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Sell To The Devil (2006)

by Dan Frechette

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Sell To The Devil (Chorus) You can either sell your soul to the devil or keep giving your soul to the Lord When everybody's old and brittle ain't nobody gonna be in the middle You can either sell to the devil or keep giving your soul to the Lord I walked that great valley with my friends loving evil and when I climbed that mountain they fell behind I wanted them to see clearly me climbing to the heavens and see who would follow and here's what I did find I found Purgatory Johnny halfway up the mountain his legs were soft and twisted and he couldn't climb I took him over my shoulder and carried him two mornings and by the evenings he'd be crying and we'd sing this song of mine (Chorus) Purgatory Johnny became a saint when he told me I'd get a special mention if we ever reached the sky he said his love would follow me like a memory of goodness right until the judgement when the clouds were by our side and we walked day and night until the clouds came around us we could not see above us and we couldn't see below Johnny told me "Danny, don't you sell your soul to the devil and go back down those green troubled valleys alone" (Chorus)
If Only You Were By My Side Saturday night there's a stranger by my door looking for a jam and a night on the floor oh, if only you were by my side. I look out at the rain and the lightning bright we used to make love to the morning light oh, if only you were by my side. (chorus) Right now I wish my little girl could fly down come with me around the world. Dreaming of making friends on the road I'm sure you'd be happy that would lighten my load oh, if only you were by my side. Play our song everytime I go turn to a station on the old radio I know I watch for the old dust blowing in the plain looking for a gold rush bringing you home again, I go to the parlor to play a little game no point drinkiing when I lose all the same oh, if only you were by my side. from an old rusty Buick to an old gravel town i've been fighting off memories from sun up to sundown. oh, if you were by my side. (chorus) Even the ladies who've been hustling up to me have a sliver in their hearts and they heartily agree oh, if only you were by my side.
When Everything's Going Away Wind in your hair Love in your eyes time on my hands blue in the skies oh baby, when everything's going away. Big moon rising as the sun sets down there's always some light that keeps hitting the ground oh baby, when everything's going away. Times may change indeed they do there's no good forgetting I'll always love you. Some have mansions some have dreams what you're left with is all it really means oh baby, when everything's going away. Give me that look wearing the blue dress you'll never go far to find someone to bless oh baby, when everything's going away. You inspire devotion and a heart on the line put the wheels in motion give me a sign oh baby, when everything's going away. Times may change indeed they do there's no good forgetting I love you. Wind in your hair love in your eyes time on my hands blue in the skies baby, when everything's going away when everything's going away when everything's going away when everything's going away.
Laying Pain On The Line Boy you better stop hugging strangers when you don't know them They might have been a winner they'll take it all in stride or they may be a walking smiling dancing kissing in the wind but whatever they're hiding let them keep it deep inside Watch what you're saying when you ain't done your thinking you listen a little then you listen a little more ask them a question if you want to know the answer because if you answer it for them they'll just close the door (Chorus) If you're feeling bluesy you're better off to be singing better off asking who's had the hard times Brothers and sisters have been falling from glory just trying to keep laying pain on the line If it hurts you well son you're learning son I'll remind you you're a great soul and heart and it shows in your tears Naturally lonesome lazy and selfish If nobody reminds you nobody will come near (Chorus) And it seems nobody changes sometimes But they haven't tried to lay their dreams on down. Maybe life is just one life long lesson and it's better to have a dreamer around.
Don't Shoot My Dog I can write a country song too I've been there and back many times With the honky tonks and the drunks with their hanky panky rhymes but bragging don't pay my bills and lagging won't write my wills I gotta get out to where the sun is shining quit my low down crying and whining (chorus) Gotta get out while I'm young I gotta go where the good times roll I gotta meet up with my buddies grab that bottle and take a pull hope on that southbound train if i'm never coming back again don't shoot my dog don't shoot my dog (spoken - well it's kind of hard to be a friend when the workday's all through seems to me that I've kicked off my dancing shoes) Sooner or later i'm wondering if we're ever gonna hook up again because strangers are calling me buddy and they wonder where I've been (chorus x2)
