All The Paths I Know (2018)

by Dan Frechette



released September 6, 2018

Recorded on September 5, 2018 at The Shed in Bonny Doon, California.
Dan Frechette - Vocals, Guitar, Harmonica

All music and lyrics Dan Frechette except Chansons De Galette (lyrics by Arthur Frechette, c.1940), Copyright 2018.
Harmonica arrangement on "Mystical" by Laurel Thomsen.
All songs registered with SOCAN.

Album cover photo by Wendy Treat.


all rights reserved



Dan Frechette California

" of the best songwriters we've heard in a long time." - SingOut Magazine.

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Track Name: Good Time Charlie Blues
Good Time Charlie Blues

I'm just a good time Charlie - I don't want no blues
don't spoil my party - I won't have to walk in your shoes

Don't need no bad luck - don't play me for no fool
I've learned too many lessons maybe i got a lesson for you

Some people say hard times is just the way it goes
you hang out with trash -smelling everytime the hot air blows.

Got no use for no doctor - I'm as clean as can be
don't mess with my prognosis you're messing with the likes of me

Good time Charlie - he's a man with a smile
He's got just one woman and she never drives him out of his mind.
Track Name: Lucky Day Blues
Lucky Day

I’m living on a mountain, people
And I’m hiding from the world
I’m in the middle of the view – and you can’t see me but I can see you
You can’t see me but I can see you

This is my lucky day, this is my lucky day, I spent my money on a rocking chair and a ticket to get me out of here.

I’m happy that you treat me kind
I’m happy that you treat me kind
Even though we don’t see eye to eye
Even though we don’t see eye to eye
You see me and I can’t see you.

I’m standing on my mountain.
Dancing in a stream
Staring at all the naked people
Standing out there staring at me
Standing out there staring at me

I don’t mean to say it so I ain’t hiding from the world
I’ve shown you all my money tree, you can climb it here or you can leave me be.

I’ll take a little walk when I need to, and I’ll score a little weed, I’ll catch it between my toes, little girl, come and take a walk won’t you come with me?
Track Name: Two In The Morning
Two In The Morning

Waking up the world
one sweet smile at a time.
She’s my sweet little girl
there's never a better time than now to shine.
Take me to your dance floor, show me the move you want me to know.
When the music strikes, baby, take me where you want me to go.

Two in the morning, lights are dimming slow.
Blue and boring, nowhere to go but home.
Colder and older ain’t what I’m settling on.
Invite me over, I’ll play for you until the dawn.

Life is running out, it’s time to get some living in.
Follow what dream you’ll not regret someday where you ain’t been.
Take a chance on running down some road you’ve never gone down.
Waiting when you find me, I’ll be looking for the footprints I ain’t found.

Track Name: I Can't Stop Thinking About You
I Can't Stop Thinking About You

Don't really know why I want you
I don't even know why I care
I've barely gotten to know you
you came along
out of thin air

I can't stop thinking about you
I can't stop thinking about you
I know other things are important too but
I can't stop thinking about you.

I know you're missing somebody
who's lucky to be in your scene
all I know is what I'm feeling
and your picture is burning in my dreams.


Someday we'll know each other
and I promise I'm gonna treat you right
there won't be anymore need to suffer
because love is going to keep us tight.

Track Name: Mystical

I’m so far from the promise land
I’ve got nobody to take my hand
and nobody to understand what I’m really going through
I’m really on my own I see
there’s no one in this mess but me
and I don’t need to apologize for something I don’t need to prove

Sorry I’ve let you down I’m sorry to run you around
and spend all this time in indecision
suspended in anticipation
maybe it’s all a phase
but after awhile you’ll see how it plays
and there’s no denying it’s toxic
all this stagnation in our blues

what we want is mystical
what we want is magical
what we all want is untouchable
yet there’s no need for proof
when mystical magic follows you

Follow me I’m heading out
without these chains of fear and doubt
I’ve waited 20 years too long
just to catch the tail end of this song
you can remain in my heart
that just needs another kickstart
and to follow you following me
is a dead end I don’t want to see


Can’t go on and understand
when there’s nothing left unplanned
so much fear has left me on the land
I want the sky to take my hand

Track Name: Know Me To Love Me
Know Me To Love Me

You don’t need to know me to love me
but you sure got to love me to know me
You don’t need to know me to love me
but you sure got to love me to know me

Baby I play to win so keep me in
I ain’t losing no more
baby stay by my side
til I can decide if I can’t stand loving you no more
See that sun peeking through the clouds
and know I want to kiss you now
but you just keep your eyes on the sun
might as well be alone rather than loving someone


I’m going out on a limb here baby
to find what you need from me
to give you a chance to tell me
what would make you feel alive and free
but I know time goes on and love sure grows cold
for many years I never dreamed I would get this old
with someone by my side
but it seems love has died
and now I have to make a choice
listen to the man rejoice.

