the good times go we lost the fiddle but we got the bow Make no mistake in being free Easy to teach stupidity if you don't cast much a shadow and you lost the fiddle but you've got the bow (Chorus) Leave all your history behind trust your luck don't be defined don't let life tie a tag on your toe if you lost the fiddle but you got the bow (Chorus)
She Just Won't Let Me Through Nothing is out of my league now to admire Keeps my heart going set my soul on fire These times I'm wondering what I'm going to do I keep seeing her but she just won't let me through I'm dreaming now with these tears in my eyes Grief and true love seem to know no time I got nothing else to find but you I keep seeing her but she just won't let me through Time runs away Sunny love goes astray Life's too short to waste if you don't ever play Someday they will see I was deep in misery living here and she just won't let me through So if you have a love who shares their soul Hang on so hard because life can get so cold What looks good on paper they just don't have a clue Because I'm seeing her and she just won't let me through I'm seeing her but she just won't let me through.
Perfect 04:00
Perfect Someone told me love was always there to find me Sometimes lonesome time felt like it was running out for me Basement windows I'm out here still waiting For someone out there never bothered to come out looking (Chorus) Just because I'm not out there doesn't mean I don't count No matter what this time alone cost it'll always be worth it Let go of trying waiting ain't hiding let the judges wait upon their verdict just because no one sees me doesn't mean I'm not perfect I'm guessing someday it'll be me who'll be the winner just because I'm working on something bigger than just being thinner I'm living my truth alone is only way I'm at the point now where I don't care what they say (Chorusx2)
Stranded 03:09
Stranded (Chorus) I'm stranded I'm stranded but I won't let it get me down There's a place I used to go but that place is still around I've got money I've got some time to say the things on my mind I've got grooves for my pocket full of rhymes (Chorus) Worry get you nowhere when you've got nowhere to go If these times will teach you something there's a lot you ought to know (Chorus)
Open Your Heart And Your Mind, My Love (Chorus) Open your heart and your mind my love Why not you want me to tell your troubles to? Why don't you want me to lean on you too? When trouble is in the dawning Open your heart and your mind my love we can be so strong and grow as one Only if we trust enough the sun will shine away the dark. The dark may never go away my love as we dream it's all around but knowing it's there is why we share you can't fall through the ground Open your heart and your mind my love imagine us growing beyond this wall because true love is climbing together and learning how to fall
Never Die Cold All we wanted was to have enough and when we held one another intentions were love because once upon a time people feared tomorrow and people said they were sorry but nobody felt the sorrow Sometimes all we've got is a soft piece of clay and we look at time and we pass it away there's no words of excitement for any guessing games but we've already kicked ass and we already took all the names but even if nobody listens to the thoughts we speak and we wonder why we were given the gift that nobody receives just remember that time credits the pseudonym of the elder sharing wisdom that would have died with him. (Chorus) So let's make art for the sky to behold we can burn so young that we never die cold well we'll live for every friend that we've ever lost and we'll apologize for every cent we've ever cost sometimes it's the dead whose fuel we've seduced and if the truck didn't start it just needs a big boost. See the world in dividing lines where we pay half this rent for one tenth of the life if we still smile on the hardest days our souls just won't know us or where we'll stay so truth is all we can afford and we cut no corners when the concrete is poured lighting candles until the powers restored we're still standing in line for the secret reward. (Chorus)
Stolen Dominoes There's a poet in the gutter where lies never hide where the saints never visit and the words never die now the lost may wonder will time be on the side of the lonesome dying poet whose masterpiece survived. Are the highs of life worth the life of lows for the poet in the gutter with his stolen dominoes. Banished to obscurity repaid with scorn the night fire warms his crisis reborn October tomorrow and he writes of wings on tarnished papers of the Hobo Kings and the Spirit Doctors share in this game he chose with the poet in the gutter with the stolen dominoes. He breaking and he's shaking and the light is losing ground another morning dawned with no new hearts around in the impartial city he crafts a new sunbeam to guide the dead through darkness that only he can see so he takes his words to comfort him against a world he can't transpose of the poet in the gutter with his stolen dominoes.