I Don't Want To Die I've got too much living to do I don't want to die I've got a little crush on you I don't want to die so toss that idea out the door I've got some living and I want some more you won't find me washed up on the shore I don't want to die. There's a movie on I've been wanting to see and I don't want to die There's a book that I'm gonna write about me I don't want to die You can have anything that you want your way say anything that you want to say there's nothing wrong with being gay I don't to die. Give me some Kool Aid Give me some cream I don't want to die Let me swim in the deep blue sea I don't want to die Been many people around taking their number and looking around the corner hoping for their slumber I just sat down to my strummer and I don't want to die. Though every day you're under the knife you don't want to die Don't settle for nothing and call it your life you don't want to die don't let nobody rule your mind who ain't gonna help your head unwind be off to see who else you can find you don't want to die you don't want to die you don't want to die.
Goodbyes 03:38
Goodbyes (chorus) Sometimes the words are too hard to say goodbyes are hard with words I want to burst with meaningful goodbyes but I've been flying with the birds. I've got nothing against you except who you bring out in me too many feelings get the best of me sundown happened now I'm walking I'll find my way I hear darkness talking. (chorus) I don't want our dead ends tied together by dreams I don't want your passion to burn me with the steam I have to stay together not forget who I am steal my body somewhere where I can gain control again. (chorus)
The Story Of Cupid Story of Billy the fast paced cowboy living the high life in the city he made lots of promises to the city cowgirls made himself look good and pretty underneath his moose hide was an evil looking scar gotten cut up real bad in a California bar and he told his lies back in that southwestern town now he was on the prowl again (Chorus) Because Cupid was a millionaire a roving gambler Cupid was the winner of the archery prize Cupid climbed the mountains and seen the angels Cupid met Dalai Lama all told with liars eyes There was no tale too tall or short he could tell He'd keep you on your seat and then he'd wish you well Before you knew it he was in your heart to stay something enchanting would just take your breath away (Chorus) He knew he could live with you for a couple of years or more suck away your money while your friends watched you turn poor And your head turned into mush and all your dreams turned around and hop that train to that next sad lonesome town (Chorus) Billy got lonesome looking to find some reason In a life that was too frozen and too old to bend He'd seen his ramblings all turn against him there was no more lust he could live so he left a lady and he went down searching again this time for true love a keeper and a friend and all time he looked it seemed there was no end to the anger and vehemence he was shown by the beautiful eyes he swore he'd never own (Chorus) In his heart inside him there was a glimmer of hope A glimmer of hope and things to be And everywhere he'd turn the cold shoulders of cruelty and insensitivity every day he dreamed of someone he could treat right Then a late night he swore he saw the light There it was as his reflection in a bottle He said if no one around here is gonna love me I'll just have to leave these supermodels be (Chorus)
I Have Loved Just One Fine Maiden I have loved just one fine maiden her heart was true and fair and in my days of swagger I hadn’t the heart to care no aches of the aging had any hold on me and I loved each and every maiden with the abandon of a spree Many fine young maidens came from far and near only one would truly love me and have no heart of fear she played the piano pretty in the parlours round the square and every man would stutter when her beauty took their air I have loved just one fine maiden her heart was true and fair and in my days of swagger I had not the heart to care And she fell so deep in love with me and deep inside I cried I knew that I was troubled lost but she didn’t realize She’d be given to temptations and scorned around the town by the ones who heard her breaking heart the day our life was down She trusted me so blindly my maiden true and fair and all the other maidens never raised a care and it seemed that youth had left me when one day I was untrue and suddenly the dreams of her and I could not come through I held her in abandon this new maiden pretty and fair then a loud cry went in the room when I saw the gentry there they