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Performer (2009)

by Dan Frechette

Lucky Day 04:02
Lost River Blues Looking for a living and looking to be giving that's all that I want With a six string shootout Knock 'em all dead that's all that really counts. I'm singing and swinging and looking out at this mess I'm in They're paying and cheering and I'm leaving and fearing I won't make it home again. (chorus) I'm looking across lost river since I got these worn out blues These simple shoes they may seem new to you I've been looking across lost river since I got these beat up blues These simple shoes may seem new to you but to me they're old news. Give me a dollar and I'll give you a holler when the dollar runs out My tales will be taller with the rope around my collar you'll know nothing about somehow you'll be tempted to be suddenly befriended by my open hand and I'll be gone as soon as I see you with a dollar again. (chorus) I been a gypsy looking like a son of a gun with a story to tell I've been a sculpture soul with them chipping away with every ticket I sell. I've been trying to catch a tail that was in my hands when I was on the skids. Now I'm looking back hearing echoes wondering what I did. (chorus) Looking for a living and looking to be giving that's all that I want With a six string shootout Knock 'em all dead that's all that really counts.
Baby Lemonade (chorus) Treat me right baby and maybe we can have it made If life gives you lemons make a little lemonade I can't stop the sunshine making shade Take these lemons and make a little lemonade Get me a glass to see through and I'll get the last straw You can squeeze the lemons baby just make sure the ice don't thaw We can work together baby one more time to get it right there's definitely enough lemons we can drink lemonade all night (chorus) Old doctor told me that lemonade was good for my soul I been drinking lemonade so damn long i'm starting to get on a roll (chorus) (chorus)
Delia's Gone 01:12
Devil's Dues 03:18
The Saddest Smile Is Goodbye Let's just say I've been around I've been down this road before I've had my good times Take my advice The saddest smile is goodbye You've seen your share of rainy days so there's nothing new I can say Have a nice day Get on with your life The saddest smile is goodbye. Tell me John What's so wrong Living the life I lead? Alone I stand without a friend Through the years I found it's the here and now I see. I'm sitting here and she's not here she's somewhere I don't know I'll keep her alive here in my mind The saddest smile is goodbye.
Wild wind, take me home To the mists of down below I'll be flying come September day With no borders in my way You'll find me home until the May sun burns The heavy mists of down below Refrain: I see the rivers flooding strong And people wishing they belonged Free for anywhere they want to go When they pray they can look to the sky And they'd see me as I pass by Heading to the mists of down below Without fields ripe from rain There is no way to feed my pain Until I fly to mists of down below But down below is not my fate There is no land from where I came Not even mists of old Mexico Refrain So I looked hard at reasons for The drifters going door to door Dreaming of the mists of down below But I'm sure they'd go anywhere they could If wings became their neighborhoods And there'd be nowhere they wouldn't know


Recorded live in Indian Head, Saskatchewan (Nitehawk Theatre), WVBR Bound For Glory (Ithyca, New York), and various locations in U.S during the fall/winter of 2006/2007.


released October 5, 2009

All songs Copyright Dan Frechette (unless otherwise noted) and registered with SOCAN.


all rights reserved



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