Woman (2012)

by Dan Frechette



Woman is a concept album about the beginning, middle, and demise of a love relationship.


released May 5, 2012

All songs Copyright Dan Frechette (unless otherwise noted) and registered with SOCAN.

Track list and sequence.

Album - Woman
Label - Corolla Trunk Records
Recorded - September 2011-January 2012.

1. We Could Be Together (2:58)
2. Woman (3:35)
3. After the Hurricane (4:18)
4. Will Wait For You (3:05)
5. Who I want To Be (4:20)
6. Never In My Life (2:50)
7. You Hold Me In Suspense Between Words (2:42)
8. Too Many Years (2:48)
9. Maybe It's Time (3:09)
10. The Wishing Well Song (4:20)
11. This Means War (4:37)
12. Goodbye Yesterday (3:47)
13. Rebel Road (5:22)

Personnel -
Dan Frechette - vocals/ handclaps/tambourine/drums/bass/12 string guitar/6 string acoustic guitar/national steel/banjo/mandolin/electric guitar/harmonica/autoharp

Jordan Bissonnette - Pedal steel guitar - for Rebel Road and Who I Want To Be.

Ashley Au - Upright bass on You Hold Me In Suspense Between Words

Carly Dow - Banjo on Who I Want To Be/ Harmonica on Who I Want To Be and Will Wait For You.

Haley Carr - Ukulele on Who I Want To Be/Wishing Well Song

Lindsey White - Piano on Too Many Years/Goodbye Yesterday. Organ on Goodbye Yesterday.

Natanielle Felicitas - Cello - Rebel Road/You Hold Me In Suspense Between Words/Never In My Life

Featured Female Vocalists:

We Could Be Together - ECCO - with Joan Schmidt, Carrie S. Wilson, Danielle Zerkee, Janet Issac-Martens, Shira Reichbart, Adell Matthys.

Woman - Amy Bishop/Lisa Taylor

After the Hurricane - Jenny Bihun

Will Wait For You - - Aimee Lane

Who I Want To Be - Haley Carr/Ingrid Gatin/Aimee Lane/.
Never In My Life - Marti Sarbit/Rachel Searle Hoogstraten

You Hold Me in Suspense Between Words - Dominique Lemoine

Too Many Years - Lianne Fournier/Ingrid Gatin.

Maybe It's Time - Lianne Fournier/Lisa Taylor

The Wishing Well Song - Lisa Taylor/Haley Carr/Carly Dow

This Means War - Carlen Jupiter

Goodbye Yesterday - Amy Bishop/Lindsey White/Rachel Hoogstraten Searle/Dominique Lemoine/Laura Olafson/Jane Cory/Amy Bishop

Rebel Road - Andrea Ramolo/Lianne Fournier/Jenny Bihun
Recorded using Cubase. Manufactured by Ironstone.

Special thanks to the wonderful talent who appeared on this CD. This album is dedicated to the greatest woman of them all, my mother, Agnes Frechette.


all rights reserved



Dan Frechette California

"...one of the best songwriters we've heard in a long time." - SingOut Magazine.

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Track Name: We Could Be Together
We Could Be Together

If I saw a sin in this world
then you'd not be one sinning
If I felt a stone being thrown
Then you'd not be one throwing

Chorus - WE could be together in a karma carnival - everything is you and me

If I weren't a loner than I would be alone
I could rent your acquaintence and tie you to my throne


If we weren't too deserts
we would be the rain
and rain can not make glass
to hide behind window panes.

Chorus x 2
Track Name: Woman

Woman - she is my fever
she collects kaleidescopes you know?
And she waits with words to tell me - she owns part of my soul - and I already know.

Woman - she's the survivor
she has to lose before she wins
she's the one who takes her chances
i'm the one she takes them with

Woman - she's the believer
where dreams are too scarce to sell
and she knows her lover well
and she is bound to tell
what I already know.
She is bound to tell - what I already know.
Track Name: After The Hurricane
After The Hurricane

When you get alone - in a crowd - and your world grows thin.
And the light - doesn't even - trickle in.
After the hurricane - don't let me live
the way you said you wished.

Call me down - and I'll come - and sleep in your arms
and we'll talk until the ghosts of midnight are all gone
After the hurricane
don't let me down
the way you do to some.

Promises you make - and try to keep - are gonna drive you crazy.
to think you'd even trust - your promise - still amazes me.
After the hurricane - please don't leave -
the way - you said - you dreamed.
Track Name: Will Wait For You
Will Wait For you

Will wait for you - I will wait for you - if you never come - raise cain in my life
and I'll touch your heart
when you walk along the same roads I stumble on.

(bridge) Maybe you're afraid like me to surrender to these waking dreams - I will wait for you until you do - And I will follow your lead - not abandon you or leave you 'neath
the waning moon before the break of dawn.