climbed up to the rooftops and in anguish they declared I was untrue and a misfit scorned by those true and fair Soon my maiden was escaping to the mountainside so high I chased her to the edges when she fell through a mile of sky I helped my only maiden who was true and so fair and I cursed my life of decadence and left behind my lair Since those days now have left me I seldom go to town the parlours are all empty the gentry just stand their ground no thief of hearts may wander near this prison cell and I I rest my case each day and sing this lonesome lullaby I have loved just one fine maiden her heart was true and fair and in my days of swagger I hadn’t the heart to care no aches of the aging had any hold on me and I loved each and every maiden with the abandon of a spree
No One Does It Like Those Girls Back Home There’s Reaching Stars at the Wisconsin Illinois State Line Magdalena Miko down in Lansing town there’s Nancy’s meadow down the road in old Monroe but no one does it like those girls back home I’ve stayed at the Quack house in Black Mountain watched a West Virginia sunset with sweet young Jenny Hannah near Atlanta I got to know but no one does it like them girls back home (Chorus) It must be the icy wind 10 months a year those cozy fireplaces hot chocolate and beer must be why I’d rather stay alone no one does it like those girls back home Depending on the girl that I get to see I’ll be doing 90 if I’m coming or getting free sometimes I’ll have to do it both ways just to make sure next time I’ve got a place to stay There’s Aura in Albuquerque New Mexico there’s Lauren on the California coast I’ve been busted down in Barrie with my fave spent a few days drunk with Tina, Kat and Dave (Chorus) Flying Gypsy’s got the sweetest eyes it’s true Lisa’s always got the funnest things to do and I can watch movies with Lindsay and Alison too Selena’s made my buddies all turn blue I can’t make enough money to afford a date but those wild girls in the world still treat me great I don’t expect the world from all the friends I know but no one does it like them girls back home (chorus)
To Let You Go Well I'm looking for a reason to let you down to let you go I'm a looking for the feelings that make you blue to let you go so I can be free find my way out of this hole out of this hole I'll let you down and keep you blue and lonely too and lonely too And every time you want me I'm gone away I'm gone away the more you want me the more I want to go away to go away seems further that I get from people the closer they are getting to me don't let me down by disappointing me by wanting me by wanting me Solo I wake up happy early in the morning and then I remember you I drag my day onto the evening when I think of you think of you and every single move you make is just another tiny heart I can not wait to break so stay with me and I'll be here waiting for you waiting for you
Celebrity Trash Blues (Chorus) Well I ain't gonna be giving a damn for celebrity trash no more I'm too damn poor and I just about spoiled my day Instead of visiting all my friends and all my families of strangers All my time and money has been keeping me current with LA Lohan is in the clink again and Hilton's done some time Brittany likes umbrellas and Tom and Katie are on the line but would they sit in prison reading a tabloid on me? I'm wasting my life on them oh no siree (Chorus) I read the online tabloids because I can get them for free sometimes the supermarket check out line is too tempting for me I like to steal a rag or two just to make things more juicy a nod to my heroes of the criminal celebrity clique (Chorus) Friends of mine now wonder what I do back home I've done 10 years of hard time on my toilet bowl Because of my endless research to the world of celebrity something to mention when my friends go out with me (Chorus)
Love's A River Overflowing Some say love’s a river overflowing Saying goodbye is casting the first stone into the river of tears my heart got to knowing on the day your heart was left alone Seeing you distraught and broken hearted praying for your strength was all I craved saving you from a life of dreams departed was all the happiness our parting saved the memories keep flooding in forever no matter where I go I find no way I’ll hang onto this vow of stormy weather and watch as broken hearts get washed away you stood behind me four turns of the seasons and everywhere I go I can’t forget the happiness that always beats within me I look ahead to nothing but regret every time I think about you smiling or recall when you’d saved the day I say love’s a river overflowing and say goodbye to the last castaway.


released December 31, 2006

All songs written by Dan Frechette (SOCAN)

Recorded at home between 2005-2007.

All vocals and instruments Dan Frechette.


all rights reserved



Dan Frechette California

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