Track Name: Chansons De Galette
(lyrics by my grandfather Arthur Frechette, circa 1940)

Chansons De Galette

Je trouve belle jolie dame
Et aussi je n'ai fette ma femme
Avec nous petite peu d'argent
Nous vivons toujour content

Moi je fonderai des couliers
Je ne bourai que de l'eau claire
Moi toujours je chanterai
Toujours neja le couer gai

Metre ton tortiere dans mon foure
Metre ton tortiere dans mon foure
On a de temps pour faire l'amour
Et manger le galette

Chante chansons avec mes couliers
Chante chansons avec mes couliers
Puis las les gens ce soir son faire
Pour manger les galette

La piano fais ting ta ting
La violin fais zing za zing
Et apres tortiere jouer banjo
Et manger les galette

Le gas dancer avec l'ouer blonde
Jouer pas le viere chanson
Ils prefere les parole cauchons
Et manger des galette

Jouer musique d'accordion
Jouer musique d'accordion
Function bain avec la boillion
Et manger des galette
Track Name: The Calm Ocean

They Took Me Sailing
Across the ocean
where otters play in the water
There were dolphins
and sweet reflections
friendship clouds and laughter

In morning mist
the calm ocean
reminded me of easy childhood
and dancing otters
so close by
you could almost touch them

Then we went
rinsed off our sand
and ate at a Mexican diner
I ate some cactus
we talked and answered
new friends bonding together
Track Name: The Mysteries We Fear
The Mysteries We Fear

There's a ghost around me now
It rides the corners
seeking all the paths I know.
and through these paper-thin walls
feel the regulated fragments
of the worlds we show.

There's a light.
Outside's the solace
and the silence cold and dear.
Whispered edges
of all the sadness
and mysteries we fear alone.

Outside I go to hide
there are no rogue recruits or faces I must know.
No hellhounds on the beach
the wind in broken trees
and moonlit star blue glow.


Where do I go from here?
When inside is worn out pain
and abandoned hills of truth?
I'll try to find a smile
along the pathways that the lost are free to use.


Crutch and viceless now
laughter surrounds and echoes through my
heart that weeps.
Dreams turn into fights
when inside turns outside towards
a world who sleeps.


There's a ghost around me now
It rides the corners
seeking all the paths I know.
Track Name: Song Long Gone
Song Long Gone

I haven't heard this song since I loved you last
and I'm not supposed to care because we're all in the past
and I've moved on with a new love on my arm
and there's no need to worry
no need for alarm
I don't like the song as much as you did
It doesn't make me care about who you've been with
It's just a song long gone ain't heard it for so long
there's beauty and power in finding a new song

The ancient times when I held your hand and
cared about you tried to believe in plans
I regret how it died how you decide to hide
while I'm out living life with no questions inside
you were in a trance compromised circumstance
when it came time to run I had long drawn a blank
there were beautiful worlds left for us to discover
and no way we could see it when we were still lovers

And all I'd want from you is a smile and a call
some way to destroy your deadly cold wall
you're still alive but to me you don't bleed
a faded figment friendship that we used to be
I've rambled through the lands you've called home the past five years
My heart is sadness regret and old unshed tears
no light on this mistress of fears
you're just a mystery that I long through the years
Track Name: What Love Became
What Love Became

So much time has run on
we're running on time
to another broken rhyme
reading between lines
So you were meant to be
but maybe it's me
I've got to move on
stir up the song
stop slowing this down

Time will tell you it's cool
that we did what we had to do
the only things good are true and worth living through
Upon my windowpane
I will hang a shrine in your name
forever as I look out and away
from what love became

Looking back at places we'd been
what did that mean?
to not be alone
to see where we'd gone
I'm thinking ahead to the same
stuck in a moving frame
wondering where times could go
if we had the world on our own


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