Will wait for you - I will wait for you - truth is like the drug I wouldn't want to take - if the truth is bad news - and you don't want your shoes - on these same roads I stumble on.

repeat bridge
Track Name: Who I Want To Be
Who I Want To Be

I can see us riding on the beach
maybe soon it will be in reach
writing poems in the sand
building beauty with our hands

It's who I want to be
a stargazer spiritmaker
it's where I want to be
to bide my time

Chorus - I want you and me
to make this world together
being free to be free
my sweet girl
I want you and me
to make this world together
being free to be free

Maybe truth is like it is -
only because this fear we're in
what do you need to get high?
is it your statue in the sky?

do you want to be
a stargazer - spiritmaker?
what do you want to be
Ms. journeytaker?

Track Name: Never In My Life
Never In My Life

Never in my life did I feel right
until I felt the way you feel
never in my life did I not mind
being with someone who needs me

(chorus) someday never comes until the day is done and you are so happy - someday's come and gone and with you now I breathe you're my ultimate companion.

Never in my life I've loved so strong
strength I once kept for myself.
you know what has not gone wrong - in my life if you know you.

Track Name: You Hold Me In Suspense Between Words
You Hold Me In Suspense Between Words

You hold me in suspense between words
clear as the silence holds the cold gun painting small scenes to me - of a circus of catastrophe.

You hold me in suspense between words
I hear every comma - quotation and question
explaining the whole of your consortation.
you must refrain from keeping love on the hide.

I venture into submission and am touched into listening - only to your eyes - as they search the ceiling gently for lies.

You hold me in suspense between words.
Track Name: Too Many Years
Too Many Years

Babe - do you think you could go?
Back to the old man? Go back home?

Babe - do you think you could go?
Back to the old man? all Alone?

Babe - where are you now?
little runaway? on the prowl?
babe - don't your chains- have any links - to hold you down?

Babe - you say - time is meant - to be spent - and not wasted.

and hey - too many years - since your eyes - have even faced his.

So babe - don't you think you can go - back to the old man - go back home.
Track Name: Maybe It's Time
Maybe It's Time

Keeping you in mind
someday you'll be mine
maybe there's a distance just for now
soon there'll come a day
when we'll say it was a waste
all the times we didn't spend together

(chorus) ooooh - maybe it's time i made the move
ooooh - maybe it's time that i talk to you
oooooh - be myself and see if you still love me then.

giving you my heart -cause it's been torn apart - by everyone I've ever known.
you're always home alone - and I know that you sew - maybe you can sew it up and leave the thread for me.


I just saw your face - put me out of place
I know there comes a time you feel the same
it's cruel to be unkind
to someone who treats you kind
i hope you don't forget what you have to regret.

Track Name: The Wishing Well Song
The Wishing Well Song

And I've - seen that stranger inside - the one with no heart or soul - that's how I feel when you hide - and I know - that eventually sun will shine - and days will change for the best - no more putting love to the test.

(pre- chorus) and I trust - this pain will soon be over - and I must - be glad 'cause I cried on your shoulder.
(chorus) - time will tell who's built a wall - and we'll know whose side the wishing well is on.

repeat all lyrics
Track Name: This Means War
This Means War

I don't understand
why I'm not your man
what do you want from me?
Why you run away
when I pay to play
Get you in your shackles again
this means war you fools
this means war you fools
aaaahh - this means war you fools
aaaaah - this means war you fools
aaaaah - this means war you fools

I am not alone
we've begun to roam
we're taking over the globe
rejected music men - we'll raise our hopes again
take the most we can home
this means war you fools
this means war you fools
aaaahh - this means war you fools
aaaaah - this means war you fools
aaaaah - this means war you fools
Track Name: Goodbye Yesterday
Goodbye Yesterday

When no one answers me
it's very plain to see
what the answer is.
I doubt you'll stay alone
your naked body's a poem
God knows poems should be read.

it's not fair to me
but I know I'm not wanted
For what you gave to me
I shouldn't have responded
and I'm not sorry or sad.

Chorus - goodbye yesterday
I don't know why I'm holding on
Goodbye Yesterday - Next thing you know my love will be gone

When I took you aside
who was the one who cried?
who was the one who died?
you could have been a lot more young.
you could have made me fall in love - a couple more times.

it's not fair to you
for me to go on -
but I want your guilt to show
I want you to feel this pain
And i'm not sorry or sad.

Track Name: Rebel Road
Rebel Road

Slow down old country wind
one more time
and she's gone - one last round
and she's gone back home again

People moving so slow in the country but time goes so fast
time moves so slow in the city as the people go past

Chorus - rolling through the country wind
rebel road leads to my best friend
we've got to begin again
for tonight is gonna lead me home x2

You know as you get older
that old girl starts to looking good
and everytime you see her you always feel like you're heading home.

It's been years since since she's lived in the plains
but now he's gone away
summers all they have now and he knows that she's the one.


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