In Your Darling Eyes (Chorus) I just pass away the day to day same old vibe same old unknown This way of life is too much the same but I could just die in your loving eyes I could just die in your darling eyes Wide eyed at nights left afraid tired through all lonesome day I wonder if all this will fade someday when we're long down the road (Chorus) Sometimes a change sometimes the same sometimes fame sometimes unknown we try to give this world turns away they'll know us someday when we're passed and gone. (Chorus) Here we are in our primes don't wait around for simpler times think ahead to looking back this might be gone bring a smile to your day sunshine to your dawn (Chorus)
Pay The Price You can tell a story from so far away Start a new journey without a word to say Just remember you can't live a lie Pain gonna haunt you 'til you die 'til you die. Seems freedom's hanging beyond the hill I might go there at my own will She wouldn't know what's been bringing me down I'm dreaming of a new ride into town into town. So I'm stranded without a clue Nobody to tell me what they would do I can't live out my days on ice There's a reason for living You gotta pay the price pay the price. You can tell a story from so far away.
My Old Soul 03:09
My Old Soul (Chorus) Feel young and old all at the same time My old soul is never gonna die x2 Working the miles everyday Just to make a masterpiece Buy the toys and the envy Somehow never find the peace The peace surrounding me (Chorus) We can say we covet beauty But in time all beauty seems the same If someone hasn't the full package Who are we to turn them away? Driven by some forces beyond us Don't forget the time we give away I'll miss these moments in the forest more than ever any working day as another castaway. (Chorus)
Caged By The Fire Rivers that flow need the rain I'm here under a blue sky again Live On Someone to hold me someone to love please something send a sign from above (Chorus) Stranded on an island singing to the silence will this be my memory to play on? to play on? caged by the fire fueled by my desire will she be my memory to play on? to play on? Love that dies don't need the pain when there's too much peace to maintain Love on The years may be fading fast Need to find a passion here to last. (Chorus) You know how good you have it When you know how good you had it You know how good you have it When you know how good you had it (Chorus)
Don't Give Up Don't Give In It's hard for me to sing a love song when I can't even look into your eyes We can love so deep and be afraid to dream and not enough heart to go around these times Are we slowly breaking? Or will this ride on? Is this the way life is supposed to go? (Chorus) Don't give up don't give in Don't reward a dream of sin and don't live dead and don't you kill time because what she hid it's on my mind. Even though we don't know how to cry we can always feel the songs and even if we don't know how to talk we somehow choose to get along I can jump this ride or do I hide because life is always waiting? Just a stranger away from a new guessing game A song reverberating. (Chorus x2)
Looking On The Bright Side So here we are swinging on a star can't go too far beyond where we are I'll survive career suicide I'll have no time to hide Sad for the love that died. Has anybody been where I've been? I'm sure this has never never been before? (Chorus) I'll be looking on the bright side I'll be looking on the bright side Until the bright side ain't bright and the bright side ain't bright 'til my hands can't touch and my eyes they see too much and the bright side ain't bright anymore. I'll own this story and the fall from glory and you will remain a perfect image of pain my fall from grace will slow its pace because walking to hell is something good to sell. Has anybody been where I've been? I'm sure this has never never been before? (Chorus)


My first album of all brand new compositions in many years!


released March 10, 2021

Recorded in The Cabin in February/March 2021 using an Ear Trumpet Microphone (Myrtle) direct to Garageband via Mackie 4 channel mixer (my studio is in storage.)

All songs Copyright 2021 and written by Dan Frechette/SOCAN.
Dan Frechette - Vocals/6 and 12 string Acoustic Guitar/Harmonica/Cigar Box Electric Guitar/Taropatch Ukulele/Banjo

Album cover photo by Cynthia Brando.


all rights reserved



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